Day two/three in Minneapolis

Yesterday's workshop had a whopping six people in it. I really wish they had the workshops during the conference and not as a pre-conference so that more people would attend. But it was a good group of folks, got some great questions and went online to take them to some of the web sites I'd talked about, especially Sold one book.

I'd told my mom that Chris' mom sounded really depressed yesterday, so my mom had my friend Vivi drive her over to spend the afternoon with her. Dick and Bill (Chris' friends) fought over who would drive my mom home. That was pretty funny. My mom is as worried about Chris' mom as I am. She shouldn't be in that big house alone, even with Brigitte. I wish someone would get her out of there for a week - I'll dogsit. Any takers?

Afterwards, I went upstairs, changed into some comfortable clothes, then headed back downstairs to the sports bar with a magazine to unwind and had one glass of wine. Headed back to my room, ordered a hamburger from room service, watched the Holidazzle parade from my window, then watched Noah Wyle in The Librarian (a poor Indiana Jones ripoff). Took some of my cough medicine with codeine and crashed.

No weird guy banging on the wrong room door to wake me up last night, ha ha. The cough syrup gave me more weird dreams, but I slept pretty well.

Got up, caught up on email, etc, and discovered my book was covered in the Chicago Tribune in today's edition - hooray! I emailed my publisher, then went downstairs to go through the exhibition hall to see who had booths. Saw Mark from, a free safe email service for schools. It was nice to meet him in person - they gave me some things to give out when I do my school talks and fully support WHOA-KTD.

Got my free "box" lunch (roast beef sandwich, pasta salad, brownie, chips, apple and water), then stopped at the Minnesota Planetarium dome. It turned out to be a preview of what they'll be showing when the planetarium opens in 2009. The dome is now available to go to schools. The show was narrated by Harrison Ford (my favorite actor) and it was truly fascinating and (dare I say?) awesome!

Came up to my room to eat my lunch, post this, then I'll change into my "lecture suit" to go downstairs to try to sell more books before my talk at 2:50 pm. I speak for an hour today, then will sell as many books as possible afterwards. There's a reception at 4:30 with prize drawings and fun tonight.

My cold is still nasty, but I found some Dayquil which is helping, as is hot tea.

Will try to post more later.


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