My Wii and me and GMA Segment

First, you can read the text of the Good Morning, America segment I was in.

Second, I broke down and bought a Nintendo Wii. I have been reading and hearing about it, especially from the kids and teens I speak to. It was one of the best things I've ever bought.

After I finally figured out how to hook it up to play through the TV, I got used to the remote that has a strap you wrap around your wrist, figured out all the buttons on the remote, then tried Bowling. The Wii allows you to play by yourself, which is great for me when I'm bored with TV or am not in the mood to read. I tried Tennis next, then Golf, then Baseball. Then V2 came over and I got her going on it.

We had an absolute blast. You really get a workout from it and I was sweating when we were done. We talked Rob, my construction guy, into playing with us last night. He's pretty darned good at golf.

V2 ended up staying over and it's been a quiet day today. Rob finished the wood floor downstairs and grouting the ceramic tiles in front of the fireplace. Today he's putting up the French doors and will try to put tiles down in the laundry/garden room.

I can't believe how nice my new office is looking!


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