True Crime Online Newsletter - August 18, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Online security service starts selling Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin cat-scratch posts
An online security service provider called has launched a campaign to help combat Internet censorship. Dubbed The Pussycat Riot after the Russian punk group, the initiative is selling cat-scratch posts emblazoned with the faces of either North Korean leader Kim Jong Un or Russian President Vladimir Putin. The handcrafted posts sell for $7,500 and each took teams of artists more than 200 hours to finish.

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Unwanted sexting? There’s an app for that - 08/18/14
The Child Exploitation Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada is taking a novel approach to tackling underage sexting and online harassment. Send This Instead is an app which provides users with a range of snappy retorts to requests or pressure for explicit images. Once installed, a user can select from a range of slogans and images loaded on the app and send them back to unwanted suitors.

Bay City man posts nude photos of ex on Facebook, says lawyer OKed it - 08/18/14
Police are alleging a Bay City man persistently harassed his ex-girlfriend via the Internet, posting nude photos of her on Facebook in an attempt to drive her to suicide. The afternoon of Thursday, July 31, a woman visited the Bay City police station and spoke with an officer regarding her 34-year-old ex, Chad A. Monroe, not leaving her alone. The woman said she had his phone number blocked, but he kept calling and sending her text messages and messages on Facebook, court records show.

Women - keep off the internet - 08/17/14
piece of advice? If you'd like to engage with the world of social media without suffering harassment, abuse or threats of physical or sexual violence then don't out yourself as a . . . what? A racist with a fetish for women's clothes? A Tea Party supporter? A member of the Golden Dawn or the KKK? A Unitarian or a Jew? Nope, none of the above. If you don't want to receive bullying abuse online then don't let anyone know that you're a . . . woman. \

'My name is Robert and I am looking for females to write to': One of Australia's most notorious serial killers posts online ad appealing for women friends - 08/17/14
He is one of Australia's most notorious murderers, torturing and killing 10 people in a bloody spree for which he has never shown remorse. But now Snowtown serial killer Robert Wagner has made an astonishing appeal for 'female friends' to write to him in the cell at Yatala Labour Prison, in South Australia, where he is serving ten life sentences with no chance of parole. 'Hi, my name is Robert and I'm looking for females to write to,' the 42-year-old states on the website 'Feel free to ask me anything and I'll reply as honestly as possible.'

From Scottish aristocrat to Texas jailbird: How the daughter of alcoholic housewife from Alaska lived out Cinderella story by marrying a lord before turning to a life of crime in US as Internet con artist - 08/17/14
The rags-to-riches story of a poor girl from Alaska who became the wife of a Scottish lord has come full circle when Amanda Bruce Grimes landed behind bars in Texas earlier this year. But for the attractive, blonde mother of three who for a time was known in Scotland as Lady Bruce, the April arrest on credit card theft charges was only the latest in a long series of run-ins with the law.

Detective sacked for harassing ex lover... but escapes jail - 08/16/14
A disgraced detective convicted of harassing her policeman ex-lover has avoided jail... but has been sacked by her force. Lucy Worthington, 28, sent a string of text messages, letters and voicemail messages to a fellow officer and his wife after the end of a six-month affair. She was sacked for gross misconduct this week ahead of a sentencing hearing, where she was fined for the offence.

Former UMKC Student Pleads Guilty to Cyberstalking Charges - 08/16/14
A former UMKC student has pleaded guilty to charges that she cyber-stalked her former instructor. Authorities say Kenna Haight, 27, repeatedly sent an instructor threatening emails from October to December 2013. In announcing the plea, the FBI said that among the statements Haight sent her instructor were: “I keep having homicidal fantasies that me keep me up at night around you.” And, "[Y]ou may find yourself tied to your own bed in your own home begging for mercy. Or having your tongue cut out and your spinal cord cut paralyzing you for life so that you can never walk or speak again. Who knows what the universe has in store for you. If someone invades your home and cuts out your tongue…not my fault. Wishful thinking.”

Local man arrested after stalking woman online - 08/15/14
How safe are you online? After a recent arrest for cyber-stalking, it's a question Laredo Police want you to consider. Police tell us Facebook was the social media site used in this case, but there are many other sites and apps where cyber-stalking can happen too. Police say the more you use a site, the greater your chance of becoming a victim.

Rapists in India shame victims with online videos - 08/15/14
For six days, the frail 16-year old high school student did not tell anyone about how she was raped last month by two men in an abandoned home far away from her neighbourhood in New Delhi. "I was afraid. While I was being raped, another man pointed a gun and recorded me with his cellphone camera," the teenager recalled, sitting crouched in her New Delhi home and running her finger over the tiny "Om" tattooed on her hand. "He said he will upload the film on the net if I tell my family or the police."

Florida man charged with stalking local woman - 08/14/14
A Florida man has been charged with stalking a Port Orchard woman. Wesley James Stephenson, 41, of Jacksonville, was charged Aug. 6, in Kitsap County District Court. He was arrested and booked into the Kitsap County Jail on Aug. 11. Bail was set at $100,000. Charging papers stated that the female victim told a Port Orchard police investigator on April 25 that she found a GPS tracking devise attached to her car. She reported that her and her ex-husband had been receiving phone calls from an unknown person who disguised his voice. Both the woman and man, along with their parents, had been receiving calls.

Hudson Woman Charged with Cyberstalking - 08/14/14
26-year-old Amber May-Brandt Marley of Ebberle Way in Hudson was arrested by Caldwell Co. Sheriff’s Officers yesterday (August 13) for cyberstalking and making harassing phone calls. She was also charged with a probation violation and with failure to appear. Marley is on probation as she serves a 30-month suspended sentence following a December 2013 conviction in Lincoln County for felony larceny.

Cop gets probation for cyberstalking ex-wife - 08/14/14!bFzYte
State Attorney General Peter Kilmartin says a Barrington police sergeant has been sentenced to probation and resigned from his job after pleading guilty to cyberstalking his ex-wife and obstructing justice. Joseph Andreozzi, 47, of Pawtucket entered the pleas Wednesday in Providence Superior Court. Judge Susan McGuirl ordered him to undergo domestic violence counseling and have no contact with his ex-wife.

Facebook won't shut down page shaming 'People of the Iowa State Fair' - 08/14/14
Facebook will not be shutting down a page on its site that has ostensibly been set up to shame people who attend the state fair in Iowa. According to the social media site, the "People of the Iowa State Fair" page does not "violate community standards."

How the Law Is Standing Up to Cyberstalking - 08/13/14
Leandra Ramm is a survivor of a crime that has been called “psychological terrorism”. A mezzo-soprano by training, the New Yorker spent most of her 20s trying to escape from the clutches of a cyberstalker thousands of kilometres away in Singapore. Posing as a director of a music festival, Colin Mak Yew Loong first contacted Ramm in the United States in 2005 and promised to help further her music career.

Juvenile arrested in cyber bullying case - 08/13/14
A juvenile has been arrested by the Demopolis Police Department after an investigation that involved Internet harassment. The case involved using false identities on Internet chat sites with the intent to harass and annoy several area youth. The DPD Criminal Investigation Division conducted the investigation.

Ohio Granny Harrassed Over Pics Of Pacifier Duct-Taped To Baby's Mouth - 08/13/14
A grandmother in Ohio wants the public to know she is not a terrible person after facing backlash over photographs of her baby granddaughter with a pacifier duct-taped to her mouth, WBNS-TV reported Wednesday. Jackie Sheaks, of Columbus, said it was just a harmless joke when she placed duct tape around the pacifier in the baby girl's mouth, took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook.

French Quarter shooter was facing cyberstalking, domestic violence charges - 08/12/14
A Crowley man who shot himself to death Sunday at a New Orleans hotel had been arrested in Lafayette and accused of cyber-stalking a former girlfriend and of hitting her during an argument. New Orleans police identified him as Bajkanwar Aulakh, 20, whose trial for one count of cyber-stalking was scheduled to begin Monday at the Lafayette Parish Courthouse.

Several teens additionally charged in Little Falls sexting investigation - 08/12/14
Several teens have been additionally charged when police concluded an in-depth investigation arising from two teens being arrested for "sexting" earlier in the year. According to Detective Sgt. James Briggs, the teens were charged with second-degree distribution of child pornography and fourth degree possession of child pornography, which stemmed from a series of text messages, hacking and "selfies."

Stalkers don’t stop, but arming victims would help - 08/11/14
Taylor Woolrich, a 20-year-old Dartmouth College student, who has been stalked for the past four years, has asked for an exception to the usual firearm licensing and carry prohibition at Dartmouth. She has so far been refused. She’s afraid of 67-year-old Richard Bennett, who lives near her family in San Diego. He has persistently harassed her there in person, and via the Internet since she began college in 2012. She was able to have him arrested for approaching her again at home.


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