Things that stick in my craw

There are just some things that bug the living daylights out of me. If you're offended by what I write, find another blog to read.

I drive a BMW. It's an older one - almost 10 years old now, but I take good care of it, so it looks new. Don't play games with me on the highway. I hate it when other drivers get on my ass, I pull over to let them pass, then they pass, get in front of me and slow way down, forcing me to pass them in the left lane. And the game continues. I usually end up getting in the far right lane and slowing way down to let these numbnuts get far ahead of me. And don't drive next to me in your little Prius or Mini Cooper or other car that is no match for my Beemer and gun it. I could drive circles around you if I wanted to. But I won't, because I like having a drivers license. Obviously, you do not.

Don't tell me I should smile. I hate it if I'm having a bad day, I'm tired or some numbnuts has tried to drive me off the road and a complete stranger on the sidewalk or in a store says something to the effect of, "You should smile!" If I wanted to smile, I would. Leave me alone.

Kenny Chesney - Could someone please goose him in the butt so he shows some emotion in his singing? Every song sounds the same to me. Monotone in different pitches. He puts me to sleep.

LOST - The TV Series - Unanswered questions that they'd better answer: 1) In the first season there's a horrendous sound and trees topple over. And a "monster" tosses the pilot of Oceanic 815 around. So where is this monster? It can't be the smoke monster, because that sound doesn't happen when SM attacks (just that weird chittering noise); 2) Rousseau's back story is supposed to be told this season. I'm upset it wasn't told while her character was still alive. Everyone had a backstory when their character was still alive, even pathetic Paolo and Nikki; 3) How come no one went through the overhead compartments of the front part of the plane to scavenge things? 4) Why haven't they gone back to the caves. . .at all, even for water?

One of the baggers at my local grocery store is way too inquisitive. I think she may not be "all there," if you get my drift. We were having some friends over, so I bought six bottles of wine. She loudly says, "You having a party or something? That's an awful lot of wine." I was totally embarrassed. Another day I had coupons for $1.00 of three different brands of coffee. So I bought them and she says, "You must like coffee. Do you drink all three at once?" I replied that I had coupons and wanted to try each one to see if I like them. She just couldn't get it through her head that I was able to have different kinds of coffee. I try to avoid the register where she is when I go shopping now.

Customers at the post office who make snide comments to the employees about how "we" pay their salary. Um, hello? The US Postal Service is NOT a government run organization. It is and has always been private. It does have to follow government rules regarding postage, shipping, etc. But "we" do NOT pay anyone's salary at the post office. Get it straight. Oh, and another thing, if a postal employee politely tries to help you because *you* made a mistake and you go off on them and I'm behind you, I AM going to speak up and tell you you're a dumbass. I hate stupid people.

eBay bidders - Listen up, folks. I clearly put in BIG red letters at the top of my listings that I *will* combine shipping if you bid on more than one item. Read the description before emailing me asking me if I combine shipping. Don't ask me what the reserve is. More than likely, you can't afford it. Either bid on it and see if you make the reserve or don't bid. And if the item is local pickup only, then dammit, IT'S LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.

Stop sending me emails that claim you won the lottery or some Nigerian has a lot of money outside the USA and needs your help and expect me to track it down. I don't do that. The police don't do that. It's SPAM, numbnuts. Unless you fall for their scam, just delete the email, report it to or report it through And if you do pay them money and get scammed, then you're a dumbass.

Don't post photos of yourself wearing sexy lingerie, clothing or yourself nude. Or smoking/taking drugs. Or, if you're underage, drinking booze. You can and will be caught and those photos can and will be used against you. Don't post on forums things you wouldn't say to someone's face, even if it supposedly a private forum, chat room, or IM session. Don't post in your blog private things going on in your life unless you're really sure you want the whole frelling world to read it. You may lose your job, a scholarship, a potential job, potential grad school, potential significant other, or if you're in the middle of a divorce or custody battle, you could lose your court case. The Internet is INTERNATIONAL. Which means anyone online, anywhere in the world, of any age, race, or gender can see what you put up online. Even if you mark it private and only your "friends" can view it, do you really know all those people on your "friends" list? Even if you do, what if you have a fight or something happens and you're no longer friends? Uh-oh. That's right. Bye-bye photos and things you posted. And hello to humiliation.

Those new XBox commercials where the back of the person's head is basically cut off and there is a live scene going on inside of the other half. Is it just me or is that totally frelling creepy?


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