WHO@ Newsletter - August 27, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man following GPS drives car into harbor

Officials in an Alaskan town said a man unfamiliar with the area drove his car into a harbor on the advice of his GPS unit and survived along with his two dogs.

Dave Schofield, director of the Whittier Department of Public Safety, said the man, moving to Alaska from another state, took a right turn into the town's small boat harbor about 400 feet after driving off a ferry, the Anchorage (Alaska) Daily News reported Friday.

"The GPS apparently misrouted him and he drove down the ramp for launching boats into the water," Schofield said. "He was unfamiliar with the area is the only answer I have for you."

A witness jumped into the water and smashed one of the car's windows, allowing the man and his two dogs to escape, but a cat in a pet carrier did not survive.

Schofield said a towing company pulled the car from the water.

"It was a first for us," Schofield said.
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How many Twitter followers does Lady Gaga REALLY have? British firm promises to root out the 'spambots' that don't exist - 08/27/12
In a world where big numbers mean big business, the size of a celebrity's Twitter following is of great interest to fans and advertisers alike.
But how many of the millions of Twitter users who follow stars such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are real?Most people with Twitter accounts will have been bombarded with indecipherable messages apparently sent by 'spambots' who don't exist.

Man held over harassment of Brighton woman on Facebook - 08/27/12
A man has been arrested on suspicion of harassing a Brighton woman on Facebook.The 32-year-old man from Bournville in Birmingham was arrested yesterday (Tuesday 21 August) by detectives from Brighton and Hove CID and officers from West Midlands Police.He is accused of misusing a computer to harass the woman online and has been bailed until Friday 19 October while Sussex Police detectives continue their investigation.

Web regulation will impact millions of Kiwis - 08/27/12
Two weeks ago, the Law Commission delivered its final briefing paper on harmful digital communications - what originating minister Simon Powers described as a way to regulate the wild west of the web. This final paper was fast-tracked by current minister Judith Collins. She gave the commission clear direction to crystallise its advice on the right regulatory regime for the interface between people and the web.

Lifer’s Facebook prison threats - 08/26/12
Shane Boyd, 20 ­ jailed for life after fatally stabbing Conor Black, 16 ­ managed to get on the social site despite a prison ban on internet use. Using a false name, he put up pictures showing him posing topless in his cell and grinning. The page also contained a chilling threat which read: “All them snakes will get what’s coming to them... out next year.” The page was taken down on Friday.

Watch out for the cyber snoopers - 08/26/12
THE law is struggling to keep up with the growth of social media, leaving people wide open to its darker side, says a Coast lawyer.
Every time you log onto Facebook you put yourself at risk of identity theft, cyber-stalking, burglary and personal injury. Documenting your every move on the social networking site may seem harmless, but you can never be sure who is watching.

Cyberbullying by British Tabloid of a Local Woman - 08/26/12
Imagine receiving a message or email from a friend that a picture of you not intended for mass consumption has been published on one of the world’s most popular websites. Imagine then that the picture posted of you was being used to mock a physical deformity you have.

Find out who called my child: Cyberstalking, bullying exposed - 08/26/12
In the last few years, you may have heard the words bullying or cyberstalking in the news quite a bit. With more and more people using cell phones and social networking sites online, the problem of children --or others--being harassed, propositioned, humiliated or in some way, bullied, has grown exponentially.

EuroMillions email scam falsely promises a share of couple's £148m winnings in exchange for your bank details - 08/25/12
An email scam is falsely promising people a share of the £148million fortune of EuroMillions winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford.The bogus email says the couple from Haverhill, Suffolk, wish to donate £800,000 to the recipient, even though they have never met, and need their bank details.

Twitter troll’s kid death hoax - 08/25/12
AN internet troll was being hunted yesterday after setting up a Twitter account in the name of a man accused of killing six of his kids. The site ­ @TheMickPhilpott ­ uses pictures of the children who died. The hoaxer posing as Philpott also protests his innocence and talks of breaking out of jail.

Google cheat view - 08/25/12
A MAN suspected of nicking a caravan was arrested after the owner’s son spotted him on Google Street View. The £12,000 trailer was stolen from outside the home of David Soanes, 47, and wife Rebecca, 42. It appeared that the crime would go unsolved as cops failed to get any leads. But nine months later their son Reuben, 14, was browsing Street View when he saw a man in the family’s driveway next to a 4x4 vehicle.

US music file-sharer must pay damages - 08/24/12
Joel Tenenbaum must pay $675,000 (£426,000) in damages awarded to the major US music labels after his request for a retrial was turned down. Mr Tenenbaum, 25, was found guilty of illegally downloading and distributing 31 songs in 2007. Ajudge in Massachusetts ruled that the damages, set by a jury in 2009, had been fair.

Claire Lynch’ Actress Reportedly Quit TNA Wrestling Due To Online Harassment - 08/24/12
TNA Wrestling concluded the Claire Lynch storyline last night on Impact Wrestling with her legal representative revealing that she never was pregnant and had agreed to blackmail AJ Styles after being approached by Daniels and Kazarian­she drugged Styles and took scandalous photos suggesting he was the father of her fake baby. Lynch did not appear during the segment since she quit the promotion.

Are the Feds Facebook-stalking you? -08/24/12
This may or may not be news to you, but Facebook is recording your location – specifically, wherever you are every time you log in to the service.In fact, this is one of the bits of information the social network maintains in your complete Facebook log. (If you are a resident of the European Union, you can request a copy of that file. If you’re on this side of the pond, you’re out of luck, amigo.)

Scammed Facebook users could lose insurance claims because they post too much information online - 08/24/12
Facebook users face losing claims against banks and insurance companies because they are inviting fraudsters to scam them by posting so much personal information online. Anyone burgled after advertising holiday plans on social networks, or scammed after inadvertently leaving clues about their accounts or passwords online, could find they are left completely out of pocket.

Teen assassin stabs girl to death for £16 over Facebook row... but only faces a year in jail due to his age - 08/24/12
A teenage assassin who murdered a 15-year-old girl for just £16 over an argument on Facebook could face just one year behind bars. Joyce Winsie Hau was stabbed to death at her home in Rotterdam, Holland by the 15-year-old boy, identified only as ‘Jinhua K’, who was sent to kill her by her best friend and her boyfriend in January.

Man nabbed for Internet threat - 08/23/12
The National Bureau of Investigation in Central Visayas (NBI-7) yesterday arrested a 37-year-old man who was accused of extorting P15,000 from his ex-girlfriend by threatening to post their intimate photos and videos on line.Ray Anthony Abella Jr. of barangay Lahug, Cebu City, was arrested in an entrapment operation by NBI-7 agents at a fastfood restaurant in barangay Guadalupe.

Targeted by the internet trolls: Mum's heartbreak at sick messages pretending to be from four-year-old boy swept out to sea -08/23/12
The grieving mother of a four-year-old boy who was swept out to sea has hit out at internet trolls who set up a Facebook page containing fake messages from her son. Dylan Cecil’s body has still not been found since he fell from a slipway into treacherous waters during a family visit to the seaside.

'We were conned out of £5,000 by online criminals': Internet shoppers at risk from Chinese gangs targeting bargain hunters - 08/22/12
Internet shoppers are at risk from an explosion in dodgy foreign websites and criminal gangs. The over-50s ­ seen as easy targets by crafty fraudsters ­ are most in danger as more are wooed on to the web by cheap prices. The number of online purchases made by older people has shot up by a quarter since 2010 and accounts for £1 in every £8 spent online, according to over-50s financial firm Saga.

Custer man starts sentence for cyber stalking, theft - 08/22/12
A Custer man is serving 60 days in Whatcom County Jail after pleading guilty to stealing his ex-girlfriend’s purse and sending her numerous threatening text messages.Troy L. Judge, 43, started his jail sentence last week after pleading guilty in June to one count each of third degree theft and cyber stalking. The plea stems from a run-in Judge had with his ex-girlfriend last September outside the Silver Reef Hotel and Casino near Ferndale.

State’s attorney to spread anti-bullying message - 08/22/12
State’s Attorney Joe McMahon wants students to understand, and he hopes the county’s schools take advantage of a program his office has launched. Presented by Assistant State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser, the program is called Stop Treating Other People. For example, someone may say “stop treating me as if I’m a punching bag.”

Wheelchair-bound equalities advisor, 58, 'arranged to have sex with a five-year-old and her mother after making contact on nudist website' - 08/21/2
A wheelchair-bound equalities advisor for Westminster City Council was snared arranging to have sex with a five-year-old girl and her mother, a court heard yesterday. Andrew Holdsworth-Wild, 58, was allegedly caught red-handed at Victoria station in south-west London with a box of Smarties, a colouring book and train tickets to Maidstone, Kent.

USC Server Hacked, Identity Of Around 34,000 Compromised - 08/21/12
The University of South Carolina says some people’s personal information may have been exposed during a server attack. University officials have started notifying those who may have been exposed. The school says the College of Education web server was breached and some files on the server had confidential details along with identities and personal information of around 34,000 people.


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