True Crime Online Newsletter - June 9, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Google Street View cameras capture fake murder
A pair of pranksters who mocked up a murder scene, knowing their stunt would be captured by Google Street View cameras, have had a visit from police in Edinburgh after the images were spotted online. Garage owner Dan Thompson said he came up with the idea after spotting a Street View van. He told the BBC that officers who visited his garage knew it was a wind-up as one of his customers was a police officer who was already aware of the incident.

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Suburban school districts take action after sexting, porn incidents - 06/09/14
Within months, four elementary and middle schools --- in Barrington, Batavia, Glen Ellyn and Wheaton --- reported instances of students sexting, looking at porn or creating obscene images. In two of the cases, students involved have been criminally charged. The districts have responded by trying to educate students about the appropriate use of the Internet and social media.

Trolling: The dark side of the net - 06/09/14
Earlier this year when Garry met Sally, Garry was asked a simple question - ''How are you coping with the trolling?'' He says it was a cathartic moment because he thought his campaign was the only one under attack. Garry Muratore is the public face of Melbourne activist group No Maccas in the Dandenong Ranges, set up to oppose a new McDonald's outlet in Tecoma. Sally McManus is from the national feminist campaigners Destroy The Joint. They met while speaking to youth leaders at a Melbourne NGO involved in helping poverty in the Asia-Pacific.

Young men being targeted in internet scam - 06/08/14
YOUNG men in Dorset are being blackmailed in a scam where fraudsters threaten to send explicit videos to friends and family. One man from Beaminster and another from Weymouth have both fallen victim to the scam in the past week – but there could be countless more victims who have not reported similar incidents, police say.

Bergdahl's family receives death threats - 06/08/14
The parents of Bowe Bergdahl, the US soldier freed from Taliban captivity, has received death threats after hawks in the United States launched an offensive on the character of Bergdahl and his family. Jeff Gunter, the police chief of Hailey in Idaho state, said on Saturday that the first of the death threats sent to Bob Bergdahl, the soldier’s father, at his home near the city of Hailey was received on Wednesday.

Politicians go after smartphone GPS apps that could aid stalkers and abusers - 06/08/14
When Jacqueline Wisniewski was shot dead in the stairwell of a Buffalo hospital, police immediately considered her former boyfriend Timothy Jorden a suspect. Just two months before her 2012 murder, Wisniewski discovered a GPS device Jorden had secretly placed in her car so he could follow her everywhere. Jorden was arrested and convicted, and 10 days ago, with little fanfare, the New York State Senate sent Gov. Cuomo “Jackie’s Law,” which would make it a state crime to use a GPS device for stalking. The governor is expected to sign it.

Ohio mother blames knife attack by 13-year-old daughter on Slenderman obsession - 06/07/14
An Ohio woman, who was recently attacked by 13-year-old daughter with a knife, said she believes he daughter was inspired by internet horror meme Slenderman. The woman, who asked to not be identified, told WLWT that she made the connection after seeing reports of the two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls who attempted to stab their friend to death, hoping to make the fictional Slenderman appear.

Bullying laws need context instead of just harsh penalties - 06/07/14
Brian McClain is an assistant professor for physical and natural sciences at the College of Western Idaho. Rob Egan gave up a job with Hewlett-Packard in the six figures to enlist in the Army after 9/11 and was sent as a Ranger with the first wave of Americans deployed to Afghanistan. Years ago I’d often go on bicycle rides with both of them into the foothills outside of Lincoln, up the valley floor to Marysville and multiple day trips in the Sierra and even Death Valley.

Sex taunt couple claim computer was hacked - 06/07/14
A COUPLE jailed for a humiliating harassment campaign which saw a women hounded by men seeking sexual services claim their broadband connection was hacked. Richard and Amanda Holman, of Fox House Lane, Scorton, are appealing against their conviction and jail sentences at Preston Crown Court.

Campbell police chief under investigation - 06/07/14
The town of Campbell police chief is under investigation over accusations that he created online accounts on pornographic, dating and insurance websites for a tea party activist who sued him in federal court. Chief Tim Kelemen -- from the town and his personal computer -- used Greg Luce's email to establish profiles on and to generate harassing solicitations, according to police investigation reports.

No charges will be filed against woman over racist rant - 06/06/14
No criminal charges will be filed against the woman who became an Internet celebrity after video of her delivering a racist rant against a black motorist went viral earlier this week, Cheektowaga police said today. However, because of the emotional and sometimes threatening responses that people online had to the video, and because some individuals posted links containing the woman’s personal information and address, her children have been temporarily placed in the care of family members for their safety, police said.

Internet Urban Legends: 5 Other Wild Stories Like The Slender Man! - 06/06/14
In case you missed the horrifying news from earlier this week, two 12-year-old girls were accused of stabbing their friend 19 times during a game of sleepover hide-and-seek and then leaving her out in the woods of Waukesha, Wisconsin to die ­ all because of a creepy internet character. Enter, Slender Man. While the story that played out is totally terrifying, what's even scarier is that there are more super awful web tales just like that one! We've dug deep to uncover 5 of the most violent, and down right odd internet urban legends ­ so *hopefully* these user driven stories can influence youngsters a bit less!

North Lauderdale man accused of cyber stalking - 06/05/14
A North Lauderdale man is accused of using social media to make death threats against an ex-girlfriend, Coral Springs police said. Daniel Wayne Cooley, 23, was arrested Wednesday and is charged with aggravated cyber stalking with bond set at $150,000, court records showed.

Internet troll jailed for harassing missing girl’s family - 06/05/14
AN internet troll from the North East who posed as a missing girl and then broke a court order by harassing the family has been jailed. Donna Wright, 34, of Oak Terrace, West Cornforth, County Durham, was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison yesterday after earlier admitting harassing Hartlepool man Richard Lee, whose two-year-old daughter Katrice vanished from a Naafi store in Germany, in November 1981.

Cyberstalking: Al Franken’s deadly serious crusade - 06/05/14
It should come as absolutely no surprise that our ability to spy and track one another digitally is running amok in potentially deadly ways, especially for some women. So we can at least give Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) a shout out for trying to curb the noxious act of cyberstalking even if one fears that technology will override his good intentions. Franken chaired a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing Wednesday on his proposed “Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014” and adeptly used the anecdotal to quickly frame the discussion.

New Poll Details Widespread Harassment Online, Especially on Facebook - 06/04/14
Almost 50% of Americans under the age of 35 have been bullied, harassed or threatened online, or know somebody who has, according to a new poll published today exposing the ugly underbelly of social media. Women are targeted more often than men, and Facebook is by far the most common forum for such harassment.

Couples Walk on Thin Ice as Web Offers Free Password to Break-up - 06/04/14
Social networks have opened up new avenues of easy and hassle-free communication, but the new-found freedom, when coupled with the inability to safeguard private information can land users in trouble. This story from the case diary of a clinical psychologist illustrates one of the major pitfalls of social media: A couple of months back, a 43-year-old woman approached a counsellor after being harassed online and offline by a 22-year-old youth who made an acquaintance with her as a door-to-door salesman.

'Note to appear' email scam hitting area inboxes - 06/03/14
A new email threat is targeting people who respect the law, according to the Butler County Clerk of Courts Mary Swain. In recent weeks Butler County residents reported to Swain’s office that they received emails with subject lines declaring “Notice to appear.” In addition the sender line said “Pretrial Notice.”

Woman created fake baby, discrimination complaint - 06/02/14
A Saucier woman accused of cyberstalking harassed her victims by creating false e-mail accounts, creating a fake baby and filing a fictitious discrimination complaint, authorities said. Rebecca Anderson, 44, of the 18000 block of Rouse Road, was arrested Friday following an investigation by the Gulf Coast Cybercrime Task Force.


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