WHO@ Newsletter - March 22, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How in the world did she have the drug agent's number?
Woman accused of sending text about drugs to agent
A Mangum woman has been arrested for allegedly sending a text message about illegal drugs to a drug task force agent. A warrant was issued for the woman for possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a controlled drug with the intent to distribute. A Jackson County jailer said Wednesday the woman wasn't in custody.

Authorities said District III Drug Task Force agent Chris Counts received a text message that said, "if you want a hit of this stuff before it is all gone, you better get over here."

Counts sent a message asking for an address and determined that the suspect lived there. Officers said she thought she sent the message to a friend.

Authorities said they found a gun and a powdery substance during a search of the residence.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Florida Firefighter Arrested, Charged With Cyberstalking - 03/22/10
A Boca Raton firefighter has been arrested and charged with cyberstalking and dating violence. Kurt Isadore Holoboff, a 34-year-old certified paramedic and emergency medical technician, was arrested Saturday.

There's no privacy with 'sexting,' officials warn - 03/21/10
Would you want the whole school ­ or your parents, police, the county attorney, and any member of the Internet community at large ­ to see that text message? No? Then don't send it.

Two students, two opinions on Internet filters: The cons - 03/21/10
MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are just a few of the social networking sites banned from public schools and frowned upon by parents. It makes sense. In class, these websites distract students from doing their work and paying attention to their teachers. Students should be using the Internet for educational purposes, not socializing with their friends. There are many great resources available to students online. There are online encyclopedias, dictionaries and websites devoted to specific subjects. Students should focus on these resources.

Text message dispute triggered brutal Florida teen beating - 03/20/10
A 13-year-old girl, charged in connection with the brutal beating of a Deerfield Beach Middle School student, was ordered held in juvenile detention for 21 days. Attorney Jonathon Marne confirmed Friday that his client, 13-year old, Kayla Manson, was being held after Circuit Judge Michael Orlando determined there was probable cause to hold her on a charge of accessory to attempted first-degree murder. Her next court date is March 26, along with the other suspect, 15-year-old Wayne Treacy.

Revealed: The suicide voyeur nurse who 'encouraged people to kill themselves online' - 03/20/10
In June 2005, an IT technician named Mark Drybrough hanged himself at his Coventry home. A coroner ruled the 32-year-old depressive had committed suicide because of his mental illness. But the truth behind Mr Drybrough’s tragic death is far more chilling.For months before his death, he had been chatting online with a notorious ‘suicide voyeur’ who is alleged to have trawled the internet looking for people who would kill themselves while he watched online.

The (not-so) brave new world of bullies - 03/19/10
The 21st-century school bully need not rely on just fists and a cruel tongue. The Internet is now part of the bully's arsenal, making cyber-bullying possible anywhere - and not just around school hours.

Car owners stranded as U.S. hacker disables more than 100 vehicles over the internet - 03/18/10
A man fired from a Texas auto dealership took revenge through the internet by remotely disabling more than 100 cars sold at his old workplace, police said yesterday.

Charlotte Mayor Foxx Talks About Harassment Email - 03/18/10
City Councilman Michael Barnes doesn't want to speculate anymore. After Mayor Anthony Foxx sent council members an email this week reminding them not to sexually harass staff members, Barnes called for an investigation, saying something happened that needs to be looked into.

Sex-Charged Cyberchat Spirals Out of Control - 03/18/10
Married 46-Year-Old Who Posed as Iraq-Bound Marine Says Online Relationship 'Became More Real to Me Than Real Life'

Facebook fights: Nothing good will come of them - 03/18/10
An amusing article today in the New York Times addresses the ever-increasing propensity for couples publicly bicker on Facebook. If there is any one single thing that illustrates exactly what it is we're losing in terms of civil society and our privacy due to these omnipresent social media sites, it's this issue. We gain very little from it, unless of course you're single and the sordid public arguments between your married or cohabiting Facebook "friends" only serves to cement your plans to remain happily unmarried.

These Days Breaking Up Is Public To Do - 03/18/10
She had planned a life with him, she was devoted to his child. They had set up house together - she loved him. But he ended the relationship. And there she was, alone and face-to-computer-screen with daily images of the man who broke her heart.

Cyberstalker Threatens Kesse Family - 03/17/10
The family of a missing Orlando woman, Jennifer Kesse, is being threatened by a man over the Internet. Tyler Green, 28, is accused of making frightening phone calls to the Kesse family.

TriMet union leader says fired driver behind cyber-attacks - 03/17/10
On a cold night in January 2009, TriMet union president Jonathan Hunt found himself standing outside his Beaverton home, dressed in a bathrobe and arguing with a taxi driver. "It was 2 a.m.," Hunt recalled. "The driver insisted that someone with my name had called for a ride to the airport. I told him it had to be a mistake."

Online piracy 'cost 39k jobs' - 03/17/10
ILLEGAL downloading 'lost Britain £1.4bn in retail revenue in 2008 - and 39,000 jobs'

Lords pass controversial internet piracy bill - 03/16/10
Legislation to tackle internet piracy, including bans for illegal file-sharers, has been passed by the Lords. The Digital Economy Bill is now expected to be rushed through the Commons before the general election.

Mafia hitman called 'Scarface' tracked down 'because he used Facebook too much' - 03/16/10
One of Italy's most wanted Mafia suspects has been arrested after being tracked down via his Facebook account.

Dramatica owner could face charges - 03/16/10
The US-based owner of a satirical Wikipedia-style website may be charged under Australian law over a deliberately offensive article about Aborigines.

FBI using Facebook in fight against crime - 03/16/10
Any criminals dumb enough to brag about their exploits on social networking sites have now been warned: the next Facebook "friend" who contacts you may be an FBI agent.

Web Site Libel, Round II -03/16/10
Margaret J. Freund is appealing a Richmond Circuit Court judge’s decision to strike down the lawsuit she filed against a Richmond Web developer and several Internet domain firms, in which she charges that she was defamed.


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