WHOA Newsletter - November 10, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Darwin at work

Ga. man cleaning with blowtorch sets house on fire

Would-be cleaners take note: A blowtorch is not a good substitute for a broom. Coweta County authorities said Galen Winchell set fire to his west Georgia home Wednesday as he cleaned cobwebs from exterior eaves with a blowtorch. Winchell noticed the blaze when he saw smoke pouring from the attic.

Coweta Fire Investigator James Gantt says the fire was contained to one part of the house, but the entire home had smoke and water damage.

No one was hurt. No phone number was listed for Winchell.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

SKorea cracks down on malicious Internet use - 11/10/08
South Korean police have rounded up more than 2,000 people for spreading malicious rumours on the Internet during a month-long crackdown sparked by an actress's suicide, officials said Monday.

Duo sold war guns on eBay - 11/10/08
Relic hunters Jay Howe and Paul White have escaped jail despite selling guns and bullets they found on World War battlefields on eBay.

MySpace user arrested for stalking SoCal woman - 11/07/08
A Michigan man apparently enraptured with a Ventura County woman's profile on her MySpace social networking page has been arrested for stalking.

Crime RCMP confirms family of slain professor warned them of threats, announces case review - 11/07/08
The RCMP apologized to the family of John McKendy on Thursday after admitting it had been warned by a relative three days prior to his murder that his son-in-law was a threat.

War medals stolen 20 years ago discovered on internet - 11/06/08
A woman has discovered her father's First World War bravery medals for sale online 20 years after they were stolen.

Minister sentenced for stealing wedding gifts - 11/06/08
A minister who married a couple in 2007 then stole $1,500 of their wedding gifts has been fined and sentenced to two years bench probation.

Halloween argument leads teens to online harassment - 11/05/08
York police on Thursday, Oct. 30 ­ the evening the town celebrated Halloween ­ charged a juvenile with assault after a confrontation with another York High School student.

Surfing porn can still get you fired - 11/05/08
The Internet enables people to watch more pornography than ever before, even at work. Adult films gross more than Hollywood. However, despite its rising popularity, it hasn't become any more acceptable to the mainstream and is often part of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Inside the LAPD's Threat Management Unit - 11/04/08
Her friends meant no harm. They decided to throw a birthday party for her at a Hollywood club and posted details and photographs on a Web site. A man trolling for attractive women spotted her picture. He located her MySpace page and discovered that she hosted a satellite radio show. Posing as an entertainment agent, he claimed to be a friend of a well-known Hollywood photographer. The photographer, the man said, wanted her to model for him and needed her phone number. As it happened, the woman knew the photographer. She also knew that he already had her number. She e-mailed back: Just tell him to call. Thwarted, the man responded, "Tell him yourself, bitch." He began e-mailing threats. "I want to send someone to blow up your house." "I want to cut you up and drink your blood." "I will kill you."

Son Allegedly Attacks Mom After MySpace Cut-Off - 11/04/08
An 18-year-old Hayden, Idaho, man was arrested late last week after allegedly stabbing his mother when she forbid him to use the Internet social networking site MySpace. The teen was charged in 1st District Court with aggravated assault after his mother said he cut her wrist.


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