WHOA Newsletter - November 3, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

November 3, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .And be quick about it

Welsh road sign lost in translation
Officials in Wales mistakenly erected a road sign that read "I am not in the office at the moment" in Welsh after a translation mix-up.

The sign originally said in English, "No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only," but when Swansea Council officials sent it to be translated, they received an automated e-mail written in Welsh that read: "I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated."

Unaware of the actual meaning of the e-mail, officials had the sign printed and put up near a supermarket, only realising their mistake when Welsh speakers pointed it out.

All road signs in Wales are required to be written in English and Welsh.

"Our attention was drawn to the mistranslation of a sign at the junction of Clase Road and Pant-y-Blawd Road," a Swansea Council spokesman said.

"We took it down as soon as we were made aware of it and a correct sign will be installed as soon as possible."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

China sacks drunk official outed on Internet - 11/03/08
China's ministry of transport has fired an official in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen after photos and video clips of his drunken misbehavior in a seafood restaurant appeared online.

Three passengers in car crash hiding - 11/01/08
A married mother of four remains hospitalized, three women are in hiding, one man is jailed, at least one other suspect is on the run and answers are in short supply one day after an attack via vehicle at a West Knox County intersection. The three women are not being identified in this story at their request because of their fear of being tracked down by the suspect still free. They say they believe that suspect is a friend of Selvidge's who since the crash has been sending them threatening messages via the popular social networking Internet site Myspace.com. KCSO officials aren't saying if they agree.

Case Study of Craig's List Personals Reveals an Overwhelming Number of Fake Advertisements - 11/01/08
The Consenting Adults Network would like to announce the publishing of a very important Case Study which exposes and documents what an issue scammers have become for online personals and dating websites alike.
The Craig's List Case Study examined personal advertisements posted with pictures in the w>m category from one day in all U.S. cities, with the hope of gaining a better understanding of exactly how big of an issue scammers have become for websites like Craig's List. The results of the study were extremely disturbing and a blow to hopeless romantics out there everywhere. After reviewing 6,590 personal advertisements, it was found that 84% (possibly even as high as 91%) of the personal advertisements examined were by imposters posting fake ads.

Logging on to h@te - 11/01/08
Remember the time when new netizens were discovering the joys of e-mail and chat? When we watched Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail log on and send messages to Tom Hanks. That was cool, way back in 1998, when that film was released. It explored the concept of what happens when the virtual world and the real world intersect at some point.

Email threat lands jilted lover in the soup - 11/01/08
Sitting in the relative obscurity of a cyber café cubicle in Kochi, the jilted lover never thought his mail to the president, warning of a terror attack on Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and blasts in New Delhi, will lead to his arrest in less than 12 hours.

Man foils scam that could have cost him $8,700 - 10/31/08
Scammers beware. Dean Crysler isn’t one to be messed with.
The Redlands man recently was a target of yet another Internet scam, this one in which a man who claimed to live in Madrid offered to purchase his nearly $50,000, 38-foot, 1996 Harley-Davidson Holiday Rambler motor home after seeing it listed on Craigslist, the popular buying and selling Web site.

Cybercrimes in UK are due to economic crisis - 10/31/08
According to a report of Online Security firm, Garlik, the rate of Cyber crime in UK has increased immensely in UK with more than 3.5 million online crimes took place in 2007 which is again a 20% rise from the previous year.

Another GOP E-mail Hacked - 10/31/08
A bitter Florida State Senate campaign has taken a nastier turn after Republican candidate Nancy Detert received e-mail death threats and had her e-mail account hacked. “I got a death threat by email. It said ‘I am going to assassinate Nancy Detert. It will be from a distance, with a sniper rifle’,” says Detert. “Pretty soon my entire system got hacked into, my contact list stolen, and I couldn’t get into any of my own Yahoo mail. And then people stated getting nasty emails that looked like they were from me”

Charges stand in Web harassment case - 10/30/08
Lawyers in the case of a Missouri woman who allegedly engaged in online bullying that caused a teenager's suicide were told Thursday to prepare for trial. U.S. District Judge George Wu, sitting in Los Angeles, did not rule on a defense motion to dismiss the charges against Lori Drew, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Wu said he may not decide on dismissal until Nov. 18, when her trial is scheduled to begin.

Queens Man Arrested for Putting Wife's Nude Photo Online Again - 10/30/08
(what a moron - ed)
A college recruiter on probation for posting pictures of his nude wife on the Internet and inviting strangers to join her in a rape fantasy is under arrest again - on the same charges.

Virgin axe crew over 'chav' jibes - 10/30/08
VIRGIN Atlantic yesterday sacked 13 crew members who branded passengers “chavs” and mocked the airline’s safety.

Microsoft warns of financial crisis email scams - 10/29/08
Internet fraudsters will try to exploit the global financial crisis by sending fraudulent emails purporting to offer cash-strapped consumers new mortgages, loans or money from failed banks, a Microsoft executive said on Wednesday.

Online Scams Increase as People Worry About the Economy - 10/29/08
With banks failing and billions of dollars changing hands, e-mail scams are on the rise and targeting your money.

Bus driver loses job over commuter’s harassment - 10/29/08
The man behind the disturbing YouTube videos showing the vicious harassment of a person with disability at the Valletta bus terminus has turned out to be a bus driver.

Google settles copyright dispute with authors, publishers - 10/29/08
Google and book publishers and authors on Tuesday announced a landmark settlement to a copyright dispute that will make millions of books available for purchase online.

Mt. Pleasant Couple Almost Get Scammed Selling Car Online - 10/28/08
A Mount Pleasant family was nearly taken by an internet scam while trying to sell their car. It's a scam they want you to know about. The lease on the Maness' car had run out and the time was right to sell but what happened next nearly cost them $1,500.

Yahoo, Microsoft Combine To Fight Net Lottery Scams - 10/28/08
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) and Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) have joined forces to fight Internet lottery scams.
The companies said Tuesday that they have joined with Western Union and the African Development Bank to combat the growing problem.

'Online hoodies' stalking the web - 10/27/08
A new generation of 'online hoodies' is wreaking havoc in cyberspace, Internet security experts are warning.


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