I Have Walls!

Wednesday afternoon, Rob, the construction guy, came over. Not five minutes before, the power had gone out and for me that meant the electricity, cable and Internet (I have one of the all-in-one packages). So he couldn't do any work downstairs. He'd brought some beer with him, so I drank Vitamin Water, he drank beer and we talked in the dining room for two hours, trading stories about various things. It was actually fun.

He left around 6:30, once the power had come back on the snow had started falling pretty heavily.

LOST was back to true form that night. Thank god.

The next morning, the plow guy came by around 6:30, so I was out to move the Jeep and shovel the front walk. Rob came by at around 11 am, and went downstairs to work. I'd already taken photos of the downstairs with the framing up, so I was anxious to see what he'd do. I'll end up posting the before/after photos when it's all done.

Got a letter from my lawyer, then called him. The defense decided not to make me pay court costs (well, duh, the car insurance company is paying for it on her side, not the woman who hit my car). So my lawyer is going to file a motion to reserve the right to appeal, then a motion to reverse the decision. He doubts the judge will do that, but hey, it's worth a shot. If that doesn't go through, then he'll contact my car insurance company and let them know the court found the woman we thought had hit my car hadn't and want to file a claim under my uninsured motorist coverage, since now it would be considered a hit and run. So we'll see what happens. I still have around $6K in hospital bills to pay off, plus another $3K for my doctor's depositions and court costs. Yikes.

At 6 pm, I went downstairs and discovered


It's actually looking like an office now.

I am so excited!!

Today he came by at 9 am. I was still in my jammies and had been going through all my clothes, piling up the things that were too big for me since I lost weight and things I just didn't want anymore. I hadn't even brushed my teeth. He called and said his work got canceled due to a bunch of people being sick and could he come in. I warned him - I'm not pretty in the morning. At least he didn't scream when he saw me, ha ha.

I showered, finished going through things in my room and am now relaxing before heading out to do some grocery and other shopping and errands.

I'm already beat.

But I am upbeat.




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