Ho ho houlton!

Left Monday morning in Jurgen (if you don't know, that's the name of my Beemer) with Bandit in the back seat and Guin in the front passenger seat. The ride up to Houlton, Maine was pretty uneventful. Had to stop a few times to let them pee, got them burgers at Burger King (shhh, don't tell anyone) and got to the Shiretown Motor Inn by 5 pm. Caught up with email, then ran out to Shop N Save to get a cobb salad for dinner. Went to bed and Bandit had me up in the middle of the night (even though I'd let them both out to pee and poop before going to bed). Oy.

Got up early, as my first talk to the high school students was at 8:15 am. Drove to the school, got the dogs settled in a rarely used hallway in the school, set up my laptop. I have to say that Bandit and Guin were so good, it wasn't funny. They let kids that walked by pet them and didn't bark or fuss. Although Guin did pee and poop when we first went in. I cleaned it up.

The high school student talk went well until I showed the boy and girl Myspace profiles I found. Turns out that although they claimed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, they had broken up the day before - ooops. The boy was not happy, but the girl came up afterwards with two of her girlfriends and thanked me for pointing out the things she had to change. She and her friends helped me walk the dogs outside and we talked for a while. They were great kids and it made me feel good to know they understood how dangerous it can be online.

The second talk was for middle school students and went very well. I got a lot more questions and comments from them (I always do with the younger students). The principal was pleased as punch with the talks and said word around school was all about me and my talks.

Took the dogs back to the hotel, changed and got some lunch from the hotel restaurant. Chili for me, some dry dog food for the dogs. They were not happy with that. We took a long nap (three hours) to make up for the middle of the night wakeup call, then got ready for my parent's talk at 6:30 pm.

Drove to the school, set up and the principal let Bandit and Guin come into the auditorium and actually held onto their leashes for the talk. At the beginning there were about 15 people, but then a walkie talkie squawked and several ran out - they were volunteer firemen. Oh well.

The group that was left was all women and we had a good time. Sold a few books, got some great questions and Bandit and Guin and I got in the car to head back to the hotel. According to Jurgen, it was 2 degress outside. Brrrr.

Drove through KFC, got a rice bowl for the dogs and a 1 piece chicken breast dinner for me. The dogs were very happy with their dinner.

We watched "House," then I let them out to do their business and hit the sack. The wakeup call was later, about 5 am, so I took them out, then went back to sleep until 8 am.

Packed and left at about 9:45 am and took our time driving to Auburn, Maine today. Stopped off in Augusta for lunch (Wendy's this time) and I tried finding the LOST board game. Toys R Us didn't have it, nor anyone else. Oh pooh. I really wanted it.

Made it to the EconoLodge by about 4 pm, checked in and got a room with sliding glass doors opening to a large lawn. Yay! Up in Houlton, it was ice, snow and had to walk them across the parking lot. Now I can go on the little porch, let the leash go out and they can pee and poop to their heart's content.

This room is a lot nicer, but hey, no biggie.

Meeting Arlo and his wife tonight. Arlo and his son Autie used to play combat sub sims with Chris online and would talk to each other through Skype. Chris and I had been making plans to meet them, then never did. Now at least I am. Arlo is interested in a couple of Chris' guitars (yay) and we're having Thai food for dinner. I am excited. I haven't had Thai food for a while.

Talked with Mom2's doctor's office (the nurse) and they are as concerned about her as I am. Am trying to get her an appointment to speak to someone about possibly some counseling or someone to talk with her - someone who is not directly involved in the whole situation. I think it will help her a lot, although having someone with her more often would be the best for her.

Will be visiting my dad in the morning, then heading home. I am sure Bandit and Guin will be happy to be home. I know I will be.

My new bed should be in, too. I ordered the dresser w/mirror and have to measure for a TV armoire to see if it will fit. It will be good to have a real bed again.

I hope the house insurance has sent a check for the mattresses, bedding, etc that had to be taken away - they said they would. That's what's going to pay for the new bedroom set.

I know I am going to sleep when I get home tomorrow.

The dogs have been great, but I am exhausted.


deb said…
Sounds like this has been a fantastic trip. And Guin and Bandit such good company, overlooking just a couple goofs from them! But, hey, they're new to the lecture circuit.

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