2nd day in London - Digital Safety Conference

Had breakfast (included in room rate) after a very nice night of sleep. The bed is actually comfy. I got to sleep at 830 London time and woke up at 530 am LT, very refreshed.

Got to the conference and began meeting folks there - finally got to see Katherine Griffis, who's been on my WHOA staff since inception in 1997! We're spending the whole day tomorrow (with her hubby) doing touristy things. It was nice she could make it to the conference and to finally meet her in person.

Graham Brown-Martin, who put together the conference and booked me, is wonderful! He and his wife have been cyberstalked for five years, which was the impetus for this conference. View the video interview for their horrifying story.

Got to meet some of the other speakers and just socializing. Did my talk at noon and I think it went over very well. I covered how I was cyberstalked, about WHOA, what US law enforcement is doing, a case I've been working on involving the harasser in Sweden and then my "wish list" for ISPs and web sites.

My publisher had provided 150 copies of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors and Video Professor sent copies of Protect Yourself Online to give away to attendees, which was great! I signed quite a few books afterwards! And had a little fan club going, LOL.

Katherine had to leave at 2 pm, so I'm now listening to the panel discussions. Graham is taking me out for dinner (there are a few of us getting together), then I'll most likely crash early again!

Oh, the men in London proper are better looking, LOL. Don't worry hon, they're still not as cute as you!!!!


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