True Crime Online Newsletter - June 16, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Buy Matthew McConaughey's eternal soul for only $15 on Etsy
Anyone with $15 and access to the Internet can go on the web and purchase Matthew McConaughey's soul, providing they have an extra $5 to cover the shipping costs. The star's soul is being sold by SoulsRUs, an online Etsy shop which specializes in selling celebrity souls. The store is running low on inventory right now -- although Drake's eternal spirit is still available -- but SoulsRUs has previously sold the souls of celebs like Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence. The owner of the store, Molly "The Happy Reaper" Gates, is happy to provide fans with the ultimate souvenir.

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Rise of the Internet Hate Machine - 06/14/14
Welcome to the age of Internet hate, when “it’s never been easier to send an anonymous death threat,” writes Jack Shafer for Reuters. “As with so many of life’s labors, advanced technology has removed most of the work and hazard from sending cowardly messages to people to frighten them.”

UWM police chief investigated for sending sexual messages to student - 06/14/14
An independent investigator has found that University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Marzion displayed "inappropriate and unprofessional" conduct when he traded Internet messages of a sexual nature with a student this spring. The investigator, former Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Gary A. Gerlach, concluded on Thursday that Marzion did not violate school policies involving discriminatory conduct during the exchanges between April 7 and 15.

Indictment over hacking of Bush family emails - 06/14/14
A Romanian using the online moniker “Guccifer” was indicted Thursday on U.S. charges of hacking into email accounts of high-profile people including family of former presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush. Marcel Lehel Lazar, 42, is accused of wire fraud, unauthorized access to a protected computer, aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking and obstruction of justice.

Cyberbullying Case’s Publication Ban under Question by Family - 06/14/14
The identity of a young woman has become a bone of contention between the government and the family amid ongoing struggle and several tragic consequences of persistent online harassment. The particular case involves an alleged sexual assault claims that resulted in child pornography charges currently that are currently before the court.

Is it right to jail someone for being offensive on Facebook or Twitter? - 06/13/14
What follows is offensive. The facts are unattractive and there is no hero in this story. On 30 April, two days after teacher Ann Maguire was stabbed to death by a pupil in Leeds, Jake Newsome, a 21-year-old man who had himself attended a secondary school on the other side of the city, posted on his Facebook page: "Personally im glad that teacher got stabbed up, feel sorry for the kid… he shoulda pissed on her too".

Police chief suspended over Internet harassment of tea party protester - 06/13/14
A small Wisconsin town's chief of police, who admitted to investigators that he harassed a tea party protester by signing him up for online dating, porn and other accounts, is now under criminal investigation and suspended from his job. Tim Keleman, chief of police in the Town of Campbell, near LaCrosse, told the investigators that he just wanted to get back at the man he said was causing much distraction and hassle for the town by suing over the town's ban on signs and banners from a pedestrian bridge where the tea party wanted to send its message.

College police seek man for questioning in email threats - 06/13/14
A former Riverside City College student is being sought for questioning about threatening emails that were sent to faculty whose classes he attended the past few years. Riverside Community College District Police Chief Jim Miyashiro on Monday, June 9, sent an email to district employees that described Jeffrey Wade as a “person of interest” in the case. The email said Wade attended RCC last summer.

Seattle cop who posted sex pics of ex-lover wants his job back - 06/13/14
In the first interview since his arrest last year, a Seattle police officer who was fired after posting sexually-explicit photos of an ex-lover online said he would like understanding, forgiveness, and his badge back. David Blackmer, 44, claims the city was in violation of his union contract when Interim Police Chief Harry Bailey fired him last month.

Email Threats: A Thing of the Past? - 06/12/14
There is no doubt cybercriminals continue to use personal and rented botnets to pump the Internet full of unwanted advertisements for fake or knock-off products, but its effectiveness as a money-making device is dwindling. Now in the cyber underbelly, email has turned from mischievous to outright malicious, with campaigns once utilizing trickery to fool recipients into spending money to simply taking it.

Suspected Facebook harasser hands himself in after manhunt - 06/12/14
A man alleged to have posted nude pictures of women on his Facebook profile has handed himself to the police after a manhunt was declared. Mohamed Ibrahim, 25 years, of Haa Dhaal atoll Kulhudhuffushi Island is also accused of posting profane comments and defaming government offices on his Facebook profile.

Learning to live with internet haters - 06/12/14
Judge me. Last night I watched VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta." When it comes to the image of black people on TV, it gets no worse than most ­ but not all ­ of the cast. (Exhibit A: This season's leading storyline involves an allegedly homemade sex tape that really resembles a slickly produced porno.)

Illinois motorcyclist who uploaded high-speed police chase to YouTube facing stiff sentence - 06/11/14
An Illinois motorcyclist who was found guilty of aggravated fleeing, eluding police and driving with a suspended license is set to be sentenced on Friday. The seven-minute video that Hamza Ali Ben Ali shot, while he was evading police and later uploaded to YouTube, could really come back to bite him in the butt as the state will be seeking a prison sentence of up to six years.

How serious are cyber death threats? - 06/11/14
In July 2009, blogger Hilath Rasheed broke news of an underage girl being kept as a concubine on his blog. Soon afterwards, he started receiving death threats online. He was accused of being an infidel and anonymous commenters sent him messages warning him against walking in dark alleyways. They threatened to slash his throat and behead him.

'Arrest threat scam' popping up again - 06/11/14!ZKdlg
The 8 On Your Side team says the "arrest threat scam" has popped up again in the Susquehanna Valley. Here's the e-mail that a News 8 viewer recently received: "Notice to Appear, the copy of the court notice is attached to this letter. Note: If you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence."

How Do We Stop Online Harassment? - 06/11/14
Folks, recently I launched a new infographic revealing the rise in online harassment with Rad Campaign and Lincoln Park Strategies.
Here's some important findings from the poll: Women report being personally harassed much more frequently than men - the gender gap's 57% women to 43% men across all age groups. Sexual harassment's the most common form of harassment - 44% of all incidences), followed by: Slurs on a person's professional ability (28%), Racial (23%), Religious (18%), and Political (16%) insults.

Woman asks man on Facebook to kill aunt; man's fake account was created by aunt - 06/11/14
An Alabama teen who was unknowingly speaking to her aunt on Facebook about killing her family was charged with the solicitation of murder and is in the Tuscaloosa County Jail. Marissa Williams' aunt created a fake Facebook account under the name Tre 'Topdog' Ellis so that she could chat with her niece online and see how she interacted with men.

Harassed on Facebook or Twitter? You're not the only one: poll - 06/11/14
Nearly half of cyber citizens under 35 have been bullied, harassed or threatened online, while women make up 57 percent of victims, according to a new survey by online advocacy groups. Sixty-two percent of the 1,007 people over 18 surveyed said the harassment happened on Facebook, while 24 percent was on Twitter, according to a poll conducted by Rad Campaign, Lincoln Park Strategies and Craig Newmark - the founder of the Craigslist classified ads site.

Forget nosy neighbours, it's the cyber world that none of us can hide from now - 06/10/14
One of the many problems with social media is the 'you can never take it back' aspect. What teenagers and indeed adults need to remember is, once you've posted something it is not possible to take it back.

Students to get classes in tackling cyberbullying - 06/10/14
A CONFIDENTIAL report is to recommend to the Cabinet that anti-cyberbullying lessons are introduced as a "core element" in primary and secondary school curriculums.

NY court strikes down ban on phone threats, cyberstalking, other 'alarming' behavior - 06/10/14
A state law prohibiting phone threats, cyberstalking and other frightening behavior was struck down last month as being unconstitutional. Aggravated harassment included any "annoying or alarming" behavior made by phone, letter or other written word. Over the years, that has extended to the Internet, text messaging and e-mail.

7 terrifying ways people are cyberstalking you straight into real life - 06/10/14
As a journalist and a Millennial, I’ve spent the past decade honing the skills with which I literally cyberstalk people. During the early days of true social media circa 2006-2010, I exercised boundaries and respect for privacy. But during my first relationship away from the safety and exposure of my hometown, I uncovered information about le leading man way too slowly and learned that doing your homework on an S.O. sometimes warrants a small invasion of privacy. Then, during my first experience in editorial, I was taught that boundaries were but a tiny inconvenience to be scoffed at and all bets were officially off.


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