WHO@ Newsletter - August 6, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Internet appeal for implants pays off
A Florida plastic surgeon said he recently helped out an Ohio bartender who had taken to Internet panhandling to raise money for breast implants.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer rode to the rescue of Krissy Lane, whose yearning for a better profile led her to post a now-viral video featuring her posing in a bikini with a sign reading, "Not Homeless: Need Boobs."

"I think it was her unique approach, being honest that this is what she wants," Salzhauer told WSVN-TV, Miami.

Salzhauer performed the $6,500 procedure Friday, ratcheting the 37-year-old Lane up from an A cup to a C. There were no complications and Lane said she was looking forward to a new life.

"I know it'll make me feel better," she told a television reporter prior to the surgery. "I'll feel more confident."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Teen endures attempted rape, then cyberbullying - 08/06/12
A North County teen says a single attack left her victimized twice. First was the attempted rape, during which she awoke to find a man in her bed. Then came the cyberbullying by friends of the attacker. They posted comments on social media sites such as Twitter blaming her for the trouble their friend faced. They called her a liar and worse.

Bikini model 'terrified' of drugs gang that used her as honeytrap to con science professor into smuggling drugs 08/05/12
The bikini model at the centre of a drug-smuggling saga involving a British professor has spoken of her terror at being unwittingly dragged into the world of criminal gangs. Denise Milani learnt last week she had been the ‘honeytrap’ used to lure physicist Paul Frampton into carrying a suitcase of cocaine into Argentina.

Woman spots her child for sale on Internet - 08/04/12
A Canadian woman called police when she found an online ad offering her baby for sale based on photos she'd posted on Facebook. The unidentified woman in the central British Columbia town of Fort St. John called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when she spotted the ad in an online buy-and-sell site, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Community Members Say Butler County Suicide was Cyberbullying - 08/03/12
A Butler County teen is dead after taking her own life yesterday. Family friends told us seventeen-year-old Jaclyn Daugherty was not the type of person to take her own life. Her family did not want to go on camera, but we were able to speak with one family member that told us she was a cheerleader and had a lot of friends. We spoke to one woman who is a friend of Jaclyn's grandfather that told me cyber-bullying is to blame.

Cyberbullying by teens not that common, research shows - 08/03/12
Cyberbullying is getting a lot of attention these days, but new research presented here Thursday suggests that teens spreading false, embarrassing or hostile information online about a peer isn't really as prevalent as all the attention might suggest.

Psychology of Internet Trolls: Researchers Explain Rise of Cyberbullying and Why People Seem Angrier on the Internet - 08/03/12
When the internet saw its rise in prominence, many worried that people would retreat to their own corners, surrounded by people who believed exactly the way that they did. To a large extent, that has happened, as evidenced by Fox Nation and Daily Kos. But the internet also gave rise to the "troll," so-called for internet users who spout views contrary to the site's readers. And with that has come cyber-bullying.

Microsoft Improving Xbox Live Anti-Harassment Tools - 08/03/12
Microsoft is "working toward improvements" to community moderation on Xbox Live, according to a report on Polygon. The company is working towards more robust automated moderation tools, including algorithms that can reportedly detect repeat offenders and mute them automatically.

The island B&B taking on might of TripAdvisor over 'malicious' online reviews - 08/03/12
For millions of holidaymakers, it is an online bible that helps them to pick the best hotels – and avoid the worst. But one Hebridean guest house owner claims some of the candid hotel and restaurant reviews posted by users around the world on Trip-Advisor have harmed his business.

Hairy argument brings about questions of online harassment, free speech - 08/02/12
A teen girl is upset after what she said is a bad dye job given to her at a local salon two weeks ago. Since then, she's been taking her frustration to Facebook. Now, the hairdresser said she feels bullied and wonders if the law can protect her.

Cyber attacks are more harmful - 08/02/12
CYBERBULLYING can have greater-reaching and longer-lasting impacts than face-to-face harassment. That's the call from Kids Helpline strategy and research manager John Dalgleish. Yesterday's Bulletin revealed Rockhampton State High School would trial a program to introduce Stop Harassing Me Postcards.

Ex-Google boss uses Chinese Twitter to leak home address and phone number of U.S. coach to 15m followers after he doubted Olympic swimming star Ye Shiwen - 08/02/12
The Olympic row between the U.S. and China rolled on today as the personal details of the American swimming coach who questioned the gold-medal success of Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen were shared with 15 million bloggers. The home and work addresses, phone numbers and email of John Leonard were posted to Sina Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like site.

United States: Cyberstalkers Beware: You’re Not Anonymous - 08/02/12
A quick google search will reveal thousands of hundreds of thousands of hits for the term cyberstalking. Indeed, as of today, there are over 900,000 posts where the word is used. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the listings involve teen cyberbullying and child protection issues. There are also large numbers of celebrities who are cyberstalked or otherwise harassed.

Sex attacker tracked woman down on Facebook then drugged her before handcuffing and raping her - 08/02/12
A rapist lured a woman to his house using a fake Facebook profile, before drugging, handcuffing and attacking her. Isle of Wight Crown court heard vile Anton Barnes, 22, met his victim years earlier and fantasised about having a sexual relationship with her.

Facebook stalker 'sorry' for distributing sex video - 08/02/12
A 44-year-old man has been sentenced to one year's jail for a stalking a woman on Facebook and the internet. Karl Le pleaded guilty to one count of stalking his former lover, a British university student, after their affair fell apart. After bombarding her with text messages and emails, Le posted a video of the girl performing a sexual act on a website which he set up in her name.

Olympic reporter Helen Skelton forced to quit Twitter following online abuse - 08/02/12
The Blue Peter presenter - who has kayaked the length of the Amazon and cycled to the South Pole for Sport Relief - made the decision to shut down her account saying she cannot cope with negative comments. Before deactivating her profile last night, the 29-year-old tweeted: 'Turns out I don't have very thick skin after all so I am closing my twitter account. Enjoy the games. Signing off, skelts x'

Online stalking: 88 per cent of jilted lovers admit to spying on exes - 08/02/12
It’s way more than complicated. A University of Western Ontario masters’ thesis has found a full 88 per cent of people after a breakup stalk their exes on Facebook.

Teen arrested for critical Olympic tweet - 08/01/12
A 17 year old boy has been arrested after he Tweeted some abuse to a British athlete for failing to pick up a medal. According to the Guardian, a 17-year-old boy was arrested and bailed after Team GB diver Tom Daley retweeted his message telling him he had let down his dead father.

Married churchgoing mother, 50, sacked after being wrongly accused of watching hardcore porn at work wins £20,000 payout - 08/01/12
A churchgoing mother has won a £20,000 unfair dismissal case after she was wrongfully accused of viewing hardcore porn at work. Elaine Buckley, 50, has been married for almost 30 years and regularly fundraises in her local community. But in 2010 the finance manager was called into her boss’s office to explain why she had been looking at porn sites during working hours.

Online threat about Batman movie traced to Waunakee home - 07/31/12
A comment posted on ESPN's website a week ago that threatened to shoot people at a screening of a Batman movie has been traced to a home in Waunakee, the Wisconsin State Journal reports. The newspaper learned of the threat from a search warrant filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

Phony Marine Guilty of Cyberstalking, Threatening - 07/31/12
A North Carolina man pleaded guilty this week to posing as a Marine and threatening women on online dating sites. James M. Johnson, 29, of Roxboro, N.C., pleaded guilty at U.S. District Court in Alexandria Monday to cyberstalking and making interstate threats, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's office.

Online hotel deals broke law, says OFT - 07/31/12
Two online travel agents and a hotel group could be limiting price competition on hotel room sales, early results of an investigation have found. Booking.com and Expedia entered into separate agreements with Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), the Office of Fair Trading said.

'Burned on the Internet'; kids turn to social media to bully classmates - 07/31/12
In previous generations, a bully typically tormented its prey within the school halls or on playgrounds. These days, students are turning to online social media sites to bully their peers – a transition that has allowed words to be harsher as teens hide behind fictitious handles.

Bizarre email scam involves horse, lard and sex toy death - 07/31/12
A bizarre assassination threat involving a horse, lard, and a sex toy is the latest email scam. Spammers are always looking for new ways to get victims to respond to them and part with their money. Most of us have been notified we have won the lottery or that an African dictator’s assistant wants to transfer millions to our account. Now an email from a supposed hitman threatens to arrange a strange sex-related death with a horse called Henry unless he is contacted.


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