Operation RTC, sisters, CFP, Easter

is in full swing. Chippy has been watching me from afar, mainly because he's been in hiding because of this crazy cold weather and snow. He did pop his head out of his hole today to watch me put sunflower seeds on the deck. More work is needed to make him mine again (insert evil laugh).

My mom called - my sister had to go to the emergency room last night. She's home and fine now, but I wish someone had called me last night. I would've been there fast. I told my mom to tell Nancy that she can't be sick like this - I just made her beneficiary for everything of mine! (that should make her laugh, I hope)

I hired a Certified Financial Planner. Actually, he's part of my bank's parent company and I showed him the financial plan my friend Steve had put together for me. He was very impressed and said it was a great plan. I'd already opened two accounts with Janus, which this CFP heartily approved of.

I'm firing my accountant after the 2006 taxes are done. He made a remark that I may need to sell the house to pay the mortgage. What?! It's none of his business how I pay my bills each month. Maybe I have a sugar daddy. Maybe one of my relatives or friends is helping me. Or maybe, just maybe, I've been smart and have money saved up. I hate being second-guessed and I don't feel comfortable being questioned like that. So he's so fired it's not funny.

Easter was good - had lunch with my friends V2 and Bob at my neighbor's restaurant, The Lobster Cove on Long Sands Beach. It was nice eating while looking out at the ocean. Afterwards, V2 and I went to Kittery Trading Post to do some shopping. I have mega credit there from the guns and accessories I traded in. I had gone through my closet the day before and got rid of all my large shirts. So I got new mediums and had a ball. I bought V2 a shirt just because. She's a great friend and I couldn't have gone through everything I have without her.

Yesterday I got industrious and started some veggies in a Burpee growing system. Mainly tomatoes and sunflowers. The rest I can plant direct into the ground if it ever warms up here. We're supposed to get another whopper of a snowstorm on Thursday, but I hope that's not true.

I'm getting new life insurance (boy, I'm busy, huh?). A death in the family will do that to you, make you realize how short life is and to prepare for death because you never know when it will happen. With all the traveling I do, I worry what would happen if my plane crashes or something else happens to me. So my sister gets everything and my will specifies that her kids get money for their college education as well. I'm going to let her decide who should get what, if anything.

Gads, I'm depressing. I shouldn't be. I'm in a good mood today. I went back to KTP to trade in some of Chris' knives and more gun accessories I found and took cash instead of credit. So I'm all set for the rest of the month.

I may be flying to Tallahassee next week to testify for online dating legislation again. I'm waiting to hear back if it's a go or not.


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