Jeep is sold! Trip to Tallahassee, more

The Jeep sold today for $6,500 - $500 less than what I was asking for it. Hooray!

So, my trip to Tallahassee. I had to meet my sister in Concord, NH to pick up my mom so that she could dogsit for me. When we met at Borders, it was raining. The nor'easter was starting. We browsed, bought books, I called my brother in law to see what books he wanted and he said there was snow covering their driveway and to tell my sister to get home. On the way back to my house, mom and I stopped at a restaurant for lunch. By now it was snowing. Hard. We ate, kept going towards home. When we hit Portsmouth, NH the snow was slush, then became rain. Not too bad.

The night was quiet until about midnight. Then the high winds woke me up. I prayed the electricity wouldn't go out. It didn't. The next morning, I got up, checked my flights and US Airways was claiming my Boston flight was leaving on time. Okey dokey. The car service picked me up and sure enough, my flight was leaving on time. Or so I thought.

The flight crew sat next to me at the gate and I heard one mention that the plane we were to take had a hydraulic problem and he was waiting for a new plane. So the flight was delayed a half hour for mechanical problems, *not* the weather. Takeoff was fine and I actually snoozed on the way to Charlotte, NC, where I'd change planes.

When we were getting ready to land, I woke up and watched as we headed for the airport and runway. I heard the wheels come down and watched as the runway came closer. Then suddenly it was like it was RIGHT THERE. The pilot pulled up hard, we all were thrown back in our seats and the plane was zooming practically straight up, then into a curve, headed towards the tall office buildings of Charlotte. You can guess what was on at least my mind. I thought we'd been hijacked or something. The plane was completely silent - no one spoke. I think everyone else had the same thought.

As we went by Charlotte, the pilot came on and said high winds made him abort the landing and he was going to try to land again. People began talking, one man behind me ran to the back and vomited and then came the smell of (pardon my french) shit. Someone literally shit their pants. Good lord. I was shaking.

When we did finally land, everyone clapped. I got off the plane, headed to my next gate and tried to call mom. The lines were busy. I called V2 on her cell and it turned out the phones were out. She was headed to my house to check on my mom. Good V2!

My connecting flight had left already, so I got booked on the next one. I then went for a scotch and water. I needed it.

My flight to Tallahassee was uneventful. I like small planes with propellers.

Leah picked me up - she's working with the lobbyist, Cyn Henderson. She drove us into town to the Governors Bar where we met Cyn and had a drink, then headed to Andrews 228 for dinner. You have to go downstairs for the dining room. I saw a waiter walk by us with a tray of food and said we'd take the tray. He pouted and asked if we didn't want him instead. We all laughed and went to our table.

Turns out he was our waiter. He was cute, blonde and young. We had martinis with dinner and gabbed. I hadn't seen Cyn for a year and she didn't know about Chris dying, so we caught up on everything. She's a great person. She also used to be a Playboy Bunny, so she's gorgeous. We're the same age, but I feel like I pale in comparison to her. And after traveling all day, I felt even more so, ha ha. So when the waiter flirted, I assumed it was directed at her.

So at the end of dinner, the waiter said he thought we all had a good sense of humor. We said we did and he looked at me and said, "Especially you." Hmmm.

We'd ordered one more martini for "dessert" and when he came to deliver them, he had another waiter with him who put Cyn and Leah's martinis down. He had a silver shaker in one hand and a blue plastic glass in the other, with a base that flashed different colored lights. I was getting a special glass.

Double hmm.

He then set the glass down on the table, his face red. We all burst out laughing. In the center of the martini glass was a, ahem, male appendage, if you get my drift. He poured my martini in the glass and said he was glad we all *did* have a good sense of humor. I'll be posting the photos soon. I promise.

I told Cyn (after he left the table) that I thought he'd been flirting with her. She told me, "No way, girl, he was definitely flirting with you." Gee-zus. He was so young. I am extremely flattered, though. And it made my night.

The next morning was meet and greet all morning long with senators and representatives. I walked so much it wasn't funny. Shook a lot of hands, tried to convince them all to vote for the bill, which would make dating web sites put a link on their main page to safer online dating tips and a disclosure as to whether or not they do background screenings of their members. Some of the people who had voted no definitely had a turnaround after talking over their concerns with me. I think I did good, ha ha.

At 2 pm we had to wait for the bill to come up. There were well over a dozen people testifying for and against the bill. Bill after bill came before us. The session would be over at 4 pm and at 4:45 ours finally came up. But the chairwoman TPd it (meaning temporarily passed) because she knew there wouldn't be enough time to hear it and all of us. So pooh on that. I did introduce myself to her and let her know I had come from Maine to testify. She asked me to submit written testimony to her office.

Another round of office visits to more politicians. Then it was dinner with Leah outside. It was nice, quiet dinner. She's a good kid (around 26 years old). I liked her a lot. I crashed hard that night.

The next morning was more meeting with representatives, then I hit the gift shop and Leah took me to the airport. The flights home were quiet, although my connecting was a bit late.

I was glad to come home. Took mom home yesterday morning, took a nap, then watched 24 and LOST. LOST rules! 24 rules!

Then I got the phone call this morning from the guy who ended up buying the Jeep. He works for the water district in town and wanted it for his son. On the one hand, I'm glad it's gone; on the other, it was hard to see it go. The guy who bought it drove it home, took the "Hitch" plates off and brought them back to me. I almost cried.

Well. Now I just have to get the motorcycle sold and begin working on all the ship books and other things I have to sell. Little by little. Day by day. I'm getting there.


vandaluna said…
Dang, I'm 100 miles from Talla. Wish I'd known you'd be there.
Hope you had a good time.
JAH said…
Now that I know, I'll email you if I go again!

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