True Crime Online Newsletter - August 4, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Mom sells daughter's Katy Perry tickets on Facebook to teach her a lesson
A North Dakota mother was so upset with her daughter's poor behavior that she went on Facebook to get rid of her concert tickets. Cindy Bjerke posted her 18-year-old daughter's Katy Perry tickets on the Fargo Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page to teach her a lesson. Bjerke called the girl a "spoiled brat" who "doesn't deserve these tickets." The Perry concert is scheduled for August 23. "I was not going to give her these tickets. I was not going to let her go to the concert with the behavior she's been doing," Bjerke told WDAZ. The tickets were worth $110, but Bjerke undersold them for $90. Some people were critical of Bjerke's very public parenting style, but she is sticking by her decision to use social media as a teaching vessel. "I think a lot of parents are like me and feel they are being bullied over how they should parent their own children," she said.

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St Ives man allegedly stalked American billionaire's daughter Haley Meijer - 08/04/14
AMERICAN billionaire’s daughter Haley Meijer was the alleged victim of a stalking by a St Ives man who was married to her, Truro magistrates heard. James Michael Casbolt, 37, of Windsor Terrace, St Ives, entered no plea to an allegation of stalking her, causing her alarm or distress, sending mass e-mails containing photographs and videos of her to family and friends and posting them on the Internet for public viewing, during October and July.

Naked images are hackers' new ploy - 08/03/14
The email terrified the young mother. "What if I told you I had pics of you?" the anonymous writer asked. "Like a lot. Would you send me more?" "They were pretty x-rated," he added. To prove he wasn't bluffing, the mysterious emailer sent four naked or suggestive photographs of the woman, which had been stored in a laptop computer stolen in a recent burglary of her New Hampshire apartment. He threatened to publish them if she didn't send him more explicit ones.

Stalker in Mitaka murder case sentenced to 22 years - 08/02/14
The Tokyo District Court on Friday sentenced a 22-year-old man to 22 years in prison for fatally stabbing his teenage ex-girlfriend last October in a high-profile stalking case that sparked allegations of incompetence in the Mitaka Police Department.

International cyber bully hit with 181 charges including criminal harassment and identity fraud - 08/02/14
Canadian police has arrested a cyber bully that was subject of an international investigation involving the UK, US and Canada into crimes that date back over 12 years. The Toronto Star reports that an unemployed man from the country’s capital Ottawa has been charged with 181 counts relating to a wide scale cyber bullying and harassment network that covered as many as 38 victims.

Criminals are lying to Google to cover-up their past crimes using 'right to be forgotten' rules, company lawyer reveals - 08/01/14
Criminals are abusing so-called 'right to be forgotten' rules in a bid to cover up their past crimes, it emerged today. A European court ruling has ordered that search engine Google remove links to webpages which people claim are no longer relevant. The move - which has seen the company inundated with nearly 100,000 requests to remove search results - has been widely criticised as unacceptable censorship of the internet.

Stalker bombarded young prostitute with thousands of calls, text messages - 08/01/14
A JEALOUS delivery driver became so infatuated with a young prostitute he sent her hundreds of threatening texts on a gifted phone, then monitored it to harass and make bomb threats that were falsely attributed to her other customers. Theofillus Sugiaman, 41, was jailed for the maximum term of seven years in the District Court in Brisbane today after pleading guilty to an extraordinary period of unlawful stalking in which he made some 10,636 threatening phone calls to a 21-year-old prostitute in just six weeks.

‘Facebook fiend’ walks free after terrorising former fiancée - 08/01/14
n the absence of a proper legal framework to check crimes committed online, nearly all those accused of harassment, cyber attacks or leaking ‘private’ material, manage to escape prosecution. Recently, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) freed a young man – accused of uploading compromising photographs of his former fiancée – on bail because the prosecution did not have sufficient evidence to incriminate him.

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan calls police after stalking terror - 07/31/14
A source told the Daily Star: "The person was publishing her phone number and her home address online, as well as impersonating her on Snapchat. "It's causing real emotional upset to Holly." According to the newspaper, officers from Cleveland Police are investigating the allegations. Holly, from Newcastle, was 18 when she first found fame in Geordie Shore in 2011. The star and her cast mates are now filming the ninth series of the MTV reality show and their faces are known the world over.

Language school blogger fired after boss confuses homophones with homophobes and accuses him of 'promoting gay agenda' - 07/31/14
A blogger for a school in Utah has lost his job after he wrote a post explaining what a homophone is and his boss accused him of promoting a gay agenda. Until his recent dismissal, Tim Torkildson worked as a social media strategist for the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo, a private language school which aims to help students with their English.

Sheer 'hell' for cyber-stalking victim - 07/31/14
Virtual terror leaves real scars, says one of the string of women a 29-year-old man is accused of cyber-stalking under the alias Scotty Toppers. "I've basically been a victim for three years," said the woman who reported that someone she believes hacked her e-mail impersonated her on Facebook over and over again.

Rochford tattooist arrested on suspicion of online harassment: Conspiracy theorist Chris Spivey claimed Lee Rigby death was a hoax - 07/31/14
A BLOGGER who claimed online that the murder of soldier Lee Rigby had been a hoax has been arrested on suspicion of harassment. Tattoo artist Christopher Spivey, 51, from Rochford, was arrested after police raided his home and took away computer equipment in the early hours yesterday.

Google Faces Thai Criminal Case For Not Shutting Down Blogger - 07/31/14
Google’s founders, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and its entire board have been named as criminal defendants in a case in Thailand. The case arises under that country’s “Computer Crimes Act.” David Hanks and Brian Goudie filed the criminal complaint after Google was non-responsive to requests to remove defamatory material from a blog hosted by the company on its Blogger platform.

NBA player uses social media followers to track down man who allegedly killed his aunt - 07/30/14
California police arrested a man who allegedly murdered the aunt of NBA player Matt Barnes after the Los Angeles Clippers small forward appealed to his social media followers to help track down the suspected killer. The suspect, Michael Williams, allegedly killed Barnes' 48-year-old aunt Tanganyika Hoover by slashing her throat.

FBI Arrests Woman Allegedly Stalking Soundgarden's Chris Cornell - 07/30/14
Late last week, the FBI arrested 32-year-old Jessica Leigh Robbins of Tampa for allegedly harassing Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell online and charged her with stalking. Tampa Bay Times reports that Cornell and his wife believed that Robbins entered their Miami home last year and, more recently, pulled their children out of New York public schools out of fear that the woman would hurt them.

'Purge' incidents sexually exploit local teens - 07/29/14
WINK News has new information about a frightening social media trend that's sexually exploiting children in Collier County. Detectives say teenagers are posting naked pictures of other teens on Instagram. Some of the girls are so distraught, some of them have talked about suicide. "If you don't think your kid is on there doing something think again," said Sgt. Wade Williams with the Collier County Sheriff's Office.

Hillside teen pleads guilty to sending threatening Facebook message - 07/29/14
A 15-year-old Hillside girl, who pleaded guilty to sending a Facebook message in which she threatened to kill a former classmate, will serve a year of probation and perform 15 hours of community service, authorities announced yesterday.


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