ORTC; Proflowers Bats 1,000; Investing; I'm dating Alec Baldwin

That last bit caught your eye, eh? LOL.

I love the new series "30 Rock," that Baldwin co-stars in. His voice is so sexy that he could read me the phone book and I'd melt. I'd go out on a date with him in a minute - anyone want to fix us up?

Mission one has been accomplished. Chippy is now eating out of my hand again. Hooray!

Met with my CFP yesterday to go over my new investments. It's a bit overwhelming, but I'm glad I did it.

I have bought flowers from Proflowers.com for several years and have never had a problem. In fact, I love their overnight service (which doesn't cost an arm and a leg) and their low prices and high quality flowers.

So I decided to send my sister flowers to cheer her up after her unpleasant emergency room visit. I then said to myself, "Self, why not send flowers to you as well?" So I did. I ordered us each a bouquet of 36 petite roses to arrive Wednesday at both of our homes.

Nancy got hers at around noon or so and was thrilled. I kept checking the UPS tracking online for my roses. No delivery yet. The afternoon wore on and at 6 pm, I checked again. My eyebrows rose. The flower apparently had been delivered to my front door. So I checked the front door, the porch, the bushes; the side door (where deliveries usually come in since the front door has a big potted plant on it and I don't use it as a main entrance) and even checked the garage door. No flowers. Hmmmm.

I called the neighbors to see if they possibly got them by mistake. No flowers. So I called Proflowers. The guy was very nice and confused that the flowers had apparently been misdelivered or disappeared. He told me he was crediting my credit card and would send a complimentary replacement bouquet to the house on Thursday. He typed in on the note to "knock hard on the side door" and reread my address to me.

I then called UPS. They insisted the flowers were at my front door. I told them they were not there. They said they couldn't do a trace because they were flowers, but would have the Wells distribution facility call me.

Rob, the construction guy, arrived by then and I filled him in on the lost flowers. He even looked around outside. No flowers.

Wells called me and put me on hold when I explained there were no flowers. (I was beginning to think Chippy dragged them down his hole) The woman came back on and said they'd talk to the driver and call me back on Thursday. No biggie.

I talked with my sister at around 8 pm and call waiting kicked in. I have digital cable/phone/internet and the number calling appears on the TV screen (it's very cool). I didn't recognize the name, but it was a local call. I had high hopes it was someone interested in the Jeep (which still hasn't sold). So I clicked off of my sister and answered the call.

A woman told me she had my flowers. Turns out she lives at house number 191 (I'm 161). So there was a dyslexic UPS driver, LOL. She said her kids were sick and she couldn't leave. I said no problem and asked which house was hers. When she described it, it turns out that when Guin and I go for walks, we always wave to the family (they are almost always outside). What a coincidence!

I hopped in the Jeep and went to pick up the flowers and an envelope that had also been misdelivered to her. I chatted with her and told her that since I was getting replacement flowers that she could keep the flowers. She was pretty happy about that.

I got home, called UPS, told them their driver needs to get his sixes and nines straight, and had a good laugh.

Thursday morning comes and the UPS truck pulls up. It's my regular driver. He apologized all over the place and said he laid into the other driver - he had taken the day off and it was a new driver. He promised the mistake would not happen again. I had him check to see if my replacement flowers were on the truck. Not yet.

After lunch, Fedex pulls up. There are my flowers! I guess Proflowers wasn't taking a chance with my replacement roses.

I opened them up and they looked kind of skimpy. I counted 18. Half of the order. I shrugged my shoulders. Hey, I got credited the money spent, so essentially they were free. I was happy.

I woke up really early yesterday morning. Don't ask me why. I checked my email and there's an email from the Proflowers president. He was apologizing that the order for Nancy had been only half the number of flowers and replacement flowers were being sent to her that same day. Say what?

So I called Proflowers yet again. The guy who answered was totally confused. He told me the replacement flowers were being sent to *me,* not my sister. Geez, Proflowers is batting a thousand by this time.

I decided to wait and see just who got the darned flowers.

UPS shows up. There are my flowers. All 36 of them. So now I have two vases - one with 36 roses, the other with 18. It looks like a reception room or something, LOL.

At least Proflowers did good. Even though it was all screwed up.


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