More, more, more!

I talked with Dad the night before I left for Norfolk, VA and he sounded like his old self. I told him about Chippy and had him laughing. Chris spent two hours with his mom at the hospital on Wednesday with the head nurse, who is also in hospice. He wishes the hospital had done this last week. She answered so many questions for them and made them both feel tons better. He said his dad also felt relieved. What a difference that two-hour talk made.

I had ordered a book about chipmunks at Barnes & Noble and Chris picked it up. It's cute, about raising chipmunks and other critters and I told him to give it to his dad.

Flew to Norfolk yesterday - connecting flight, no non-stops. It was a long day. Took an hour nap after checking in to the Hampton Inn, then was picked up at 6 pm by Gretchen from Old Dominion University. Set up my laptop, checked the mic and audio and was ready to roll. The campus bookstore had set up a mini store in a side room, complete with cookies and beverages and sold the book for $14.95/each - the price bookstores actually pay for the book. I was happy about that!

About 20-30 people showed up. The organizers were upset more didn't show, but I did my thing, got a lot of questions, laughs and gasps and sold a bunch of books afterwards.

Got back to the hotel by 9 pm and called Chris.

Dad is home!!!!!

Chris said the hospital delivered Dad to the house, got him all set to go at home and showed Chris and Mom how to do the food tube thingy. Mom was a bit confused, but she'll be fine once Chris helps her with it a few times.

Dad was in a great mood, loves the chipmunk book and Chris said he looks like "old Dad." Now that he's off the medications (except pain meds) and is eating (even though via a tube), he looks less gaunt and more like himself.

Chris was exhausted and has another busy day today while I fly home. He has to take Dad to some appointments, the visiting nurse is stopping by and more. Plus he has to check on the dogs in between because I won't be home until about 3pm (as long as the flights are on time, that is).

I think this is good for him. He's busy helping out and not feeling sorry for himself. It was good to hear him tired. He needs to keep busy. We'll go over tomorrow, then take Sunday off to spend with friends for lunch.

Between Chris and I, we'll keep Mom and Dad going until Chris' sisters can come back to help out. Plus the visiting nurses are on call.

We hope to videotape Chippy on my shoulder this weekend.


ravyn said…
i am very glad to hear the good news!

Be careful with them chipmunks though, they're the gateway to larger critters, like squirrels **wink**.

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