Aargh. Cancer sucks the big one

I had to go to a mediation hearing for a car accident I was in back in 2003 yesterday morning. Can't post anything about it yet. Will when it's over and done with (trial is in March).

If you want to read "between the lines," you have to go to my Livejournal because I can make my posts private, for friends only there.

I had a ton of things to catch up on - paying bills, filling book orders, updating my speaking schedule, etc. Chris' mom called to say Dad wasn't coming home because the nurses felt he wasn't strong enough and he was nauseous. I was relieved, in a way.

I took the dogs to do errands, came home and Chris said his mom had called again. She said Dad told her we'd hugged him and rubbed his back and he felt better.

This is going to be tough.

The doctors told Dad there was no hope. No second opinion was going to save him.

So I took it upon myself to follow up on some info a friend told us about. His dad had terminal cancer and was told of Essiac. His dad took this herbal remedy and he's been in remission for several years. Another friend's sister had cervical cancer, took this and survived. I figured, what the hell? I ordered five bottles of it. Nothing can hurt at this point but hope, love and maybe this.


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