True Crime Online Newsletter - May 20, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bing adds Klingon to translation tool

U.S. software giant Microsoft has added "Klingon" to its Bing translator to celebrate this week's release of "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

The search engine partnered with Marc Okrand, the creator of the fictional language, to add the alien tongue to the translation tool, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Selecting Klingon on Bing causes a line to pop up indicating partnerships with Paramount and the non-profit Klingon Language Institute.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)
Cyber bullying cases pass to private investigators - 05/21/13
POLICE are referring cases of Facebook cyber bullying to private investigators, telling them they neither have the time nor the expertise to deal with complaints from parents. Private investigators receive countless tip-offs from police through unofficial channels asking them to step in and solve cyber bullying crimes.

FBI arrests Puerto Rico man for Twitter threat against well-known gay activist on island - 05/20/13
A man has been arrested in Puerto Rico for a Twitter post that threatened a gay activist and made a reference to the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI said Monday. Joseph Morales Serrano was taken into custody at his home in San Juan on a charge of cyberbullying for allegedly posting the threatening message on May 6, according to Special Agent Moises Quinones, a spokesman for the FBI in the U.S. island territory.

Indian policeman says 23 fake Facebook profiles opened in his name - 05/20/13
A police officer in India says 23 fake Facebook profiles were created in his name by persons unknown and they have been flooded with marriage requests. The officer, Shivdeep Waman Lande, who is currently posted as aide-de-camp to the Bihar governor, filed a formal complaint with the office of senior superintendent of police in Patna Manu Maharaj Saturday, Gulf News reported.

Google Maps helps man find parents 23 years after he was abducted - 05/17/13
A Chinese man who was abducted as a child about 23 years ago said he was able to find his family with the help of Google Maps. Luo Gang said he was abducted at age 5 near his school and raised by adoptive parents in Sanming, Fujian province -- and all he could remember about his hometown was that it had two bridges, The Daily Telegraph, Britain, reported Friday.

Waitress fired for Facebook picture of deputies - 05/16/13
An Oklahoma Chili's said a waitress was fired for a Facebook photo of police dining at the eatery with a caption saying they "better hope I'm not their server." Piedmont Police and Oklahoma County sheriff's deputies said they were concerned when Ashley Warden posted a picture to her Facebook page of a group of deputies dining at the Oklahoma City restaurant, WFOR-TV, Oklahoma City, reported Thursday.

The ugly side of social media, school punishment for cyberbullying - 05/16/13
The method of punishment for bad behavior on social media, it's something a Charleston County school board member said needs to be addressed. This comes after the board had to intervene for the first time last week punishing a student for posting a racial slur on Twitter. The definition of cyberbullying sometimes depends on who you ask.

Howard Stern Threatens to "Go to War" With Cyberbullies Mocking His Family - 05/16/13
Howard Stern isn’t a man who minces words, so when cyberbullies started attacking his family, he was more than ready to fight back. Radar Online reports that some of the shock jock’s fans have turned against him for allegedly going soft and are taking to Twitter and other online forums to lash out against both Howard and his family.

Seen At 11: Adult Bullies Take Their Stalking Online - 05/16/13
Imagine being bombarded by threatening emails or text messages on a regular basis, or finding out that someone has been posting disturbing photos or lies about you on the Internet. Cyber stalking is a growing and dangerous trend that has many people living in fear.

Could 'trolling' constitute 'cyber-stalking?' - 05/16/13
Bad reviews are a potential deal breaker for any business, product or person. But what if that person who wrote the review never tried the product? Could there be legal consequences? That's the question an independent writer in Goodview is asking himself after a handful of bad reviews on his books. In one review, the person admits to never even reading his book. Do false reviews violate any laws? Rick Carufel thinks it does.

Internet Evolution Reports on Cyberstalking Victim's Campaign to Get LinkedIn to Protect Users - 05/16/13
More than 6 million Americans are victims of stalking every year. One of those victims wants LinkedIn to do more to help stop cyberstalkers. After being sexually assaulted at work, Anna Rihtar quit the job she loved to avoid her attacker. And, like many unemployed people, she turned to LinkedIn to find work. But Rihtar's attacker followed her online. In addition to phoning, emailing, and pursuing Rihtar on Facebook and Twitter, he began cyberstalking her on LinkedIn, leaving messages that were alternately flirtatious and threatening.

Revisiting ‘Star Wars Kid’: Story inspires debate on cyberbullying - 05/14/13
Ten years ago, he was known as the “Star Wars Kid” and the subject of unwanted media attention. Now the world knows him better as Ghyslain Raza. Since granting his first interview in a decade, Raza has emerged something of a hero as his story inspires debate about online bullying and the impunity of the message board. Raza’s story, which appears in the current print edition of Maclean’s and L’actualit√©, has spread to the U.S., U.K., France and Australia. It has been shared widely on Facebook and Twitter, sites that didn’t exist when he was thrust into the spotlight as the butt of a viral video joke. Now he’s drawing praise instead of laughter.


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