Conway Public Library

Chris and Phoebe decided to come on the ride to the Conway Public Library with me last night. According to SamSam (the voice on our TomTom), it was going to take over 2 hours. Hrm? That didn't sound right, as getting to North Conway takes about an hour and half or so and Conway is before that.

We stopped at Wendy's for a quick dinner and ended up getting to the library at 635 pm, an hour and half ride. SamSam was wayway offoff.

Chris stayed in the car w/Phoebe and I brought a few books in with me. I had asked the librarian, Janis, how the previous Sisters In Crime talks had gone with the other true crime authors. She said only a few people showed up to each, so I only brought in five books with me.

Set up my table in front of two rows of five chairs each. Got some water, wandered around the room to look at photos a local photographer had taken, which were lovely. Check out Woodland Winds Photography.

I sat down and began doodling on a piece of paper. A man walked in the room, introduced himself and we began talking about the weather and such. Janis came in and asked if he was my husband. I said no, he was the audience! We laughed. It was 715, so Janis sat down and apologized for the low turnout, then asked me to go ahead.

So as I began talking about Sisters In Crime and what the organization is about. . .the lights go out. The emergency lights pop on, only one of which was on in the room we were in. Janis said she was setting the mood, we laughed, then she went to find out what was up.

I continued talking to this guy. Hey, they had me come to the library to talk, so talk I would. Janis came back and said the whole area was without electricity. I said as long as he wanted to hear me talk, I was up for it. She said okay and left again.

I asked him what brought him to my talk. He said he'd heard a show on NPR about how cyber experts are desperately needed and he wanted to know more. He asked how I got into the cyber crime field and I did a short version of my cyberstalking case.

Turns out this guy was part of ARPANET in the 1980s. He was as geeky as me! He was really interesting to talk with - he has a small computer repair business.

Janis came in and said she had to kick us out - they were closing up. He bought a book, I signed it, and we walked upstairs to the front door. He left and I shook hands with Janis and she apologized again for everything. I told her it was no big deal (it wasn't), the ride up was beautiful (it was), and just as I opened the door. . .the electricity came back on.

We laughed, said goodbye and I went to the car. It was 730. That was the fastest talk I'd ever given.

Chris had no clue the electricity had gone out - he'd been too busy surfing the web on his iTouch via the wifi from the library. He said when that went kaput, he switched to my iPhone.

So we drove home. It felt longer than it was. I hate driving in the dark. But it was an interesting night.


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