True Crime Online Newsletter - May 13, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Horse-riding goats common occurrence, owner says

A Canadian farm owner says horse-riding goats are a common sight on her farm.

Angie Power's horse-riding pygmy goats were recently featured riding her Arabian horse in a video put out by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, CBC News reported.

"The goats like to always, of course, be close to the horse, and when she lies down, they lie down on her back," Power said. "And, of course, goats being goats -- you know, they're pretty sure-footed little things -- [the horse] gets up and most of the time they'll just stay on and go for a ride around the farm."

Power said people from the tourism department happened to be driving by her farm and see one of the goats on the horse.

"They thought it was remarkable -- they had never seen anything like it," she said. "So they asked could they come in and spend the day filming and they did, it was wonderful."

To get the goats down, the horse gives them a gentle jostle, Power said.

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'A true stalker': Ex-Aston Villa goalkeeper, 32, condemned by judge for destroying ex-girlfriend's life with relentless emails, turning up at her office and even booking a holiday for them both - 05/13/13
A former Aston Villa goalkeeper relentlessly harassed his ex-girlfriend after she broke up with him, booking a holiday for them both and even turning up at her office, a court heard. Ex-England youth international Matthew Ghent was branded a 'true stalker' by a judge after he admitted harassing the probation officer, with whom he had a six-month relationship after meeting her on a dating website.

Woman, 51, stalked Metal Mulisha rider, police say - 05/11/13
Police say they have identified an online stalker who posted dozens of bizarre, threatening comments about Brian Deegan, a member of the Temecula-based freestyle motocross team Metal Mulisha. Riverside County sheriff’s officials said Friday, May 10, that they don’t expect the 51-year-old Menifee woman to face criminal charges because she appears to be mentally ill. Sgt. Kevin McDonald said the woman thought she was channeling the spirit of a dead motocross rider.

Husband, 36, murdered new bride, 44, just days after they married before embarking on 31-month round-the-world trip with £65,000 of her savings - 05/11/13
Smiling for the camera, they appear like any other happy newlyweds, ready to embark on their life together. But a week after this picture was taken, Jamie Starbuck had killed and dismembered wife Debbie, ready to embark on a £65,000 round-the-world trip paid for with her inheritance. Starbuck – who brazenly charted his globetrotting adventures in a blog entitled Diary of a Misanthrope – was yesterday starting a life sentence after admitting the murder of his 44-year-old wife.

Amazon drugs row: Fury as deadly 'legal highs' which can trigger psychotic episodes on sale online - 05/10/13
Deadly ‘legal highs’ are being sold on Amazon. Despite warnings from campaigners, the online shop is selling salvia and describing it as ‘more powerful than LSD’. Nitrous oxide and poppers, which can be similarly lethal, are on sale as well. Maryon Stewart, whose daughter Hester died after taking the drug GBL, wrote to Amazon last month, asking it to withdraw the products along with drug pipes, bongs and scales.

Trenton man found guilty of using Myspace to plan execution-style gang killing - 05/10/13
One down, three to go -- that was the message relayed by victorious Mercer County assistant prosecutors yesterday after a jury found Trenton man Keith Williams guilty of plotting a gang killing on social media site Myspace. Williams and three other men were charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the 2008 shooting death of Arrell Bell, and Williams’ conviction marks the end of the first trial.

Hopkinton police arrest man on cyber stalking warrant - 05/10/13
Zachery M. Austin, of Westerly, was arrested May 4 on a cyber stalking warrant and transported to Hopkinton, where the complaint against him was made. Leslie R. Wright filed a complaint with Hopkinton police on March 22, stating that Austin had sent her a false text message stating that her daughter, Alexa, had fallen and was in the hospital.

Devastated father discovered his 13-year-old son had been killed in car accident when £30,000-a-year boarding school posted tragic news on its website - 05/10/13
A father learned that his 13-year-old son had been killed in a road accident when the boy’s public school announced it on its website. William Avery-Wright had been knocked down by a Land Rover as he crossed a main road on his way to rugby practice.

Lee David Clayworth, Lee Ching Yan [PHOTOS]: Former Canadian Teacher Cyber-Stalked & Harassed By Ex-Girlfriend, Can't Get Job Due to Leaked Photos - 05/09/13
Lee David Clayworth, a 35-year-old Canadian teacher, claims that his ex-girlfriend Lee Ching Yan has been ruthlessly cyber-stalking and harassing him after she stole his laptop. The two dated for several months in 2010 when Clayworth was working in Malaysia, but after they broke up he says she broke into his apartment, stole his computer, and started posting nude and personal photos online in an attempt to tarnish his name. As a result, Clayworth cannot get a job and he believes that his Internet identity has been compromised.

Sainsbury girls nab kidnap fugitive boss - 05/09/13
A US fugitive kidnapper lying low while working here as a Sainsbury’s boss was nailed ­ by two checkout girls he upset. They Googled Sean Lopes ­ to find he fled 15 years’ jail and was once among New York’s most wanted villains. Lopes, 47, used a gun and knife to hold his ex, 22, hostage but escaped before his 2005 conviction ­ initially to Trinidad.

Principal suspends teen for Instagramming her mug shot -05/09/13
I'm thinking of renaming this blog Technically HighSchoolWrecked. No sooner does one odd controversy erupt in our teen education centers than another appears like a tardy bus. The latest is a tale from Georgia. Please sit back. You may enjoy this. An enterprising young man named Keandre Varner thought he'd discover whether his high school principal was, or ever had been, a criminal. What joy, perhaps, for him to discover that there existed a mugshot of Jamille Miller Brown, principal of Riverdale High School, in Georgia.

Doctor accused of attacking girlfriend over Facebook post - 05/08/13
A South Florida doctor was accused Wednesday of aggravated battery on his girlfriend after an argument last month over a Facebook post. Orlando Llorente, 41, was charged with one count attempted murder and kidnapping after police say he abused Leeanne Sauma, 36, on April 21, for about 16 hours, water-boarding her continuously until she lost consciousness in their apartment near Southwest 12th Street in the Brickell area.

UL student charged with cyberstalking - 05/08/13
A University of Louisiana at Lafayette student has been arrested and charged with stalking and cyberstalking after UL police said he failed to heed warnings to stop following and texting a female student. Victor Manuel Bermudez-Silva, 20, was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center before being released on a $5,000 bond.


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