Oh, what a night!

I saw my friend, Vivi (V2 as we call her), yesterday afternoon for a massage. That's how we met, she became my massage therapist after my right shoulder would get sore after airplane trips. I really needed a massage and I have a long flight tomorrow to Monterey, California. We chatted during the hour session, then hugged and confirmed dinner last night at around 6 pm at a local Japanese restaurant.

Chris & I got to the restaurant early and had a good time.

So when we got home, we were ready to watch The Omen (the new one) and relax. Chris called his parents house and when he hung up, he began freaking out. Something was wrong with his dad and his sister, Sandy, was calling the visiting nurse to come by and would call us back. When she didn't call right back, Chris was certain his father was dying. He tried calling twice and no one picked up. I finally called, got Mom, she sounded calm, then asked to speak to Sandy. I asked her if we should come and she said yes, she was scared.

So Chris and I got dressed again (we'd changed into our jammies) and I drove like a maniac to his parents house. We got there before the visiting nurse.

Dad was having chest pains, more like heartburn and had been breathing shallowly. While I sat with him, I told Debbie and Sandy to take care of Chris, who had burst into tears in the other room. They calmed him down, the visiting nurse finally came and things began to calm down.

It turned out Dad hadn't taken his Milk of Magnesia for a few days, which would explain the acid backing up his throat and causing heartburn. The nurse made sure he had some more morphine and we were all much calmer and Dad felt better.

It was a bad scare. Chris and I are going to work out a schedule so that one of us spends the night a few nights a week to give him mom a break. The visiting nurses don't do "live in" or stay long enough and she's the primary caregiver.

Chris' sisters are coming every month, four days each time, to give us all a break, which will help.

We got home after midnight and Chris collapsed in bed. I was still wound up, so I stayed up and watched some things I'd recorded on the DVR ("Heroes" - my favorite new show and "Most Haunted"). I finally got to bed at 1:30 and slept until 9 am.

Took the dogs for their Sunday ride to get breakfast and the papers, then Chris and I headed out to do some shopping, order new glasses for him at Lenscrafters and pick up some brownies for Mom and a couple of DVDs for dad.

We got to the house, calmed Mom down, gave Dad his Milk of Magnesia of Mom2 (ha ha) and he suddenly felt so much better. We told Mom to go take a nap and I worked on my presentation for my trip tomorrow (I speak on Tuesday). Dad and Chris watched "Over The Hedge" (our new favorite movie).

We're relaxing and waiting for Mom to wake up so we can go home.

I have to pack when I get home, take Guin for walk, watch the rest of The Omen, then go to bed early.

I'm being picked up at 5:45 am for my flight.



deb said…
Thank God for the VNA. Really. We've had them several times over the past couple of years. And, yes, it is a shame that they are not available for longer visits. One of the hardest things to get used to is the roller coaster of highs and lows. It is exhausting, in and of itself, so when there are good times it can be hard to have the energy left to truly enjoy them. I have no idea how to get through it other than remembering each day and anticipating the next for all the good moments.

And, of course, lots of hugs.

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