WHO@ Newsletter - June 8, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Ruh-roh

Look what the dog brought in: US hand grenade

A dog out on a walk happened upon a live US grenade from World War II and eagerly delivered it to his master, police said Monday, but authorities were able to defuse the explosive before it went off.

A 40-year-old woman had let the dog off its leash near a stream on a walk Sunday on the outskirts of the town of Erkrath in western Germany's Neander Valley.

The animal found the grenade on the ground, picked it up in its jaws and trotted back to its owner.

"She recognised immediately that it was probably an old, rusted hand grenade," police said. "On the orders of the woman, the dog obediently put his find back next to the stream."

She then alerted the authorities who blocked off the area and dispatched a munitions expert who identified the object as a still live American hand grenade from World War II and defused it.

Germany is still littered with unexploded Allied munitions more than six decades after the war, leading frequently to major evacuations when they are discovered in densely populated areas.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyberstalkers violate victims with cutting edge - 06/08/09
It can be a GPS device implanted under a car’s dashboard, revealing where the victim is at any time.
Or a video camera hidden in a home and disguised as a baseball cap or a calculator.

Browser security and privacy tips - 06/08/09
Microsoft has made great strides in educating Windows users about the need to keep their systems secure by downloading and installing the most recent updates. (I still recommend that you set Windows' Automatic Updates to download but don't install, as I described in a blog post from last July.)

Firms cash in with 'typosquatting' - 06/08/09
Try to pay your electric bill online, but mistype www.Deenergy.com when you input DTE Energy's Web address.
"Welcome to your local electric company" pops up on the screen. Click on the link that says "electric bill," and you have likely put money in the pocket of a "typosquatter."

Trouble in Twitter-land: tweeting without thinking - 06/08/09
The last time the Minnesota House Ethics Committee considered a complaint against a lawmaker, the year was 2003 and Twitter.com did not even exist. Last week, committee members and others found themselves tripping over the Twitter lexicon at a hearing on a Democrat's unflattering tweets about two Republicans during a budget debate.

Jailed British adulterer: I won't be coming to Dubai on holiday again - 06/07/09
Mark Hawkins came to Dubai to meet a girlfriend he met on the internet. This weekend he looked forlorn and bemused as he sat in his prison uniform in the city's central jail, after falling foul of a jealous husband and a legal system of which he knew nothing.

Inside the mind of a stalker: man’s point of view - 06/07/09
In response to the woman's angle offered by my colleague, Kagiso Madibana, last week on the related subject matter I wish to offer some perspectives from a different light.

NY EMT Accused Of Posting Corpse Photo On Facebook - 06/05/09
Body Was That Of Caroline Wimmer, A Staten Island Resident Brutally Strangled In March With Hair Dryer Cord

Roanoke man charged with making online threats - 06/05/09
A Roanoke man faces charges of making online threats against two police officers -- one in Oakland, Calif., and one in Martinsville -- after reading newspaper accounts of incidents in which they used deadly force.

Man Made $112,000 in Bank Account Hacking Scheme - 06/05/09
A Hampton, New Hampshire, man has pleaded guilty to fraud charges for his role in a scheme to empty brokerage accounts by installing malicious Trojan horse software on victims' computers.

FTC shuts allegedly rogue Internet provider - 06/04/09
The federal government has severed the Internet connection of a company accused of helping criminals serve up a "witches' brew" of nasty content online, from computer viruses to child pornography.

Two Maryville residents charged in video piracy operation - 06/04/09
Authorities jailed two Maryville residents accused of operating a video piracy business.
Blount County Sheriff's Office deputies charged each with criminal simulation on Wednesday. Investigators with the Hi-Tech Evidence and Technology (HEAT) unit discovered an alleged video piracy operation at one of the suspect's Maryville residence.

Closing Arguments Made In Stalking Trial; Judge To Return Verdict - 06/04/09
After hearing two days of evidence, 7th District Judge Kerry Russell said Wednesday he would take about a week to rule on whether a 26-year-old Waskom man is guilty of stalking a Tyler woman, threatening her for four years with repeated phone calls and text messages.

Attacks Against Parent Group In Online Posts Spark Debate - 06/04/09
Irene Williams came out guns blazing. In a series of posts last month to the Internet list of the influential Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, she portrayed the group's leaders as "purveyors of evil," "cowardly bullies" and "inebriated beavers."

Army center gunman trawled web for target - 06/04/09
A man accused of shooting two soldiers at a US Army recruiting center, killing one, had trawled the Internet looking at various sites across the country, the FBI says.

Woman’s cyberstalking trial postponed - 06/04/09
The District Court trial for the woman accused of cyberstalking a former customer and coworker was postponed Wednesday morning after lawyers told the judge they needed more time to work out issues with evidence in the case.

Law enforcers get organised on cracking organised cybercrime - 06/04/09
International cybercrime experts will confer with Australian law enforcers, government, the judiciary and the legal profession at the Australian High Tech Crime Conference next week at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Woman raped live on Internet; suspect in custody - 06/02/09
Phoenix police arrested a man in Phoenix on Monday on suspicion of raping an unconscious woman live on a popular video hosting Web site. According to a court document, on Feb. 26, 2009, at about 5 a.m., 20-year-old Jonathan Hock set up the webcam built into his laptop and broadcast live as he sexually assaulted a woman whom he knew for less than a month as she lay in bed unconscious. The victim had reportedly been asleep for up to six hours before the assault occurred.


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