Hmmm. Psychics, Time Warner, Kline's Furniture, more

All right, I'll start with the delivery of the French doors. They're beautiful. Unstained, so I can make them any stain color I want. Rob began laying out the floor and it looks great, plus he put the ceramic tiles down in front of the fireplace. I'm snapping those pics and will post them soon so everyone can keep up with the progress. I'm going to try to get a pic of Rob working.

On Sunday I had two phone interviews to do. The first was a psychic radio show. I kid you not. It turns out the host, Michael Gogger was a victim my organization helped. So he decided to adopt WHOA and me and wanted to promote us. So I was to be on for an hour - the show is called Your Inner Thoughts. I called my sister to tell her she could listen to it online and try to call in. She loves getting readings from psychics and it's free, so what the heck?

Michael and I talked about staying safe online and we were supposed to take phone calls for questions, but he and I got to talking (which usually happens when I'm on a radio show) and soon it was almost the end of the hour. So he said he was going to give me a reading. I could tell he hadn't done a lot of research on me (like some supposed psychics are purported to do). He started off by talking about my "better half" and some minor conflict, then again mentioned that my better half was going to be upset about my traveling so much, but that it would work out. He asked if my husband was upset. I explained that Chris died and he insisted that I would have a better half and he sees me engaged or married within a year. Okayyyyyy.

He then mentioned I was negotiating an agreement or contract and that it would take all this week, then I would begin the work the first week in July. How eerie. That is very true. Then he said someone I know is pregnant and someone was either moving now or would be soon. I'm thinking it's my niece who recently got married. I have to email her now! He said he saw me picking up on traveling after July and I would be busy. And that appears to be coming true. So strange!

Because the hour was up, he couldn't take calls. Then the tech guy said the next guest was late, so Michael announced he would indeed take calls and asked me to stay on the show. A woman from the South came on. I could barely understand her with her accent, LOL. Then the next woman was. . .my sister! I couldn't believe she got on. We laughed at that and I noted that we did not plan this. Michael did his reading of her and told her that she was planning a vacation soon and it would go well and would rekindle her marriage. He also picked up someone moving from her, so I am positive it's my niece. I can't remember all of it, but the show is to be in the archives on the web site soon.

Monday my phones were acting wacky. I could call out, but if anyone tried calling me, they got a busy signal. I was on the phone with Time Warner trying to figure it out and they said to switch out the cable modem (I have the all-in-one Internet/Cable/Phone service). I drove through the rain, got a new modem, came home, installed it and the same thing happened. So they sent this technician out, Mike, to figure it out. He ended up replacing most of the jacks. The wires and jacks were so old (this house is over 55 years old), they just gave out. He was here from 4-7 pm and Rob kept hanging out (I think to make sure I was not alone - what a sweetie).

So, while I was at Time Warner, I asked the women there what would happen if I wanted Chris' name taken off the account. I told them I needed to keep the email address I have. They said that for 24-48 hours I'd have to use a new address, then call and ask for the old one back. But, during that time period, I would lost any emails I received. I don't understand why they can't just change the first name on the account to mine and leave things as they are. I had a copy of his death certificate and it should not be such a darned hard process. I told them I never talked to them. They laughed and at least changed the name on the billing to my name.

On Tuesday morning I was on Fox 23 in Portland, Maine for a half hour with hosts Ray and Ted. We took call in questions and promoted my book heavily. They are so excited with me they are having me back on in two weeks and want me to start a blog on their web site. Hooray! (Now if they'd only pay me, ha ha).

When V2 went with me in January to Kline's Furniture in Portsmouth, NH to pick out my new couch and chair, they'd promised me both pieces by the first week in February. After many phone calls, I finally got the couch in April. I still haven't gotten the recliner and after many phone calls and promises they would call me back with when it would be arriving, I am pissed off. That's almost six months. Either tell me you can't get the recliner and I'll pick something else out or tell me what the frell is up. Don't lie to me, don't say you'll call back and then don't call back. I will never buy another piece of furniture from Kline's again. And Chris and I bought our bedroom set from them when we moved int, plus a sleeper sofa and tables; then I bought my new bedroom set from them after Chris died.

Now I have to go chair shopping. Blech.

I met V2's mom and her boyfriend (her mom's not V2's, LOL). So cute! We had dinner twice and hung out and had a ball. Her mom asked me to put some Annalee dolls up on eBay, which I did earlier this week. I hope they go for a good amount. Previous auctions I searched for showed they averaged $10-$30.

I also put up a bunch of magazines, books, audiobooks and DVDs. I'm starting to put more things on eBay to clear out my current office and some of Chris' things. I have a whole entertainment center filled with DVDs downstairs, as well as those darned books.

One day at a time. Ohmmmmm

Good news - SUNY Delhi wants me back to speak! I was there last year and they loved me so much they're having me back on October 10th. It'll be a road trip, so Bandit and Guin (as long as they're healthy enough) will go with me. I now have two trips booked that month - the other is a Pennsylvania Librarian Conference, so I can only do road trips the rest of that month.

I am definitely taking the week of November 5th-11th off and going away by myself. My birthday is never going to be the same. I am thinking either a cruise or visiting a friend in Geneva. I want to be around people, for sure, but not with relatives or close friends. I know everyone means well, but that week will be hard enough. I don't want a lot of people fawning over me and making it worse.

My veggie garden is coming along very well. I'm pleased. I can't wait to start getting things to pick and eat. Yummo!


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