So a friend and I began talking about Paris Hilton and her going to jail and somehow (don't ask me how) we got to thinking what celebrities we'd date if we were given the chance. Since Alec Baldwin broke my heart when he left the nasty voicemail message on his daughter's cell phone (although he can still read the phone book to me anytime - I loooove his voice), I've got a "shortlist" of celebs I'd date:

Bruce Willis - Cause he'd be fun and he can sing, too
Keifer Sutherland - Just because I think he's cute as a button
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Just divorced his wife. He's handsome, strong and intelligent.
Ralph Fiennes - He likes older women, but I may be too young for him (ha ha)
Daniel Baldwin - One of the Baldwin brothers has just got to be normal
Patrick Stewart - I love his voice and his bald little head
Eddie Izzard - I *adore* him

That's my short list.

Now for stupidity. I have some things up for auction on eBay. I get the most idiotic questions. One item is a book called SIP Communications for Dummies. SIP = Session Initiation Protocol. A guy emailed me asking if this book would help him communicate with people better. Sigh. I wrote back that if he had to ask that question, then he doesn't need this book. I put him on my blocked bidders list. A woman emails me this morning about an audiobook on CDs and asked if all the CDs were there. Hmm? I responded that I wouldn't put it up for auction if they weren't all there. Duh. I am tempted to put her on my blocked bidders list as well.

Rob's got all of the floor down except for three pieces. There is enough leftover to do the floor in a small room in the basement that was Chris' paint room. I'm going to us it for storage, but may use it as an extra guest room if needed (I can put the blowup bed in there). Hooray! I picked up the stain for the mantel, doors and other bits and pieces. It's coming along nicely.

Thanks for the purple irises, Deb! (Those are my favorite flowers)


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