WHO@ Newsletter - June 1, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .The Chinese fire drill will now commence

Car loses all four wheels on highway

A car travelling on a motorway in Switzerland lost all four wheels simultaneously, coming to an immediate halt in the middle of the highway, police said on Saturday.

The car had just stopped and the passengers had changed from winter to summer wheels themselves, a common task in Switzerland where there is plenty of snow in winter, but used the wrong nuts when mounting the new set.

"When they then drove back on to the motorway, all of the wheels disconnected," St Gallen cantonal police said in a statement. "Luckly, no one was injured and no other vehicle was damaged."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Woman jailed for Idol cyber-stalking - 06/01/09
A Melbourne woman who cyber-stalked an American Idol contestant has been jailed for 26 months.
Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, 23, admitted stalking 2004 American Idol runner-up Diana Degarmo by hacking into her MySpace account, intercepting her emails and those of the entertainer's family and friends.

Experts warn mobile phones face hacking threat - 06/01/09
Accessing your bank account using your mobile phone might seem safe, but security experts say would-be hackers can access confidential information via a simple text message seemingly from your service provider.

'Sperm brokers' facing jail for trading via donor website without a licence - 05/31/09
Two businessmen have appeared in court charged with making sperm available over the internet to women desperate to conceive.

Wikipedia blocks Scientology from altering entries - 05/30/09
Wikipedia has blocked the Church of Scientology from editing entries at the communally-crafted online encyclopedia due to an unrelenting battle over the group's image.

Digital dating abuse prevalent in Amador - 05/29/09
A national epidemic of a disorder known as textual harassment has hit hard in the teen population of Amador County.

Elkins Man Sentenced On ‘Internet Stalking’ - 05/28/09
An Elkins man was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to “Internet stalking of a child” in Crawford County Circuit Court.

South African Calls Boss a "Serial Masturbator" on Facebook, Gets Fired - 05/28/09
With so much pain and humiliation caused by Facebook around the world, we were less than shocked to hear that the cycle of embarrassment had traveled south of the Equator.

Amanda Knox case creates a police investigation at home - 05/28/09
Police are investigating complaints from a Seattle woman who says she was intimidated and threatened online because of comments she made about the Amanda Knox case.

17-year-old charged in Redding drinking death - 05/28/09
A 17-year-old Redding girl was arraigned Wednesday morning in Shasta County Juvenile Court on felony involuntary manslaughter and other charges in connection with December's alcohol-poisoning death of Shelby Lyn Allen.

Phishing Scam Again Surrounds Facebook Community - 05/28/09
Users of the popular networking site Facebook were found to have struck by a latest e-mail phishing scam on May 14, 2009.

Pasco County man accused of using elderly neighbor's identity for Playboy account - 05/28/09
Some of an elderly neighbor’s mail ended up in Brett Becker’s box one day in 2006. Armed with that information, authorities say, Becker used the woman’s identity to set up an account with Playboy.com and VSMedia.com, a video chat system.

Twitter Gets Targeted Again by Worm-like Phishing Attack - 05/27/09
Twitter users have been tricked into divulging their login and password details to a Web site that then spammed their contacts.

Islamic death threat targets U.S. radio host - 05/27/09
A top U.S. radio talk show host has become the subject of an Islamist Internet death threat, WND has learned.

Blogger jailed for contempt in Smith case - 05/27/09
A Houstonian who’s being sued by the mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith spent the holiday weekend in jail, making her the latest gossip blogger to pay a steep price for her hobby.

Revealed: Ruth Padel’s email that smeared her Nobel rival - 05/26/09
Full details of the email sent by Ruth Padel, who was forced to quit as Oxford Professor of Poetry after smearing her opponent, can be revealed for the first time in the Standard today.


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