So many things to do. . .

Shipped the ghost books out on Monday, did some more Christmas shopping, picked out a mattress to go with my new bed (which should be in soon, I hope).

On Saturday night, went to Vivi's house for dinner and met Debbie, her son Jordy, and Vivi's niece and her boyfriend. Vivi's brother, Ron, was there, too. We had delish roast beef, veggies and potatoes, had a couple of glasses of red wine, then switched to diet coke (for the caffeine) and just enjoyed myself. Debbie had brought their new puppy, Chloe - a Sheltie/black cocker mix. So adorable and very smart!

Hmm. Just been busy doing odds and ends - putting together the official Bandit and Guinevere 2007 calendar (if you want one, it's $10, free shipping). I always make them for my parents, Chris' mom, the girls at the bank and one for our house. We dropped off the calendar at the bank today and the girls there were going through it, laughing their butts off. I do a pretty good job on that calendar, if I do say so myself!

Paid bills, sent more Christmas cards out, cleaned off the deck (put the lawn furniture in the basement), then went yesterday to pick up Mom2 to get our hair done together. Now we look bootiful for Christmas Day! I made reservations for dinner for us at Wentworth by the Sea, a grand old hotel that was refurbished and is now run by the Marriott Hotel chain. We're doing the sit-down dinner in the Grand Dining Room (no buffet for us, we want to be waited on!). Vivi's brother works there and hopes to pop in to say hi to us. I'm really looking forward to this!

I had to do a book signing at, a local Internet cafe. We don't have a bookstore in town, so this is the next best thing. Sold one book and had a few people come in. Then this guy, who looked like Denis Leary's younger brother, came blowing in and talking about a steakhouse, ran out and came back in with a box of different cuts of steaks ala Omaha Steaks.

This place is called Steak House Steaks. Although the whole package seemed like a good deal, I told Joe (the sales buy) that there was just me at home and too bad he couldn't break up the package. I ended up coming home with 12 filet mignons wrapped in bacon, vacu-packed and frozen, for $35 total. I'm going to have one tonight, so I'll tell you if it was worth it. Bob, the owner of, kept teasing me that Joe had been flirting with me. Puh-leeze. The guy was missing teeth.

That's another weird thing that people say to me - do I think I'll get married again? Hello? My husband has been dead for just over a month and people are already thinking this? I keep having friends tell me I'm still beautiful and will have no problem meeting someone. Good lord, people, give me some time, would you? Maybe I want to stay unmarried and become the crazy chipmunk lady of York, Maine. So there.

Came home and rented Lady In The Water by M. Night Shyamalan (he did The Sixth Sense, among others). After all the bad press this movie got, I thought it was going to be horrible, but I loved it! Those critics know jack shit. I think they just have it "in" for M. Night. I hope Santa brings me this movie!

Today I had to go pick up the gun Chris killed himself with. I took the empty gun case and when I met with Sgt. Baran, who I've known for years and who (thank God) was at the police station that night, he told me to not open the box he was giving me. There is blood and brains on the gun and it's wrapped up in an evidence bag. He suggested I have a third party clean it for me. I had told myself I wouldn't cry, but I did and he got me some tissues. We talked for a while. He's a nice guy and asked how Mom2 was doing. I told him about Brigitte and how we're on the same meds, xanax, and how that has really helped us. I signed the paperwork and he carried the box to the car and put it in the trunk for me.

That was hard.

I cried as I drove away, but I had things to do. Life does not get put on hold when things like this happen. Bills have to be paid, deposits have to be made at the bank, postage has to be bought at the post office, etc, etc. So I did my errands with the dogs in the car. Going through the drive thru at the bank to give the girls the calendar made me smile.

I rented the new Superman movie for tonight. The kid at the video store said if I liked Lady In the Water, I'll like this movie. He'd better be right.


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