True Crime Newsletter - December 31, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Authorities probe game character theft

Authorities in Turkey said they are investigating after a college student reported someone hacked his Knight Online game account and stole his character.

Ahmet Kaya, 18, of Kutahya province, said he spent eight years developing his character in the multiplayer role-playing game and he eventually decided to put the character up for sale, Hurriyet Daily News/Dogan News Agency reported Thursday.

"My character costs about 2,500 Turkish Liras ($1,396.96) in the market, but I needed money urgently, so I was selling it for 600 Turkish Liras ($335.27)," Kaya said.

The student said he received an email and a phone call from an interested buyer, but he soon discovered his email account information had been stolen and the perpetrator used the information to access his account in the game and steal his character.

The public prosecutor of the Tavsanli district said the case is being investigated on suspicion of "hindering, spoiling, effacing or modifying of an information system."

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YouTube cancels billions of music industry video views after finding they were fake or 'dead' - 12/31/12
The world's biggest recording companies have been stripped of two billion YouTube hits after the website cracked down on alleged 'fake' and 'dead' views.

Using Twitter hurts athletes' performance, says Lord Coe as he attacks Olympic failures - 12/30/12
Lord Coe has attacked sports stars who use Twitter too much, saying it is linked to ‘underperformance’. The Olympics organiser, who has been made a Companion of Honour in the New Year honours list, said he found it ‘bizarre’ that athletes spent their time writing banal comments online during competitions instead of concentrating on winning medals.

British man 'had sex with girl, 13, in motel after grooming her online and flying to U.S. to meet her' - 12/30/12
A British man has been charged with sexual assault after he flew to America to allegedly meet a 13-year-old girl it is claimed he groomed over the internet, it has emerged today. Adam Robinson, 21, has been accused of having six sexual encounters with the teenager over the course of a week in a Californian motel.

Romeo restrained at Houston teen's home - 12/29/12
A Houston mom said when she caught a man in her daughter's room he said he had to be going, but she begged to differ and her husband held him until police came.

Woman buys fake Steelers jersey online - 12/29/12
Backup quarterback Charlie Batch's emotional win against the Baltimore Ravens this season sealed the deal for die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan Darlene Silvio. "I figured they were on sale, I wanted a Charlie Batch jersey, I've wanted one for years," she said. So Silvio clicked online and Googled "Charlie Batch jersey."

Paedophile snared by police after he takes picture of a girl at his home with shop sign in the background - 12/29/12
Police traced a paedophile to his home after the indecent picture he took of a girl had a giveaway shop sign in the background. David Mellor, 62, didn't spot he had included it when he photographed the underage girl, in his kitchen and posted the picture on the internet.

Court case query: Is Topeka man a sperm donor or father? - 12/28/12
Topekan William Marotta sought only to become a sperm donor ­ but now the state of Kansas is trying to have him declared a father. Nearly four years ago, Marotta donated sperm in a plastic cup to a lesbian couple after responding to an ad they had placed on Craigslist.

News-anchor forced to quit her job by 'aggressive' cyber-stalker who is still abusing her five years on and sends emails describing items in her bedroom - 12/28/12
A well-known news anchor has revealed she was hounded out of her job by a cyber-stalker who hacked her emails and is still sending her abusive messages.

Bug reveals 'deleted' Snapchat videos - 12/28/12
Videos sent via smartphone app Snapchat - which should disappear after a few seconds - can be preserved with easy to find tools. Snapchat has proved popular as it deletes sensitive or risque photos and videos after a short delay.

"Potential Prostitutes" site lets users label women as prostitutes, charges "removal" fees - 12/27/12
Potential Prostitutes is only the latest sleazy site to wed personal photos to public humiliation. Its offer to publicize anonymous claims of sex crimes, however, is a novelty: any woman may be be anonymously tagged as a prostitute.

Crime writer caught out posting fake online reviews of his books is now exposed trying to change his life story - 12/27/12
It is not the first time crime writer RJ Ellory has used fake identities to shape his reputation. And now the author has been accused of using pseudonyms to try to remove negative stories on his Wikipedia page. The 47-year-old has been banned from editing on the site after he tried to delete the stories from his biography.

Woman arrested twice in Dec. for cyberstalking - 12/27/12
For the second time in December, a Monroe woman was arrested for cyberstalking, according to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office. Tamara Lynn Foster, 40, 314 Ceder Brook Dr., on Wednesday reportedly sent six text messages to a man who had previously filed a complaint against her. She was arrested Dec. 7 and charged with cyberstalking and stalking. She posted a $6,500 bond.

US music student, 21, wins stalking order against pushy PARENTS who monitored her every move 'to make sure she succeeded' - 12/27/12
A music theater student has won a stalking order against her parents who admitted they installed monitoring software on her computer and phone to ensure that she succeeded. David and Julie Ireland have been ordered to have no contact with their 21-year-old daughter - their only child - before September 23, 2013 and must keep 500 feet away from her at all times.

Facebook's dirty poke app trick gets a thumbs down - 12/27/12
Several Yuletides ago, before the novelty of camera phones had worn off, a group of us spent much of Christmas doubled up with laughter after inventing 'hand porn', where we'd photograph close ups of our hands in a way that looked anything from suggestive to explicit. It was funny at the time.

5,000 people investigated by police for something they said on Facebook or Twitter as 'social network crime' soars 800% - 12/27/12
Reports of crimes involving Facebook and Twitter - such as posting abusive messages, grooming and complaints of stalking - have increased eight-fold in four years. In 2008, a total of 556 complaints were made to police, according to the statistics released by 29 police forces in a Freedom of Information request.

Ex-NFL star Chad Johnson calls in FBI to track down 'hacker' after sex tape leaks online - 12/26/12
A sex tape featuring former NFL star Chad Johnson has been leaked online and Johnson is turning to the FBI for help finding out who made the leak. Johnson, who recently separated from his wife over allegations of domestic abuse, acknowledged that he was the male in the sex tape but says he doesn't know how it ended up online, TMZ reported. He believes it may have been hacked from his phone.


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