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Friday, October 6th
Alexa, from ODU, drove me to the airport and was afraid we'd be late. She needn't have worried. My flight was delayed from the original flight at 9:45 am to 11:30 am due to the weather in Philly (my connecting airport). I was hoping I'd get out of Norfolk before that nasty nor'easter blew in. I did.

But once in Philly, again, flights were delayed. I didn't get on a flight until 330 pm, but had lunch with a group from Wyeth Pharmeceuticals out of Boston and a Philly lawyer who was headed to Los Angeles to visit his son and grandson. So it wasn't bad.

Finally got home, exhausted. Chris had a cold. Oh boy. I took some more Airborne.

Saturday, October 7th
Since Chris was sick, I went to his parents house to help out. Dad's feeding tube was leaking, so we called the visiting nurses and they sent someone over. Francie was nice and tried to stem the flow from where the tube was inserted in Dad, but we ended up taking him to the emergency room.

We were there for two hours. They ended up removing, then reinserting the tube, got him home, hooked him back up to the machine and it was still leaking. I left mom with a pile of towels and we put a bandage on him so that he would hopefully be okay.

He wasn't.

Sunday, October 8th
Went back over in the morning because Chris was still sick. The leaking was worse. Called visiting nurses again. I tried to call the doctor, but he was gone and one on call didn't know what the hell he was talking about. He'd obviously not read Dad's records and kept referring to him as being in the "end stages of cancer" when he's clearly not. Idiot.

The visiting nurse straightened things out with the on call doctor and he told her to remove the tube and try to get Dad to drink a protein shake or something until he could see his regular doctor on Tuesday. I did some running around to the store to pick up things and the pharmacy. Dad felt well enough to go sit on the porch. It was a beautiful day outside and he just wanted to look out the windows.

Monday, October 9th
Headed back over to get a prescription for nausea medication for Dad from the pharmacy, and to check on them both. Dad hung onto my hand for the longest time. Mom cried a bit. I feel so awful and wish I could do more. It's so hard sometimes.

I tried to cheer them up with tales about Chippy and Sweetie. Chippy actually chased a squirrel out of the backyard. Beware all squirlz!

Tuesday, October 10th
I had an appointment in the morning, then had to take the dogs to the vet in the afternoon, so Chris had to go to his parents to take them to his Dad's doctor's appointment.

His doctor reinserted the tube and made it much more secure.

Guin has a nasty ear infection in both ears - they were almost swollen shut, which explains why yelling at her was the only way to get her attention. The poor thing. Bandit had to have his nails trimmed and was not happy about it. He yowled the whole way home, bitching at me. Hmph.

Dad seems to be okay with the tube. Good. Mom was feeling better.

Wednesday, October 11th
I had to do 20 radio interviews set up by my publicist. Who are idiots. They set up only 9 minute interviews for most of the stations. Once I got started on the phone, the stations wanted to keep me longer and I ended up losing one interview because we took up so much time. Most of the DJs were upset they didn't have more time with me. Three have already emailed me to ask me back on. Good! I hope this sells a lot of books.

Went to get my nails done, then had to head over to Chris' parents. His mom couldn't figure out why the phones weren't ringing. She'd turned the ringer off completely on one phone and the other was a mystery to me. At least I got one phone ringing fine. I just had to convince her that when it rang in her bedroom she did not have to run in there to answer it. She could pick up the phone in the living room, even though it wasn't ringing.

Dad again clung to my hand and had me tell him about my radio interviews. I had him laughing. Mom started to cry and I held her. They kept saying how lucky they were to have Chris and me. And Chris had better be good to me or else. Tee hee.

I made sure they were okay, then headed home.

Lost was on last night. I was so excited. I LOVE that show. And this season is looking good!

Thursday, October 12th
The publicist screwed up again. I was supposed to call into a radio station this morning. They didn't send me the phone number. So I looked up the show and tried to call the station direct line but it was busy. I emailed the publicist and cc'd my publisher (who hired them). I am not a happy camper.

Did a phone interview at 10 am with a reporter from the Buffalo News. I'm doing another radio interview from 3-4 pm, then a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Newington/Portsmouth, NH. They did not put my signing on their online calendar. However, Chris was in the store last week to pick up a book about chipmunks for Dad and said the display was at the front of the store with my photo and loads of copies of the book.

I hope people show up tonight. It's at 7pm if you're in the area.

I could use a hug.


deb said…
I was all set to head to the signing tonight (I *was* right!), then the reed organ folks scheduled their "approval of the job" visit and payment for 7:30. You will get hugs anyway (if not already). Just not tonight.

I'm sorry to hear that Chris has been sick. Amanda has a bad cold, as well. All I hear from her is gripe, gripe, gripe.

Next time you're visiting with Chris' dad and mom, give them my very best and let them know that I'm thinking of them.

Take good care of yourself, please!
Douglas Muth said…
Next time you get laid over in Philly, give me a call.

As it was, at 3:30 on Friday afternoon, I was sitting in the US Airways club getting drunk. :-)

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