Chippy video, Navigator 9, Let There Be Light!


I am nuts about Chippy (pun intended) and bought him a pet dish yesterday to put on the porch. I filled one side with sunflower seeds and the other with water and he has no problem with it at all. He loves it! I've been feeding him out of my hand on the deck chair, but wanted to try something new, LOL. So I brought out the camera this morning and you can see how close Chippy let me get with this video of him. I'm also putting up new photos of the little rascal on his page.

I finally got photos of that weird squirrel - he's the only one Chippy and Julian (and the birds) don't mind sharing the bird feeder with. Plus he's an outcast with the other squirrels. I think he's Chippy's child (ha ha):

Speaking of birds, they are so used to me and Bandit they come right in the yard when we're out there and feed. They don't like Guin, though and scatter when she goes out. Maybe her whiteness blinds them, ha ha. Chippy actually came within inches of Bandit one day and sat on his haunches staring at Bandit. I still think Chippy thinks Bandit is a giant chipmunk.

Let's see - Navigator 9 is the latest version of Netscape's web browser. DO NOT GET IT! It is not only a memory hog, but I hated it's design. I kept getting "virtual memory loss" and finally uninstalled it and reinstalled version 8 and am happy with that. I use Navigator 9 and Firefox. I refuse to use Microsoft's web browser because of the bugs and lack of security. Pfft.

I did a half hour radio show at WGAN in Portland. I've been on the Ken and Mike morning show several times, the latest was last Tuesday on the morning news earlier last week talking about Internet scams. Ken and Mike are the best! If I get a link to the half hour show, I'll post it.

I'm going to have lunch with my mom and sister and her family. It's my mom's birthday. We're doing a big party next Sunday at my sister's - a sleepover and I'm bringing V2. We're going to do tarot cards, the Magic 8 Ball, Ouija and being silly. Speaking of V2, I'm going through withdrawal - I took her to the airport on Thursday morning and she doesn't get back until tomorrow night. It's been a quiet weekend!

I did yard work like crazy yesterday, crashed for three hours (did I mention Guin loves naps?) and then made stuffed grape leaves for a late dinner. Yum!

Rob came over Friday with the new electrician (a guy who works with him at his construction site), John, and in less than four hours, my new office had lights! The guy did it for $100. What a bargain! And he'll come back to finish what the old electrician didn't do for just $25/hour.

Speaking of Rob - ladies and gentleman, here he is after putting in the last piece of the floor in my new office:

Isn't he cute as a button?


deb said…
OMG, what a cutie!
deb said…
OOOPS. I have your mom's birthday written in my appointment book and TOTALLY forgot. Please wish her a happy one from me.
deb said…
Hey, does he have an older brother?

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