Webkins, April Fools, northern Maine

So on Saturday I'm talking to a cop friend and catching up on things. My sister called twice (I have call waiting), but I figured I'd call her when I was done. The third time her number came up, I told my friend I'd talk to him later and asked her what was up.

She says, "Webkins Emergency!"

I was like, "What?!!"

She's been looking for five Webkins for my niece's birthday and had called everywhere. Turns out they were available at a gift shop here in town. The deal is you buy the little stuffed animal, which had a code you input at the Webkins web site. This brings up the avatar of your stuffed animal and you can interact with other Webkins creatures, play games to get points to get things, etc. It's very kid safe and fun.

The catch was that the store was closing in 20 minutes. So I told her to call and have them hold the Webkins. I told Rob (the guy putting my new office together) that I had to run out, drove to this gift shop and the Webkins had already been bagged. I had to pay - the owner said he no longer ships outside of York because he was getting orders from all over the country and Europe and now limits it to people who walk in and then limits it to four animals of each type. Mainly because of eBay, methinks.

I got in my car, called my sister and told her the Webkins emergency had been resolved. She was excited.

Got home and told Rob the story. He laughed. He's a nice guy.

Sunday Rob came back and was busy as a bee downstairs. I finally finished putting my taxes together. I had put that off because everytime I pulled all the receipts and paperwork out, Chris' name jumped out at me. It was depressing. But I knew I had to get it done and finished it, put the paperwork in an envelope addressed to my accountant and breathed a sigh of relief.

My sister called in the midst of this. She was frantic. She told me there was another Webkins she found in Portsmouth, which is a 15 minute drive. I sighed and told her I'd go. Then she cheerily announced, "April Fool's!"

Sometimes I could kick my sister. LOL. She's a nut and I love her to death. The nut.

On a serious note, she mentioned she'd had nightmares for two nights about someone we know dying and then Sunday morning woke up sad and weepy. What's weird is that *I* woke up weepy and sad. Not about Chris or his dad, but for no reason. I actually cried for a bit. My sister and I have always had a strong connection to things like this and we can't figure out who it is that died or maybe is very ill that is close to us. We checked on our mom and dad, but it isn't them. Weird.

Rob's girlfriend, Tara, came over. She works for the Prosecutor's office in Rockingham County and we got to talking about my car accident case. Turns out the judge I had was the worst one to get. He'd been at the courthouse almost 10 years before and there were so many complaints about him he was transferred to another county. He's been back for under a year and the complaints have started up again. I know now, for a fact, I did not get a fair trial. I'm letting my lawyer know all this. She even said it should have been a slam dunk to win the case, based on the evidence alone. She was stymied.

They left and I headed over to V2's for a BBQ in her new place. She fixed it up real nice! It looks great and she looks so happy. Ended up being five of us girls eating, talking, drinking some wine and having a great time.

Monday morning went to the car dealer to have Jurgen checked out for my road trip. The manager said he'd sell the Jeep on consignment and to call him when I get back from my trip. Hooray! I had absolutely no calls on the ad I placed, which ran for a month and the Jeep sits in the driveway.

Had lunch with my dad and Joan. It was good seeing her. I hadn't seen her since Chris died and we hugged. She's a wonderful woman. My dad is so lucky to have her.

Sent off the taxes (I waved goodbye to them) and did things around the house and caught up on emails and things. Yesterday the electrician came by to do the wiring for my new office and to move the dryer into the new laundry room. I am so excited about this. It's going to look great when it's done.

Put some finishing touches on my presentations for this week. Scratch that. Just got a call. Due to the snowstorm, it's been rescheduled. Oh well. I was looking forward to getting away for a few days. Maybe I'll be a bum today and watch movies, ha ha.

Rob stopped by to check out the electrical work and hopes it's bad enough today that his regular construction job lets him off for the day. He's anxious to put the walls up and get going.


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