Things have calmed down a bit

Getting home Saturday night was a nightmare. The flight from Seattle to Detroit went fine. In Detroit, we were supposed to leave the gate at 5:27 pm. We did, but sat on the runway until 6:27 pm waiting in line to takeoff. There was weather to the west that was making the Air Traffic Controllers have to reroute that traffic. So it backed everything up.

Then, when we were third in line, the airport shut down due to thunderstorms, so no one could takeoff.

We did and during the flight at 7:30 pm, my reading light began to blink on and off. I looked up and down the plane. It was only my light. No one else's. I looked at it and watched it blink on. Off. On. Off. A few more times, then it was steady. The woman next to me raised her eyebrows.

Someone was trying to "talk" to me and I don't know why.


The plane finally landed in Manchester, NH just after 8 pm.

But wait, there's more!

Everyone is standing up, getting their things from the overhead, when the pilot announced that we landed at a gate with a brand new jetway that just wouldn't connect to the plane's door. Everyone groaned. So we waited. And waited. A half hour.

We get off at last, expecting our bags to be at baggage claim already.

But nooooooooooooooooooo.

I finally got my bags, dragged them out to the car service where the driver was waiting. I told him I was exhausted. Please take me home.

I called Chris. He was dying for me to get home.

At home, as soon as the door closed, the tears began. We hugged and held each other.

Chris was inconsolable. He was blaming himself. Apologizing for crying. Good lord. I finally told him he had been doing this for two days now and he had to get himself together. I found out later he called my mom a zillion times and his sisters (at his parents house). He was a wreck. He finally calmed down enough for me to give him two Excedrin PMs and go to bed.

I relaxed on the couch with a glass of wine. I finally went to bed at midnight.

Yesterday we went to see his dad at the hospital. When we picked up his mom, she told Chris to behave and read the riot act to him (nicely). Good for her.

We got inside and went to Dad's room and he looked just like Dad. Not sick. He was smiling. I had photos of Chippy, Guin and Bandit. He loved them. I told him my airplane horror stories from the past week, he laughed. We had a good time.

Chris was so relieved when we left. He was completely different and back to normal, thank God.

Today he talked with his mom and she said Dad's doctor is talking to doctors in NYC about possibly doing something else, since he's limited to what he can do here.

Thank goodness someone is trying to do something else.

Dad comes home tomorrow. We're bringing him home. I know he'll be glad to be in his own comfy la-z chair.

Another day has passed. One day at a time. One day at a time.


deb said…
Thank God, Jayne. I've been so worried about all of you. You all are in our prayers here (as well as Mary's and Bob and Roberta's). First thing each morning and last thing each evening I look and send thoughts out my window to yours (not to mention umpteen times during the day)! Share all my best thoughts with Chris' dad.


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