Net Crimes Newsletter - December 17, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Contest over: We have the headline of the year

Sandusky Register design desk chief Mike Schaffer gets the credit for this headline. “It was a no-brainer,” he says. “That song title popped into my head right away. …We were joking about it in the newsroom, saying things like, He’s lost that loving feeling. We’ve had a lot of fun with it.”

Schaffer, 47, says of Hall and Oates: “I’ve seen them in concert before; I know all of their songs. Some of the younger people in the newsroom didn’t get it.”

Emil Whitis, the 27-year-old reporter who wrote the story, was one of them.

“I’d never heard of them,” he says. “The sheriff deputies were rolling with laughter and I didn’t get it. Then they played the song for me.”

Whitis’ story ran on A2, but had a page one teaser ­ with the suspect’s mug shot ­ that read “Watch out, here he comes!”

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Who's Controlling Your Computer? - 12/17/12
Is your computer running great even though you haven't done any updates lately? Maybe someone else is doing them for you...a Bot Master. Recently the Feds broke up a cyber crime ring dubbed The Butterfly Botnet. They say the thieves were controlling 11 million computers and stealing bank account, credit card and other personal information that may be responsible for $850 million dollars in losses.

Woman accuses former online friend of stalking/harassment - 12/14/12
A Newport woman said a man she was initially friends with on Facebook has managed to find out where she lives and followed her around, the Cocke County Sheriff's Office reported. Penny Valentine, 42, of Branch Drive, in Newport, said in June or July, she started out as friends with the offender on Facebook, Deputy Sheriff Michael Whitmer reported.

Woman sues paper over picture, 'sex' headline - 12/14/12
A Swedish woman is suing tabloid Expressen for publishing a picture of her with a headline saying she was using her phone "to meet up for sex."

Officials warn of online pitfalls - 12/14/12
Cyberspace. It's where we shop, bank and connect. For all the convenience that comes with accessing boundless information and loved ones with a tap of the keyboard, there also are pitfalls.

Cyberbullying suspect appears in court for violating conditions of release, gets tougher conditions - 12/14/12
The 16-year-old former Orono High School student charged last month with felony terrorizing and harassment by electronic communication has violated the conditions of her release and now is subject to stricter conditions, a Penobscot County assistant district attorney confirmed Friday. The charges stem from dozens of threatening, anonymous messages the teenager, formerly of Veazie, posted beginning in September on an Internet account of a former classmate she thought was flirting with her boyfriend, police said.

Cyberbullying may have played role in Pasco girl's suicide - 12/13/12
Pasco County school district plans to increase efforts to address teen suicide and bullying after a 16-year-old Fivay High School student hanged herself over the weekend. Although an investigation by school officials and the Pasco County Sheriff's Office turned up no evidence that Jessica Laney was bullied at the high school, Assistant Superintendent Ray Gadd said that suicide and bullying are issues the district wants to "redouble our efforts to do something about."

Think twice when accessing e-mail at workplace - 12/13/12
It is easy to forget the power of “send.” In a world where Twitter and Facebook grab headlines, it’s easy for e-mail to fade quietly into the background of daily life. A reliable workhorse of office communication, e-mail has become such an ordinary part of a work routine that the dangers that come with it are easy to overlook.

Ruling in cyber-stalking case troubles radio host - 12/13/12
A radio show host at an Amsterdam station is aghast at a federal judge's decision to allow home detention back in Florida for a man accused of tormenting her with life-threatening letters.

Fairbanks restaurant manager quits after Facebook blast at military discounts - 12/13/12
A restaurant manager who described expectations from military members for meal discounts as "pathetic" has quit after his Facebook post went viral. Dusty Westbrook resigned earlier this week from Boston's The Gourmet Pizza franchise in Fairbanks, which is home to two large military bases.

'Project Blitzkrieg': Are Russian cybercriminals about to invade US banks? - 12/13/12
In one of the most ambitious cyber-bank-heist plots ever uncovered, Russian cybercriminals plan to use a mass of fake wire transfers to steal millions from 30 big US financial institutions, possibly before spring 2013, security researchers say.

The next time Gold Bar resident Christopher Wright is at a movie and hears the leading man Rory Handsome utter the line, “Desperado Dan got off on a technicality!” Wright will know exactly what Rory means. The former Gold Bar city council person was denied a restraining order Tuesday by a judge on a technicality; a restraining order against a woman he claims sent him unsolicited and threatening emails.

FBI arrest Facebook 'cybercrime ring' after they 'infected 11m computers with viruses and stole £525million' - 12/12/12
Facebook has helped the FBI to bust an international hacking ring that stole more than £525million from unsuspecting computer users. The gang are said to have infected 11million computers with spyware that stole credit card numbers and bank details to net one of the largest cybercrime hauls in history.

Former British Library manager, 29, jumped 80ft to her death from exclusive restaurant after her Western lifestyle was revealed on Facebook and exposed to strict Muslim parents - 12/12/12
A woman leapt to her death from a City rooftop restaurant after a Facebook stalker exposed her westernised lifestyle to her Muslim parents. Rema Begum, 29, plunged 80ft from the terrace of Coq d’Argent after sipping a glass of wine and climbing on to a ledge.

Gun-selling website faces lawsuit in woman's shooting death - 12/12/12
The family of a woman who was murdered last year by a stalker wielding a .40-caliber handgun bought illegally on the internet is suing the gun website through which the firearm was procured for allegedly causing the shooting.

Black Meteorologist Fired For Responding to Facebook Question About Her ‘Ethnic Hair’ - 12/11/12
This is seriously ridiculous and pretty damn racist. Rhonda A. Lee, a meteorologist at KTBS-TV, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, LA, was fired for (very politely) responding to (inane) Facebook comments about her hair.

Why Are Dead People Liking Stuff On Facebook? - 12/11/12
Last month, while wasting a few moments on Facebook, my pal Brendan O’Malley was surprised to see that his old friend Alex Gomez had “liked” Discover. This was surprising not only because Alex hated mega-corporations but even more so because Alex had passed away six months earlier.


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