True Crime Online Newsletter - June 23, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tennessee park ranger fired for dancing on the job
A Tennessee park ranger says he was fired for dancing on the job after a visitor to Coolidge Park in Chattanooga posted a video of him busting a move on Facebook.

According to Deryl Nelson, his supervisors were not impressed with the video and he was terminated for "conduct unbecoming of a public employee."

Melissa Parsons posted the video online after capturing it on her cellphone because she didn't think Nelson's moves were appropriate for children to see.

"As a parent and seeing all the parents that were covering their kids eyes and turning their heads away, it wasn't something you would expect to see in Coolidge Park or anywhere from a grown man, especially a man in uniform," Parsons told NewChannel 9 WTVC.

"He went all the way to the ground, he came back up from the ground, he was grabbing areas that you would see on a rated R movie."

According to city records, Nelson was suspended for five days for "addressing inappropriate remarks to a co-worker" in 2013.

Nelson started dancing at the park after he jumped in with a group of visitors who were doing the Macarena. The 51-year-old plans to keep grooving, with or without his job.

"It's all about enjoying what you do and that's the way I feel," Deryl told WRCB. "Clean fun. It's nothing like doing any bumping and grinding. People just have nothing else to do but bash people. No twerks, no jerking, no nothing."

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Staten Island cops to focus on stalkers - 06/20/14
Stalkers are about to be yanked out of the shadows and tossed into the light. A new crime initiative designed to prevent incidents of domestic violence in Staten Island will identify and arrest stalkers who may become abusers, batterers and ­ possibly ­ killers, Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan said Thursday. The new Coordinated Approach to Preventing Stalking (CAPS) Program will increase stalking arrests and prosecutions, identify incident

Law to tame online porn, hate speech in offing - 06/19/14
Online child pornography and hate speech will attract stringent punishment including six-year jail terms if a proposed Bill to tackle cyber crime is enacted into law. Under the Cybercrimes and Computer Crimes Bill, 2014, persons convicted of the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words to stir up ethnic hatred through a computer system will face a five-year jail term.

Debt collectors turn to social media to track down delinquents - 06/19/14
After more than a decade of eluding phone calls, a Brighton Heights man said his experience with a third-party collection agency hired to recoup his student loan debt went from marginally annoying to borderline cyber stalking. Even for loan scofflaws there are rules collection agencies must follow, and two government agencies are working to make that better known.

Social media safety when posting pictures - 06/19/14
Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. However, there can be a hidden danger parents should always be aware of, especially when posting pictures of children. One parent learned that the hard way. According to CBS6 in Richmond, Virginia, Ciara Logan posted an Instagram photo of her children during the Father’s Day weekend. Not long after, she discovered the picture had been copied from her account, and turned into a meme with derogatory hashtags.

Facebook hate campaign culminated in torching car of Truro teenager - 06/19/14
A man has been jailed after subjecting a Westcountry teenager to years of online abuse and torching his and his father’s car. Christopher Chynoweth from Truro used social networking site Facebook to wage a sustained attack on 19-year-old Jack Arthur. The victim’s family urged others to get help if they were subjected to online harassment.

What I learned about “myself” from Internet trolls - 06/19/14
In my nearly two decades as professional writer, I’ve never really written about my dating life until last month. I was inspired by Jeff Reifman’s post about the increase of men due to Amazon’s aggressive hiring­which confirmed many of my long-held suspicions about Seattle’s dating scene.

Free speech is a bad excuse for online creeps to threaten rape and murder - 06/18/14
Last weekend, a friend of mine was sitting on a park bench when she felt a presence sneaking up from behind – and noticed an older man taking pictures of her exposed back. When she told him to stop, he yelled back at her that it was his "First Amendment right to be a creep". Little did either of them know that he was articulating the foundation of new legal battle about the internet and, well, the right to be a creep.

People Harassed Online Have Few Legal Protections - 06/18/14
Lori Stewart started her blog, This Just In, as a way of writing about gardening and sharing stories about her family. She started a program and related website, Toys for Troops, to send toys to soldiers so they could distribute them to children overseas. All of which seems uncontroversial enough­but that did not protect Stewart from online harassment. A troll using the name JoeBob began leaving profane, vile comments on her blog, messages filled with curse words and violent fantasies about the death of her son.

Imagine this for a moment. You are arrested for cyberstalking a woman in a very public manner; a woman you had already told that you would ruin her life. Then to follow through on that threat you posted sexually explicit photos of the women on the Internet in an account in her name, according to one investigation and court documents. Photos her family, friends and members of her church saw.

Student Arrested for Plotting UCSB Copycat Crime - 06/17/14
University of Washington student Keshav Bhide was arrested for allegedly posting plans to copy USCB shooter Elliot Rodger (via The Huffington Post). According to HuffPost, court documents cite several YouTube and Google+ posts where Bhide states, “everything Elliot did is perfectly justified.”

Facebook Freedom of Speech or Harassment - 06/16/14
The Supreme Court is drawing the line between Facebook Freedom of Speech and Harassment. Monday the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case of a Pennsylvania man who was sentenced to four years in prison for threatening his wife online. Anthony Elonis posted about his ex-wife and said “I’m not going to rest until your body is a mess.” His lawyer argued that he never actually intended to hurt her and that he was just using his freedom of speech. But the jury convicted him. Now the Supreme Court agreed to hear his argument. Forty-five years ago the Supreme Court ruled that making a threatening statement is not a crime unless there is a "true threat" with intent to follow through.

Cyberstalker jailed for posting pregnant woman's number on lurid sex date site - 06/16/14
A stalker has been jailed for posting a pregnant woman's number on an lurid dating site so that she was pestered with demands for sex - while giving birth. Robert Jeffery, 36, listed mum-to-be Sarah Sutton's details on the Craigslist adult classifieds page under the headline "Bubbly Cornish Maid".


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