True Crime Online Newsletter - May 27, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bully learns lesson from thrift-shop clothes

A Utah woman who found out her daughter was teasing a schoolmate about her clothes said she taught the girl a lesson using clothing from a thrift shop.

The Murray woman, identified only as Ally to protect the identity of the girl, Kaylee, said she devised the punishment for the elementary school student after receiving an email from the girl's teacher saying Kaylee had been bullying another girl, KSTU-TV, Salt Lake City, reported Tuesday.

"She would take her out on the playground and call her names, and tell her she was a slob and tell her she dressed like a sleaze," Ally said. "Someone not wanting to go to school anymore based off of something that one other little person said to them -- I mean, that's huge, that's damaging."

Ally said she is not Kaylee's biological mother but is in a long-term relationship with the girl's father, who has custody. The father said Ally and Kaylee have a mother-daughter relationship.

Ally said she bought about $50 worth of clothing and sneakers she knew Kaylee would not like at a local thrift shop and made the girl wear the clothes to school for two days.

Kaylee said she heard other students talking about her behind her back when she wore the clothes. She said she learned her lesson.

"Because it's [teasing is] stupid and it's mean. It hurts them," she said.

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SUNY Student Faces Internet Extortion and Cyber Stalking Charges - 05/24/13
Adam Savader, a 21-year-old science student from the State University of New York Farmingdale and a former Republican Party campaign intern, was arrested late last month and charged with internet extortion and cyber stalking 15 young women.

New York man is granted bond in Michigan cyberstalking case - 05/24/13
A 21-year-old New York man has been released after a month in custody on cyberstalking charges filed in Detroit. Adam Savader (suh-VAH’-dur) of Great Neck, N.Y., is charged with cyberstalking and extortion through the Internet. He’s accused of threatening to release nude photos of young women unless they sent some to him. Many are college students who know him.

A New York City woman has been sentenced to probation for stalking actress Marion Cotillard on the Internet. Teresa Yuan was sentenced Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court. She pleaded guilty last fall. Prosecutors said Yuan sent 504 emails and 120 webcam videos of herself to a Cotillard fan website in 2011.

Jump on a Manatee’s Back, Go to Federal Prison - 05/23/13
Of all the dumb things you can film yourself doing, jumping on top of a manatee is one of the dumbest. Yes, manatees sort of look like gigantic living sea pillows. But they’re not, and jumping on top of them will not result in a fluffy, comfortable experience. Instead, it will result in possible bodily harm for the manatee and a possible prison sentence for the thoughtless jumper.

Humor or harassment? Marine Corps leadership targets salty Facebook sites - 05/22/13
The trouble for Lance Cpl. H started when she checked her Facebook account one day last year to find nearly 50 new friend requests from male Marines she didn’t know. Her inbox started blowing up with messages, many of them overtly sexual, from users hitting on her or asking her for a date.

Freeport police arrest man for cyber stalking - 05/22/13
Freeport police on May 21, arrested Larry Stoops, 34, of Rockford on a felony charge of cyber stalking. Police allege that Stoops on Feb. 23, knowingly engaged electronic content that caused personal distress.

Smartphone images can reveal more than just pictures - 05/22/13
Most people know that cell phones can be used as a tracking device, but the advanced technology of many smartphones has given a whole new meaning to cyber-stalking. What many parents may not realize is that when they take a picture with their smartphone and post it to a social media site, they may be broadcasting more than just an image to the world.

Little Compton Man Charged With Cyberstalking - 05/22/13
Phillip Keefe, 36, of Little Compton, was arrested on May 17 at 7:30 p.m. after he turned himself in at police headquarters. Keefe was wanted by Little Compton police on an outstanding warrant. Following several months of investigation, police charged Keefe with three counts of cyberstalking.

Deputies search for gun-wielding cyberstalker - 05/21/13
Authorities are asking for the public's help in tracking down a wanted man. The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office said Michael Weathers, 26, of Baton Rouge is wanted on charges of cyberstalking, illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm.


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