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Friday was spent at NHTI in Concord, NH filming NH Outlook for NH Public Television. I met my mom and let her come with me to see what it's like to do one of these shows. There were two other people on the panel, NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and Det. James McLaughlin, who heads up the Internet Crimes Against Children dept at the Keene, NH Police Department. He's in my book. The host was Richard Auger, filling in for host Beth Carroll. It was a rousing discussion and will air Monday, March 18th and repeat on the 19th and will be available on the web site as well. Afterwards, mom and I had lunch, then I headed home to do errands.

My computer's DVD/R needs to be replace, so I'll be using my laptop and Chris' computer a few more days.

Friday night went to V2s to pick her and Sanna up to go to Mahalo's for their first comedy night. We were the first ones in, got a table up front and ordered some apps - a sampler platter. I guess V2 had had a few before we left. Since I was driving, I wasn't drinking anything but diet cokes. V2 proceeded to order much more wine. Not a good sign. Sanna is a reformed alcoholic and was drinking tonic water. She and I chatted while V2 flitted around - she knows everyone, I swear!

The first comic came on. His name is Harold "Tuck" Tucker and I personally thought he was the best comedian all night. I don't remember the name of the second guy. He was awfully raunchy (yes, even for me) and not really funny. The third guy, Jimmy Dunn.

He was pretty good, but he made the mistake of picking out V2 in the crowd and asking her what she does for work. She's a massage therapist, so when he heard that, he asked (jokingly) if she worked for the massage parlor that got busted a few years ago in Kittery, Maine. It was a big story here on the seacoast. He had no clue that V2 is *very* sensitive about that. She's a real massage therapist, not a prostitute and she went off on him.

I understood her anger, but also understood he had no clue she was that sensitive.

By the end, he had to try to talk over loud conversations going on in the back of the room and in the ladies room. I think most people were running into other people they hadn't seen in a long time and were too busy socializing. That's a long, cold Maine winter for ya.

I felt bad for Dunn. Sometimes people can be rude.

Got V2 home safely, dropped Sanna off at her car and went home to wind down. The caffeine in the diet cokes had me wired. So it was chamomile tea for me and some late night shows.

Yesterday one of Chris' friends, Bill, came over to help me go through all of Chris' music equipment and box it up. I'm glad we waited to do this. So was Bill. He is such a sweetheart and I gave him some of Chris' things as a thank you for taking the time. He spent about four hours with me. We then went to Michael Charles Music store in Rochester, where Mark Edgerly and Chuck Dunn, who knew Chris, run the place. They're going to sell all of the music equipment in the store and on eBay for me. That means people can come to the store to try out the amps and other things before buying or bidding, whereas I didn't have the capability of doing that. I also wasn't comfortable about having strangers come to the house like that. It's bad enough waiting for someone to call about the Jeep. No calls yet, by the way.

Oh wait. There *was* one. A so-called non-profit was willing to help me sell the Jeep for $99. Jeez.

I then met Bob, another friend, at Home Depot to look at flooring for the basement. I found a ceramic tile I love for the laundry/garden area and have pretty much decided on eucalyptus wood interlock flooring for my office. I just need the square footage to order what I need. Rob, the guy who is going to be building the office emailed me with a more than reasonable quote for the office. I am very happy. He says he can start next week, mostly at nights and on the weekends and thinks he can get it done in two weeks, as long as all the parts needed are available.

Now I have to call the electrician and plumber - the latter to see if I can put in a toilet downstairs. There is plumbing for it and Chris and I had talked about it, but that was before the horror of being hooked up to town sewer. So now I have to see if I can put a toilet in and have that handy. I also found a garden sink I can hook up to an interior faucet at BJs. It's stainless steel with a marble top and needs no special plumbing. Not bad!

So, it looks like things are coming together.

Today, the dogs and I are headed for Norwell, Mass to speak at the the library there. I can sell my books and it looks like it'll be fun.


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