The Couch and Operation RTC

Well, the couch came, but the recliner did not. It's coming in two weeks. But the couch is gorgeous:

It's a microfiber that is faux leather and looks old, but is sooooo comfortable. In fact, the first night when Guin got up on it, she promptly sat in my spot, curled up and went to sleep. She didn't move the rest of the night until we went to bed. So the couch gets the official Guin:

Chippy came on the deck this morning. I think he's confused because my little screen house isn't up yet. So I sat cross-legged on the deck and laid out sunflower seeds in front of me and talked to him. He finally came up and slowly got closer, stuffing those cheeks. He went back to his home and back to the deck a few times and came very close to my leg, but didn't come up on my knee or eat out of my hand. So, I have a mission I'm calling Operation RTC

Rob, my contractor, got a kick out of this and was excited to see Chippy in the bird feeder in the backyard when he came over. I was able to get the first photos of Chippy on the deck (from inside the house). Julian and Sweetie were too busy chasing each other on the stone wall in the backyard to come up, so here are the Chippy Spring 2007 photos - enjoy!


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