What I'm going to miss. . .

On Christmas Eve, Chris and I always had his mom and dad over for dinner, then to open presents and sometimes play cards. I'll miss that. After they left, we'd always watch "It's A Wonderful Life." I'll miss that. I don't think I'll ever be able to watch that movie again, though.

On Christmas morning, I'd usually get up first to hang up Chris' stocking. Mine was always up because Chris would usually stay up a bit after watching the movie. I'd wake up the dogs, then Chris. We would make mimosas, toast Christmas Day, then would open presents. Bandit and Guin love Christmas, especially Bandit. As I've said before, he's very intelligent and I would tell him Santa had brought him presents. Even blind, he'd go to the tree and start rooting around for his presents. They each got their own stocking as well and we'd take turns giving the dogs their presents. I'll miss that.

We'd then watch some TV, play with any new "toys" we got and just hang out all day in our pajamas. If it was cold enough, we'd make a fire and have it going all day. Chris would make dinner and we'd read or watch more TV, usually a movie we'd gotten for Christmas.

I'll miss all of that.

This morning I had coffee with Rick and Kathy next door. We talked for a good hour and a half, catching up. Kathy was the one who went with the police to Mom2's hour to tell her about Chris dying, so Kathy is very special to me. So is Rick (don't want to leave him out, ha ha). They showed me photos of their son's wedding (beautiful!) and it was nice to spend time with them. They sent me home with gifts for me and the dogs.

Tonight I'll be making dinner for me and the dogs. They're going to be spoiled tonight - an omelet with veggies and some hot dogs chopped up and mixed in. I'm having chicken cordon bleu, marinated artichoke hearts and a field greens salad. I'll watch a comedy, take a bubble bath and then hit the sack.

Tomorrow morning, the dogs and I will open presents. They got a lot of presents this year! So did I! Then I'll head over to Mom2's house to pick her up for our elegant dinner at Wentworth by the Sea.

I took her shopping yesterday to buy her new shoes and a purse for Christmas Day. We are going to be wearing our new outfits and feeling fancy, LOL.

On my way home after dinner, I'll stop by Vivi's house to exchange presents and hang out with her for a bit. She's dangerous! We went out for dinner last night at the York Harbor Inn Cellar Pub and she kept buying me drinks. We got a ride home from a friend of hers who worked there. Thank goodness I didn't have a hangover this morning (but don't ask me why I didn't, I have no clue, ha ha).

Tomorrow night a friend or two will be stopping by. It will be a nice Christmas, but I'll still miss the silly things Chris would do to make me laugh.


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