WHOA Newsletter - November 17, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

November 17, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .What a bunch of croc

Man arrives at bar with pet alligator; cops called
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Heard the one about the guy who walked into a bar with an alligator?

At Johnny's Saloon in Orange County, it was more than a joke early Saturday when a man arrived with his 3-foot pet gator on a leash.

By the time police and animal control officers arrived at Johnny's, the gator was in the man's vehicle in the parking lot. Officers followed him home, where another alligator was found, animal control spokesman Ryan Drabek said.

Both alligators were impounded and were being held Wednesday pending an investigation by the Department of Fish and Game, Drabek said.

Alligators are not native to California and it is illegal to keep them as pets.

A woman who answered the telephone at Johnny's Wednesday night declined to comment.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Warning on internet 'miracle medicines' - 11/17/08
PATIENTS should not place "false hope" in promises made by untested internet miracle cures, medical experts warned.

Saving our children - 11/17/08
The state of Florida is finally standing up to bullies.
The new anti-bullying law, called the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up For All Students Act, requires all school districts to implement policies addressing the issue by Dec. 1.

Dead youth's web memorial abused - 11/17/08
A memorial website to a Derby teenager who was shot dead has been taken down because of of abusive messages.

The creep who has invaded our e-mail - 11/16/08
If you recently got e-mail with death threats or obscene insults that, according to the sender address, came from Sarasota Police Chief Peter Abbott, you are far from alone.

Trial for hospice nurse delayed to February - 11/15/08
Esther Lee Evans was suffering from diabetes and breathing problems before she died in a north Mississippi hospice in 2006, and her family had no reason to think her death was anything but natural.

Former teacher who offered girl, 15, £200 for sex on Bebo is jailed after pupil tricks him into revealing his identity - 11/15/08
A former PE teacher traced a 15-year-old pupil on an online networking site and offered her £200 to have sex with him.

Cyber harassment jury to be told of Megan Meier's suicide - 11/14/08
The jury deciding the cyber-harassment case against Lori Drew will be told at next week's trial that the target of her Internet messages killed herself, a judge in Los Angeles ruled Friday.

Protecting personal info crucial, says local expert - 11/14/08
The Internet is becoming a metaphorical dark alley, filled with dangers that might lead to the growing problem of cyber crime.
Ken Orford, owner and operator of Quinte Technical Services, says he hasn’t run into much crime but has seen his share of the Trojan virus that can leak personal information. Orford removes Trojan viruses from computers and creates firewalls for wireless networks. The Trojan virus can infect a computer from something as simple as an email attachment.

JuicyCampus: ‘It’s like an electronic bathroom graffiti wall’ - 11/14/08
Students are giving the word “slander” a whole new meaning on the Web site JuicyCampus.com.
The site allows students to post anonymously about their college classmates and anything else “bugging” them about school. Dean of Students Anthony Campbell is anything but thrilled about the use of the site by Rider students.

Phishers in Federal Reserve double bluff - 11/14/08
Reports are emerging of a new phishing scam which appears to originate from the Federal Reserve and purports to contain information on how to protect systems about a new spam email threat.

Man charged in e-mail threats - 11/14/08
A 19-year-old Mississippi man is facing federal charges after allegedly sending threatening e-mails with racial overtones to students at several universities, including Nicholls State University and LSU, according to an arrest affidavit.

Stalking his status updates? - 11/14/08
Once upon a time, two people fell in love. It rocked.
They both changed their Facebook status to "In a Relationship" and posted pictures on their blogs of them kissing, laughing and frolicking. Then things went sour and they broke up.

Revealed: The 'other woman' in Second Life divorce... who's now engaged to the web cheat she's never met - 11/14/08
The new fiancee of Second Life love rat David Pollard, whose marriage crumbled when his wife caught him 'having online sex with her', was unmasked today - and denied the pair had had a cyber-affair.

Facebook pulls Italian neo-Nazi pages encouraging violence against gypsies after outcry - 11/14/08
Facebook have removed several pages from its site used by Italian neo-Nazis to incite violence after European politicians accused the Internet social networking site of allowing a platform to racists.

It's not a pretty picture when scam-baiters take it too far - 11/13/08
A NEW generation of guerilla fighters is stalking the planet. These brutal underground warriors are vastly outnumbered by their enemies but still they battle on, armed only with their wits, their supportive websites and their ability to make Nigerians they've never met photograph themselves with "sheep shagger" signs and toilet seats on their heads.

Are Social Networking Sites Discoverable? - 11/13/08
Peggy casually sits at her workstation writing in her "MyFazer" (a fictional name of a social networking site). She is reporting on the backyard party she attended over the weekend. She reminisces about the fun she had bouncing on a trampoline with the entire football team before it collapsed. She ponders: Could her resulting injuries be her "golden ticket" to escape from a mountain of debt? Could she now force her employer, INC, to give her a prime office on the first floor and a front-line parking space?

No duty to monitor employee’s computer - 11/12/08
Merely giving an employee access to a computer doesn’t render the employer liable if he uses it for harassment. In a Nov. 6 opinion, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals held that summary judgment was properly granted to the employer on a victim’s negligent supervision claim.

Sharing Their Demons on the Web - 11/12/08
FOR years they lived in solitary terror of the light beams that caused searing headaches, the technology that took control of their minds and bodies. They feared the stalkers, people whose voices shouted from the walls or screamed in their heads, “We found you” and “We want you dead.”

Internet 'Viagra' is a danger - 11/12/08
MEN who buy Viagra on the internet risk flopping in bed, throwing up ­ or even death, a report says.

Classmates.com User Sues; Schoolmates Weren't Really Looking for Him - 11/12/08
When Classmates.com told user Anthony Michaels last Christmas Eve that his former school chums were trying to contact him, he pulled out his wallet and upgraded to the premium membership that would let him contact long-lost fifth-grade dodge-ball buddies and see if his secret crush from high school had looked him up online.

Facebook postings land N.C. teachers in hot water - 11/12/08
A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teacher faces firing for posting derogatory comments about students on Facebook, while four others have been disciplined for posts involving “poor judgment and bad taste,” school district spokeswoman Nora Carr said Tuesday.

Internet sex gang members jailed - 11/12/08
Two brothers who led an internet sex gang which made millions by exploiting trafficked women have been jailed.

Thiefrow gang lifts £1m of duty-free - 11/11/08
A GANG who stole £1million of British Airways duty-free and flogged it on eBay have been smashed by cops.

Online ads using Canadian soldier picture, fake story to sell 'vehicles' - 11/10/08
An internet scam has been using the photo of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan to try to sell supposed used vehicles.


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