Some good news

I didn't post about Chippy, mainly because of what was going on with Dad. But I hadn't seen Chippy since the day before I left for Seattle last Wednesday. I was really worried about him. Went out every morning calling him.

This morning, the other chipmunk, Sweetie, was sitting on the fence post. I can tell her from Chippy because she's bigger, has bright white circles around her eyes, bigger rounder ears (Chippy has a nick out of his left ear) and a bushy tail (Chippy's is short).

She ran when I put food out, but came back and let me talk to her.

I went on the porch, put food on the end of the lounge chair and the porch railing and waited. She came. Walked around the chair, shaking her tail. Jumped up, then down. Then up on the railing, stuffing her cheeks and watching me the whole time. I talked to her and she finally just sat there and stared at me.

She finally went away. I put more food out and went inside.

A little later, I took Bandit outside and there was Chippy! I almost squealed with delight. He almost threw himself at me. It was so cute. I put food on the fence post, then ran upstairs and out on the porch.

He came right up on the chair and ate out of my hand and on my shoulder. I talked to him the whole time, asking where he'd been. He just happily stuffed his cheeks and made a run to his house a few times.

Sweetie had come in and out of Chippy's hole, so I'm wondering if they're a couple.

Maybe we'll see babies soon!

I finally found time to upload the photos of Chippy on my shoulder.

Enjoy them!


deb said…
Hmmmm, he deserves a book about his life.
JAH said…
Hmmmmm right back at ya. You're the third person to tell me this. It's being processed through the brain things in my head as I write this.

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