WHOA Newsletter - November 24, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

November 24, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Gobble, gobble!
It's a strike, a spare. It's turkey bowling

Set up the pins, clear the lanes and try not to roll a gutter bird.

Cincinnati is warming up for Thanksgiving with its traditional Turkey Bowl, an annual outdoor event using frozen turkeys in place of bowling balls.

Contestants will try to knock down 10 pins Tuesday by sliding rock-hard birds down a lane on the holiday season ice skating rink on downtown's landmark Fountain Square.

The person with the highest score after three rounds wins $100 cash and "WKRP in Cincinnati" DVDs including the series' famous "Turkeys Away" episode.

That's the one about a station promotion in which live giveaway turkeys are dropped out of a helicopter to their deaths ­ because the station manager thought turkeys could fly.

The frozen birds used in Turkey Bowl are discarded store turkeys not intended for anyone's table.

The event is sponsored by Jack Rouse Associates, a local company that designs theme park and museum attractions.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cops Eye Web Site's Role In Streaming Video Suicide - 11/24/08
Police in Florida are investigating the role of Web site moderators and discussion board members in a live streaming video of a teen's suicide last week.

Juror axed for verdict poll on net- 11/24/08
A JUROR was kicked off a trial after using Facebook to ask pals if they thought the defendants were guilty.

Hands-off hackers: Crooks opt for surgical strikes - 11/24/08
Internet criminals have been getting more "professional" for years, trying to run their businesses like Big Business to get better and more profitable at selling stolen data online. Now the bad guys of the cyber-underworld are exhibiting other unexpected traits: remarkable patience and restraint in stalking their victims.

Woman's life stolen online - 11/24/08
DEATH threats have been made against a woman whose life was hijacked on a fake MySpace page.
The page, on the social networking site, included photos of the woman, personal information, the type of car she drove and explicit messages.

Net 'police' find suspect activity - 11/24/08
NEARLY one-third of internet moderators, who police the content of internet chatrooms and social networking sites, have reported a suspected case of online child abuse, a study has found.

Gmail exploit may allow attackers to forward e-mail - 11/23/08
A Gmail security vulnerability may allow an attacker to set up filters on users' e-mail accounts without their knowledge, according to a proof of concept posted Sunday at the blog Geek Condition.

Couple sues McDonald's over nude photos on Web: Husband left phone with wife's naked pictures at restaurant - 11/22/08
A Bella Vista couple found out the hard way that when a wife sends nude pictures of herself to her husband's cell phone, these pictures can end up on the Internet.

E-mail threat-maker charged - 11/22/08
A Hamilton man was accused in federal court Friday of being a serial threat maker who claimed he would kill President Bush and blow up landmarks from Denver to Cincinnati. Frederick Purvis, 42, faces up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted of making the threats, most of which were sent via e-mail during the past week to the FBI and media outlets.

Phony Hartford Soldier Charged With Larceny - 11/21/08
Police arrested an 18-year-old man who was posing as a U.S. Army sergeant while attempting to cash a check for $40,000 at a bank on South Main Street Thursday afternoon.
Orlando Ramos-Cabrera, of Hartford, was wearing a uniform he bought online, police said. He had also just purchased a 2008 Dodge Charger from a dealership in East Hartford with a phony check.

Florida teen kills self in front of live webcam - 11/21/08
A Florida teenager committed suicide by drug overdose in front of a webcam streaming live video to the Internet and some viewers may have egged him on, authorities said on Friday.

eHarmony Dispute Heads to Mediation - 11/21/08
A California judge has ordered a class-action discrimination case against online dating site eHarmony into mediation, attorneys for both sides confirmed Friday.

Man charged with cyber stalking - 11/21/08
Police in Perth have charged a man and a woman with numerous sex offences including cyber stalking. Police say they received a complaint from a woman last month that she was being stalked on the internet and being sent naked pictures of herself in the shower.

Certification credited with boosting online confidence - 11/20/08
Extended certificate validation for Web sites has boosted online confidence in 2008, according to a statement released Thursday by the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance (AOTA).

Hit-and-run locker room theft ring busted, say feds - 11/20/08
Authorities have broken up a gang gym thieves they say was responsible for using stolen credit cards to buy computers and other electronic equipment which was then sold for millions of dollars on eBay, according to federal charges.

Man gets death for cyberstalking, killing his girlfriend and friend - 11/19/08
A judge today gave the death penalty to a 22-year-old Oviedo man to who cyberstalked his girlfriend after she dumped him then tracked her down and killed her and a friend.

How a camera can 'steal' your keys - 11/19/08
Hide those keys. A quick camera phone picture could unlock your doors.
Scientists in California have developed a software algorithm that automatically creates a physical key based solely on a picture of one, regardless of angle or distance.

Internet chiefs target fake discount vouchers - 11/18/08
Legitimate vouchers, circulated via email, give customers special offers and discounts at retailer's websites and are becoming more popular. Internet searches using the keyword "vouchers" have increased 12-fold in three years.

German MP injuncts Wikipedia over Stasi claims - 11/17/08
A far-left German politician has been forced to withdraw an injunction against online encyclopedia Wikipedia after it revealed details of his Stasi past.


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