USA Cyberstalking/harassment victim?

I'm going to be giving a keynote speech in London next week and they want me to
talk about cyberstalking and law enforcement reaction/non-reaction from the US
perspective. I won't name names, I'm just looking for examples to give. So I
hope some of you will reply.

For those cyberstalking victims living in the USA, if you contacted law

1) Was your stalking in the USA or outside the USA?

2) Which department did you contact? Local, county, state, federal - note which.

3) Did you contact them in your jurisdiction, in your stalker's, or in both?

4) What reaction/results did you get from law enforcement? (please be specific)


Anonymous said…
I have been harrassed by the same man in the UK and in the USA. I have been trying to find a way to stop him from contacting me via email and text message, but nothing has come of it. It would be nice to have solid laws in place that pertain to the whole world.

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