True Crime Online Newsletter - June 30, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .'Sexy' felon Jeremy Meeks could reportedly receive modeling contract
-Jeremy Meeks, the felon who had his "sexy" mugshot go viral last week, may be able to enter the world of modeling upon his release. Blaze Modelz reportedly told TMZ that "gangster models" are currently in vogue and they could get him $15,000 to $30,000 a month contracts with top fashion houses like Versace and Armani. Another unnamed modeling agency said they are also interested in working with Meeks when he gets out of prison. The numerous tattoos don't seem to be a problem for either agency. Blaze said it even likes the teardrop tattoo below his right eye -- a symbol associated with gangs. Meeks is being held on $900,000 bail under serious weapons charges.

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Debt collectors turn to social media to track down delinquents - 06/30/14
After more than a decade of eluding phone calls, a Brighton Heights man said his experience with a third-party collection agency hired to recoup his student loan debt went from marginally annoying to borderline cyber stalking. Even for loan scofflaws there are rules collection agencies must follow, and two government agencies are working to make that better known.

Illinois trooper pulls over trucker who honked at him for speeding - 06/30/14
A truck driver allegedly saw an Illinois state trooper speeding on the highway while talking on his cellphone, so he decided to honk his horn in order to show his disapproval. After his judgmental toot, the trooper pulled Brian Miner over and threatened to give him a ticket for unlawful use of a horn. Miner taped the entire encounter and posted the clip on YouTube. The officer is aggressive at first, but he changes his tune after Miner informs him that their exchange is being recorded. The trooper eventually apologizes to Miner and declines to give him a ticket. "And that's what happens when they know you're recording," Miner says near the end of the clip.

Cyber-bullying is a crime, so why is it being ignored? - 06/30/14
Early last week a mother told the Dublin Coroner: "Every day we are losing teenagers. Does it get to a stage where you are above the law?" Elaine Hughes's story is every parent's worst nightmare come true. Two years ago her son Darren died by suicide. Elaine is convinced that he was bullied to death, citing "horrific" and "threatening" messages sent to him on Facebook, which have since been deleted.

Squatter nanny was homeless for nine years and sleeping in her car when hired through Craigslist, as it emerges she's now disappeared amid furor over her refusal to leave family home - 06/28/14
The California ‘nanny from hell’ who made headlines by refusing to leave after getting fired has finally gone as it emerged Friday that the 64-year-old woman was homeless before being hired as a caretaker. Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte, of Upland, said their children’s former babysitter, Diane Stretton, left the house early Thursday morning and never came back. Mrs Bracamonte, a mother of three, said when Stretton took off at around 7am, she gave no indication that she was not coming back since all of her belongings remained behind.

Lee’s Summit man sentenced for cyberstalking and possession of child pornography - 06/27/14
A Lee’s Summit, Mo., man was sentenced in federal court Friday for cyberstalking a woman and possessing child pornography. August W. Jentsch, 25, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gary A. Fenner to five years in federal prison without parole. In December, Jentsch pleaded guilty cyberstalking and possessing child pornography.

Revenge porn hits two high profile boyfriends where it hurts 06/27/14
It's been a groin-grabbingly bad week for US men when it comes to revenge porn. On Monday morning, one of Twitter's political sides exploded with revelations that a troll had leaked screen captures of a text message exchange and email, all of which suggested an extramarital affair between former NSA analyst John Schindler and a conservative Twitter user named Lesley.

Girl commits suicide over Facebook harassment - 06/27/14
Cyber bullying has taken the life of yet another young person. A 17-year-old schoolgirl committed suicide on Tuesday night after one of her friends uploaded a morphed picture of her on a social networking site. The victim, a student of a top south Kolkata school, left behind a six-page suicide note, which forms the basis of the police case, according to the Times of India.

Thousands of Scots live in fear of cyber STALKERS - 06/26/14
Statistics show one in 20 people has been stalked or harassed in the past year. And according to the statistics, three-quarters of all incidents involve “obscene, nuisance or threatening” approaches via social media or email. Others reported stalkers “waiting outside a home or workplace” or being “followed around or watched” during 2012/13.

We must stop making light of online abuse - 06/26/14
There's a new series starting on E4 next month called The 100. It’s one of those dystopian, post-apocalyptic dramas that teens (and teens-in-spirit like me) adore. After a nuclear holocaust makes Earth uninhabitable, the survivors are stuck in an orbiting space station. But then 100 juvenile delinquents are sent to the surface to see if they can survive. It asks the Lord of the Flies question: how would we behave in a world with no laws and no leaders?

Policing online abuse - 06/26/14
This week Chief Constable Alex Marshall, head of the College of Policing, told the BBC that complaints originating from social media now make up ‘at least half’ of calls passed on to frontline police officers. These typically comprise bullying, harassment, abuse and threats of assault posted via social media.

Sayreville teen charged with posting 'inappropriate' photos of girls on social media - 06/26/14
Authorities said an 18-year-old Sayreville man posted “inappropriate” pictures of underage female students at Sayreville War Memorial High School on social media sites. The teenager, whose identity was withheld because he was underage when the two-month-investigation began, is charged as a juvenile with multiple counts of endangering the welfare of a child, invasion of privacy and cyber harassment, according to Sayreville Police Chief John Zebrowski and Middlesex County Acting Prosecutor Andrew Carey.

Heroin, cyber stalking arrests made in Southern Shores - 06/26/14
In a joint law enforcement operation, two arrests were made Monday in related to heroin distribution in the Southern Shores area. The Dare County Narcotics Task Force and Southern Shores Police Department were investigating a person who said to sell heroin in the area, according to Chief Deputy Steve Hoggard with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office.

Online abuse victims will be able to use Facebook posts as evidence - 06/25/14
Online abuse and harassment will be made an offence under laws to crack down on bullying and harassment. Victims of online abuse will also be able to use examples of harassment on the internet, such as Facebook posts, as evidence in court under the proposals. The measures were announced yesterday following recommendations by the Internet Content Advisory Group to the Government, which was asked to look at bullying and harassment online.

Woman Shuts Down Creep With These Brilliant Text Messages - 06/25/14
We’ve all caught a fellow straphanger glancing over at what we’re reading or writing on the train. While the creep over our shoulder usually turns away in due time, there are those who just won’t let up. When one Tumblr user, Hostage Situation, was texting on a bus during rush hour, she realized that some rando squished next to her was creepin’ so hard on her text exchange, homie was practically the third group chat member. And so she got him good.

It's nearly impossible to get revenge porn off the internet. - 06/25/14
On Tuesday, Adam Kuhn, the chief of staff for Ohio Congressman Steve Stivers, was forced to respond after a woman he was involved with tweeted a picture of his penis. Some call the pic "revenge porn," a common term for explicit photos and video released publicly without the consent of one of the parties involved, especially when those photos/videos are posted to websites which specialize in such material. Experts disagree about how the law should handle revenge porn. Some favor criminalizing it, while others, like Sarah Jeong, have argued that criminalization does more harm than good, and that civil actions, such as copyright claims, can also be used to combat it.

Social media crimes account for HALF of police calls about abuse and anti-social behaviour, claims senior officer - 06/24/14
Online abuse is behind the majority of complaints to police about anti-social behaviour and harassment, a top officer has warned. Alex Marshall said comments on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the basis for ‘at least half’ of calls about nuisance crimes. The chief constable, who leads the College of Policing, said low-level crime has moved online along with shopping and banking.

Suspected thief forgets to log out after checking Facebook during burglary - 06/24/14
Minnesota police arrested a burglary suspect who apparently forgot to log out of Facebook after checking his profile during a break-in at a St. Paul home. The homeowner came back to his house and found that credit cards, cash and a watch were missing. The thief had also left behind a pair of Nike tennis shoes, jeans and a belt that he apparently discarded because it had been raining outside.

Online and text message bullying to be criminalised - 06/24/14
Abuse sent via text message and through online communications, such as Tweets or Facebook messages, will become a criminal offence, under measures announced by the Government today. A report on the governance of internet content containing 30 specific recommendations was discussed by the Cabinet, and Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte said the proposals will be implemented in the coming months.


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