Thai Dish, Arlo, Some Comments on People's Reactions

Met up with Arlo and his lady friend Yvonne. Got hugs from both. Ordered duck curry (which was delish and brought some home for dinner another night). Chris used to play online submarine sim games with Arlo and his son. While Arlo and Yvonne and I talked (which was awkward at times - some people are just uncomfortable with me right now and I understand), they kept touching each other, kissing on the cheek and being very affectionate. I was a bit put off by it and honestly, it made me feel uncomfortable, but I have a feeling it was their reaction to Chris being gone and reassuring each other.

I gave Arlo a bunch of sub hats that Chris would wear when he played the sim games with him and he was touched.

He looked at a guitar he was interested in, a Fender telecaster James Burton Signature Model. It needs a new neck (Chris dropped his brand new Glock one day and the safety didn't work and shot a hole through the guitar case and the neck). I need to get some idea of a price for him. He is also interested in Chris' Line 6 guitar. Yay!

Went back to the room, took the dogs out to do their thing, watched TV, then slept. The next morning headed to my dad's, dropped the dogs off in their bedroom and went downtown to have a late breakfast. Dad had to run to the post office across the street to mail a package, so I went into a "Made in Maine" store next door and ended up buying a new lamp for the bedroom. I kept an eye out for my dad and didn't see him until I headed out the door. He was running down the street yelling "Jayne!"

Geez. What a hot dog he is, ha ha.

After breakfast, headed home. So good to be home. Unpacked the car, the dogs promptly went to their beds, made phone calls. Caught up with snail mail and email. Called a reporter from the Wall Street Journal who had been bugging me for an interview about online harassment. She was a total idiot. She didn't do any research before calling me, kept asking me to generalize the Internet - which it can't be, talked like a valley girl and I swear she was just out of college. I was getting pissy by the end of the conversation.

Had dinner at my fave restaurant Panda Sakura with Vivi and drank too much sake, but it was good to hang out with her and talk.

Got home, chatted with Deb and Sandy, who had made it to Mom2's house fine. Went to bed. Got up early, took Guin for a walk to the beach, then Bandit around the house.

Got my nails done (sparkly red for Christmas), then back home to let the dogs out, then over to Mom2's. Had discussions with Deb and Sandy about trying to get them to split up their time so that one of them would be with Mom for a two-week visit (albeit Thurs-Sun) instead of the two of them together, to make it longer for Mom to have someone with her. They said they'd think about it. Mom really needs people there as much as possible and I just can't do it alone. I told them I'm making an appointment for Mom to get some testing for her memory and they reminded me how she tripped coming out of a gas station restroom earlier this year and hit her head. That may be the problem - plus grief counseling. They were grateful I'm doing so much and gave me a beautiful pink azalea plant with a Lindt chocolate reindeer. Yum!

Bill came with Sue, the aide and we had a great time talking and laughing. Went grocery shopping, then home, finished off the duck curry and watched The Ghost Whisperer.

Comments onf people's reactions to the deaths: I was dropping off a DVD at the corner video store when a man came out of Rite Aid (next door). He did a doubletake, then came over to me. It was Chris' barber, who Chris had been close with. They were both in the military and would talk for hours when Chris would get his hair cut, would exchange books to read, etc. I had called Tom when Chris had died and he said he would try to come to the funeral, but would call back. He never did. Now he hugged me and kept looking at me strangely, that "oh no, I'm caught," look, stammered his condolences and practically ran off. Karma's a bitch.

Got an order for 250 of The Ghosts of Okinawa books from Japan - hooray! Packing those up to mail on Monday. Going shopping later for odds and ends. Then dinner at Vivi's house.


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