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Monday, August 29, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - August 29, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Here you go, Irene!

Flasher intrudes on live hurricane report

A video of a man pulling down his pants behind a Weather Channel reporter covering Hurricane Irene in Virginia Beach, Va., has gone viral on the Internet.

The video, posted on YouTube and featured on, shows several young men in board shorts dancing behind reporter Eric Fisher during his live report Saturday in the midst of Hurricane Irene, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported.

Fisher said it was somewhat "depressing" to see so many people out and about, creating a party-like atmosphere in such dangerous weather conditions.

"I'm pretty much speechless at what we've been seeing," Fisher said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Online revenge can now mean felony conviction - 08/27/11
Local officials stepping up enforcement of new Internet harassment law targeting those who harass, impersonate others online. Dallas police and the Dallas County District Attorney’s office have begin stepping up enforcement of a 2009 Internet harassment law that makes it a felony to impersonate, imitate or otherwise harass others in e-mails, instant messaging programs and commercial social networking sites.

Poison emailer’s lies cost woman her job - 08/27/11
Poison pen letters used to be a staple of crime fiction. Hand-written but unsigned, they would circulate around a closed community such as a small village, spreading poisonous lies about some innocent person until the writer was unmasked by a clever amateur detective.

Check your web policies: NLRB looks at employee Facebook posts - 08/26/11
Facebook and other popular social net­working web sites are signifi­cantly changing the way people com­mu­ni­cate­and that communication isn’t always merely personal. Em­ployees sometimes post comments criticizing their jobs and employers, and employers are starting to pay attention.

Nigerian spam email conmen who cheated pensioner out of £245,000 are jailed - 08/26/11
Two fraudsters who convinced a pensioner she had won a £5.7m lottery jackpot before conning her out of her life-savings were jailed for a total of 50 months today. Joshua Obasuyi, 49, and Julius Oweka, 48, were part of a Nigerian gang who tricked U.S. Professor Marie Lowery, 80, a retired lecturer at the University of Houston, Texas, into handing over £245,000.

Fired cemetery worker faces criminal charges after dancing on a grave and posting video on Facebook -08/26/11
A Clifton, Colorado, man has been fired from his job as a grave digger after he was filmed head-banging and playing a simulated guitar while standing on a burial vault. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office said 27-year-old Christopher Redd could face misdemeanour charges of desecration of venerated objects after his July 23 antics at Memorial Gardens.

Case of 8,000 Menacing Posts Tests Limits of Twitter Speech - 08/26/11
Even the Buddha of compassion might have been distressed to be on the receiving end of the diatribes that William Lawrence Cassidy is accused of posting on Twitter. They certainly rattled Alyce Zeoli, a Buddhist leader based in Maryland. Using an ever-changing series of pseudonyms, the authorities say, Mr. Cassidy published thousands of Twitter posts about Ms. Zeoli.

Cumberland County Man Charged with Stalking Ex-girlfriend - 08/25/11,0,95955.story
Upper Allen Police charge an ex-boyfriend with online stalking. 37 year old Elwood Yohe II, is accused of logging in to his ex-girlfriend's Facebook and e-mail accounts on numerous occasions after she broke off their relationship.

Social Networks in Riot Summit - 08/25/11
HOME Secretary Theresa May was today holding crisis talks with social network chiefs to discuss ways of stopping sites being used to plot violence. Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry executives attended the summit amid concerns about the way social media and instant messaging were used during sickening riots across the country earlier this month.

Over a third of young people experience 'cyber shame' after posting embarrassing photos online while drunk - 08/24/11
More than a third of young people admit to feeling 'cyber shame' after posting embarrassing photos or posts online while drunk. Almost half of 18 to 24-year-olds have also 'untagged' drunk photos of themselves from Facebook and Twitter that they did not want others to see, according to a survey.

Boy, 16, who lost right to anonymity after attempting to incite riot on Facebook warned he faces jail - 08/24/11
A 16-year-old boy who tried to incite a riot on Facebook has been told he faces jail after his anonymity was taken away by a judge. Johnny Melfah posted messages on a group online called 'Letz start a riot'.

Tuscan beach custodians braced for Facebook rave - 08/24/11
Beachclub owners at Calambrone beach, between Pisa and Livorno, say they are still repairing damage from party earlier this month Custodians of a Tuscan beach are demanding that police roadblocks are set up around the dunes this weekend as they await the arrival of 4,000 partygoers for a rave publicised on the internet, part of a spate of impromptu events that have ravaged Italy's coastline this summer.

Back to blagger: We find gloating rat who hijacked Amy Winehouse web address - 08/23/11
A HEARTLESS internet "squatter" is sitting on a web address for a charity set up in memory of Amy Winehouse. Martin McCann bought the domain name ­ hours after her dad Mitch revealed plans to set up a foundation for drug addicts.

Email threats to kill MP’s children - 08/23/11
SICK computer hackers have threatened to kill the children of Tory MP Louise Mensch. Mum-of-three Mrs Mensch revealed on Twitter that she had contacted police after the death threats were emailed to her.

Judge spares mother jail after she plotted attack on internet 'troll' who posted horrific comments about disabled daughter - 08/23/11
A mother who joined a revenge attack on a man responsible for a vile campaign of internet abuse against her disabled daughter has been spared prison. Sylvia Hooper, 52, was described as a ‘decent and law-abiding’ woman who dedicated her life to her seriously ill daughter Kim Arnold.

Monday, August 22, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - August 22, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Guess they won't be filming the next Sex and the City movie here
New Moscow sidewalks hard on heels
Progress comes at a price in Moscow, observers say, and the price of new sidewalks is fewer women wearing 5-inch heels.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has pledged to make the Russian capital "more European," and he is making good on his pledge by having tile sidewalks installed, The New York Times reported.

The problem is shoddy workmanship, observers said, with gaps between the tile bricks that seem designed to snare spike heels.

"The saddest thing of all is that spike heels, which Moscow women wore in any weather, will most likely disappear into history," Nikolai Uskov, editor of the Russian edition of GQ magazine, wrote in a blog.

Many of the city's current sidewalks are comprised of asphalt, which can melt in the hot sun. A poll released last week showed 62 percent of those asked favored the new sidewalks.

"Heels fall between the seams," said Nadezhda Kodol, 25, wearing wedges as she walked past a torn-up sidewalk. "Thank God they haven't put down tile in all of Moscow yet."

Contrary to popular belief, the new sidewalk plan wasn't foisted on Muscovites by the wife of Moscow's previous mayor, Yuri M. Luzhkov, the report said. There was speculation his wife, billionaire Yelena Baturina, ordered the new sidewalks.

A Moscow newspaper said it investigated the claim Baturina ordered the new sidewalks, but found it to be untrue.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Teachers fight back against being 'YouTubed' - 08/22/11
In one video a student rails against his teacher, explaining how much he "hates her" due to her "boring lessons." In another the message is more ominous, with the teenage student venting about his 11th grade science teacher and saying "I don't even care if she sees this."

Wife left traumatised by husband's text terror - 08/21/11
FIREMAN Ben Walker began a campaign of harassment against his estranged wife just hours after being convicted of violently assaulting her.

Photographer refuses to take the pictures of high school Facebook bullies, telling them 'You're too ugly... on the inside' - 08/20/11
A photographer has refused to take pictures of a group of high school girls who were bullying other teens on Facebook. Pennsylvania photographer Jennifer McKendrick was scheduled to shoot the school girls for their senior photo.

East Naples man charged with cyber-stalking ex-girlfriend MUGSHOT - 08/20/11
An East Naples man is accused of cyber-stalking his ex-girlfriend via a fake email account with the name “Phil Collins.” Mitchell Phillip Naurath, 32, of the 2900 block of A Orange Street, was arrested Friday by Collier deputies at home.

Crank who targeted science writers lured into threatening police - 08/20/11
A strange case of online harassment, complete with the usual police who would do nothing, may finally be coming to a close. A Montreal citizen who went by the online handle of Dave Mabus has been targeting the atheist and skeptic communities with threats and harassment for years.

Wanted sex offender accused of cyberstalking - 08/20/11
A convicted sex offender who wasn’t living at his registered address has also been accused of cyberstalking his parents on a social networking site, Sheriff’s Maj. Ron Pullen said. Daniel Thomas Bayley posted several threatening comments to both of his parents on Facebook and was wanted for violating a sex-offender registration law, Pullen said.

Ill. man charged with cyberstalking on Facebook - 08/19/11
A 20-year-old Decatur man has been charged with cyberstalking after police say he sent a woman cruel messages about her dead father on Facebook. Cody Suka was freed from jail after posting 10 percent of his $5,000 bond, The (Decatur) Herald & Review reported on Friday. The unidentified woman told authorities she'd received 40 "vile and vulgar" Facebook messages over nearly two months about the death of her father, who was killed in a traffic accident.

The best way to censor your Facebook photos - 08/19/11
Yesterday I showed you how to disguise your Facebook as an excel spreadsheet for the purpose of discreet online stalking and other non-work-related distractions. I foresee myself lying in a ditch somewhere ten years from now mumbling about the benefits of binge drinking, but YOU may want to have a real future someday.

Everyone's Got to Be a Critic ... - 08/19/11
The morning crew of a Tulsa radio station claims they were poisoned by a managing cook of a Red Robin restaurant. The four-man crew says that as they held a lunchtime "business meeting" at the restaurant, the cook manager posted on a rival station's Facebook page that they were eating there and asked "what he should do to plaintiffs' food" - and they all came down with food poisoning by the next day.

Blind man sued for illegally downloading porn he can’t watch - 08/19/11
California porn studio Imperial Enterprises, Inc. is suing 3,500 people for illegally downloading the company’s pornographic content. However, one of the defendants claims there’s no way he would have downloaded the illegal snuff.

Man accused of stalking woman twice in two months -08/18/11
A Harrison Township man is charged for a second time with stalking a woman, Allegheny Township police allege. Sean Glenn Burkett, 36, of Meadow Street, Natrona Heights, is being held in the Westmoreland County jail without bond, pending a preliminary hearing.

The 26-year-old woman bullied the local business owners online, stole identities - 08/17/11
The end of a long nightmare approaches for Jamie Belzer and her family. It has been a roller coaster ride that led to Dakota County Judge Richard Spicer sentencing Kaley Hennessy, 26, of Lakeville, last week to a year in jail and 40 years of probation for a series of cyber crimes and identity theft perpetrated against Belzer. Online hijacking

Protection from harassment bill approved - 08/17/11
Cape Town - The National Assembly on Tuesday unanimously approved the long-awaited protection from harassment bill.

Manhunt On For Ex-Marine Oathkeeper Accused Of Rape - 08/17/11
Authorities in Oklahoma are on the hunt for a man who didn't show up for a court appearance Monday for his rape trial, and who has ties to the Oathkeeper movement and believes his arrest was part of a government conspiracy.

Insulting Restaurant Staff On Twitter While You're Still In The Restaurant Might Get You Kicked Out Of Restaurant - 08/17/11
Think of this as the counter-point to the earlier Twitter-related post. A diner at a Houston restaurant was given the boot after she decided to Tweet her opinion of the staff while she was still at the eatery.

Facebook Becomes Divisive in Bahrain - 08/17/11
It has been six months since anti-government protests inspired by the successful uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt first erupted in Bahrain. And as in Egypt, many Bahrainis used social media Internet sites such as Facebook to help organize the protests.

High-ranking Renton cops disciplined over cartoon - 08/15/11
High-ranking Renton police officers have been punished for their role in a cartoon controversy. The Renton Police Department just released the details of their disciplinary measures over the video a sergeant created and posted online. The 87-page report condemns the sergeant and the the officers, including a deputy chief, who knew about the video.

Monday, August 15, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - August 15, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...And she should do all the cooking

Former cannibal seeking a wife

A former cannibal in Indonesia who is currently living at a mental institution said he is on the lookout for potential wives.

Sumanto, who was sentenced to five years in prison in 2003 after stealing a woman's corpse and eating it in a bid to obtain supernatural powers, told this week he has been "yearning for a wife," the Jakarta Globe reported Friday.

Sumanto, who was freed from prison in 2006 and is currently living at Haji Mustajab Mental Institution in Karanganyar, said he is looking for a woman who shares his Muslim faith.

"The important thing is, my wife has to be a woman and she has to be religious," Sumanto said.

"She doesn't have to be beautiful but if she looks like (actress and singer) Dewi Perssik, it couldn't hurt either," he said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Hacker stole £35,000 from neighbours’ online bank accounts by working out their passwords using FACEBOOK - 08/15/11
A hacker stole from friends and neighbours' bank accounts after working out their passwords from personal information they put on sites like Facebook and Friends Reunited.

Abusive partners using Facebook to continue harrassment, says Sunderland charity - 08/15/11
ABUSIVE partners are turning to technology to find sick new ways of stalking their victims, the Echo can reveal. An increasing number of Sunderland women are seeking refuge after campaigns of terror, including being stalked using GPS tracking devices and apps on mobile phones, hacking into computers and online harassment.

Teachers targeted by cyberbullying pupils and parents - 08/15/11
School teachers have been subjected to online abuse and cyberbullying by pupils and parents, a study has found. Research carried out by the University of Plymouth found parents were responsible for a quarter of the abuse suffered by teachers.

In Email Case, Ashland Police Turned To Culprit For Help - 08/15/11
Ashland police officers investigating a harassment complaint involving several emails initially relied on the emails' author, Elliot Kerwin, for technical assistance to help solve the case, according to police reports obtained by the Ashland Current. In April, Sgt. Greg BeBeau asked Kerwin, the city's information technology director at the time, to determine whether any of the emails had been sent from the city's computer server, according to an April 27 police report. Kerwin produced a CD containing all the emails sent from March 31 to April 2.

Courts criticised after widow’s harassment hell - 08/15/11
A WIDOW who was looking for love on the internet has hit out at the courts after a man who conned her and broke into her home escaped jail. Amanda Avery criticised the legal system this week after hearing that Colin Bradish – a man who she says made her life hell – was handed a 50-week suspended sentence for burglary and harassment.

Christian schools snoop on students - 08/15/11
Exclusive Christian schools in Australia have created a storm of biblical proportions by snooping on their students through their facebook accounts. According to the Sydney Morning Herald swanky schools of the religious right are using internet monitoring companies to read what students are saying on social networking sites.

Online anonymity: A gateway to freedom or abuse? - 08/14/11
Google+ has sparked many online debates, but the one at the forefront concerns online anonymity. By forcing users to use their real names, Google+ has sprung open a worldwide discussion regarding how this affects activists. Google+ certainly isn’t the first social network to force users to use their full names, with Facebook doing the same long before Google+ ever launched, but the latter has been far more stringent in attempting to enforce the rule.

How the internet has all but destroyed the market for films, music and newspapers - 08/14/11
For most of the 80s and 90s, NBC dominated US television: Miami Vice, The Cosby Show, Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends. The network earned its ratings by pushing boundaries – Miami Vice stylised the police drama, while Hill Street Blues gave it gritty realism. These shows also brought in big money – NBC was once one of the most profitable divisions of General Electric. But when the parent company was acquired by Comcast this year, the deal reportedly gave the network a value of zero.

Device finds child porn on WiFi -08/14/11
A local company is giving police another way to track down child pornography on the Internet. Everett-based Fluke Networks adapted a troubleshooting product to help law enforcement officials fight crime. A feature on iPhones and laptops allows users to detect WiFi networks in the area. Fluke Networks made a device, called the Aircheck WiFi Tester, that can focus in on any networks being used to handle child pornography.

Blogging nude photos of Cumberland County freeholder amounted to cyber-bullying - 08/13/11
“It’s personal,” says Carl Johnson, who recently forced Freeholder Lou Magazzu out of office with a blog full of barely censored naked photos. That much is clear. What started out as a simmering political feud between a community gadfly and Cumberland County’s most powerful local figure quickly blew up into an extremely personal exposé.

Judge lowers bond for man accused of cyber stalking - 08/13/11
A judge agreed Friday to reduce bond for a Peru man held in La Salle County’s first cyber-stalking case.
Jerome P. Kennedy, 48, of 1701 Water St. initially was ordered held on $150,000 bond. Friday, however, assistant public defender Mike Olewinski asked for a bond reduction, pointing out the low-level sentencing range Kennedy could face as well as his limited risk of flight.

Online scammers get smarter - 08/13/11
CONSUMERS are still falling for scams where they are promised rewards to help someone transfer money. Criminals from Nigeria have been infamous for tempting people with get-rich-quick schemes over the years, The Advertiser reported.

Renton Police to continue video investigation but not as cyberstalking -08/12/11
The Renton Police Department will continue its investigation internally of who created eight animated cartoons critical of the department but not as criminal cyberstalking. The City of Renton also announced Thursday that it has withdrawn a search warrant to seek information from a division of Google Inc. about the identity of Mrfuddlesticks, the user name of the person who posted the videos in April.

Cape Elizabeth man sentenced for NPR host threats - 08/12/11
A Cape Elizabeth man was was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison for sending email threats to national public radio hosts. John Crosby received the maximum sentence under the federal sentencing rules.

That's amore? 'It was love at first sight' says pizzeria man jailed for stalking Georgina Bloomberg - 08/12/11
He was crazy about her from the start. The mullet-maned Queens man busted for his bizarre pursuit of Mayor Bloomberg's daughter says his heart was stolen by an Internet photo of the 28-year-old equestrian.

Man arrested for email threats after state fair assaults - 08/12/11
A man's been charged with two misdemeanors for sending threatening emails to the spokeswoman for the Wisconsin State Fair. Patrice Harris received the messages on August 5 after a TV news interview where she was asked bout the assaults and violence at the fair the night before.

Stalker will stay under court's supervision for 40 years - 08/12/11
A delusional woman who relentlessly stalked a prominent Dakota County family must serve a year in jail and 40 years on probation, a judge ordered Thursday. That's the longest probation that Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said he's ever seen. For Judge Richard Spicer, it was a creative approach for a new breed of criminal: a cyberstalker.

Police issue warning after Calgary man lured into robbery trap - 08/11/11
Police, cyber security experts and criminologists are urging individuals to use caution when meeting an Internet acquaintance in person in the wake of an incident in which a man lured by an online rendezvous ended up with a gunshot wound in a robbery attempt.

Union leader testifies that e-mails to lawmaker were satire, not stalking - 08/11/11
A union leader testified Wednesday that the e-mails he sent then-state Rep. Douglas W. Gablinske last fall were intended as a spoof on the lawmaker’s positions, particularly with regard to his support of the statewide school-financing formula.

O'Bireck Pleads Guilty to Internet Threats - 08/11/11
The Elmira man accused of stalking and making internet threats against a New Orleans police officer pleaded guilty in federal court.

Somali pirate 'used mobile to surf web for US kidnap victim information' - 08/11/11
A Somali pirate allegedly used his web-enabled mobile telephone to research Americans Jean and Scott Adam, whose yacht was hijacked, and work out how much ransom to demand for their safe release, according to US court papers.

Computer 'porn' policies at metro public libraries are strict but not foolproof - 08/11/11
Lars Leafblad was shepherding his young children through the Ramsey County Library's branch in Roseville when he was appalled to see a man checking out more than books. The man was looking at Internet porn on the library computer.

Ex-professor pleads guilty in Web stalking case -08/10/11
A former Massachusetts college professor accused of stalking and making Internet threats against a New Orleans police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to concealing a crime. Gary O'Bireck, of Elmira, N.Y., was an associate professor of criminology and sociology at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Mass., when authorities say he used a fake online identity to threaten a police officer he accused of raping his girlfriend in 2007.

Anti-Bullying Law Starts for Schools Next Month - 08/10/11
Every school year brings changes and challenges, but few are as formidable as the one now facing administrators: implementing the state's new anti-bullying law.

UK riots: Facebook invitations see teens due in court and more new arrests - 08/10/11
Two teenagers are due to appear in court today in connection with messages posted on Facebook allegedly encouraging people to start rioting. A 16-year-old boy was arrested yesterday afternoon following an operation by Strathclyde Police in the south side of Glasgow. It is alleged the message posted on the social networking site incited others to commit acts of disorder in the area following public unrest in several cities across England.

Judge jails man on bond for e-mail threats to police - 08/09/11
A man appearing in court on Taser possession chages was remanded in jail on a $100,000 bond after accusations he emailed threats to police while free on bond. Trial Court Judge David Swartz said Tristan Mealing, 38, posed a danger to deputies during the hearing Thursday.

Monday, August 08, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - August 8, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Arrrrrrr

Boaters under 'pirate' flag charged in Smith's Cove robbery attempt\


A Gloucester man and an Ipswich resident, operating a motor boat flying the

"skull-and-crossbones" of the pirate ships of old, are facing multiple charges

after being arrested in Smith's Cove late Thursday night following an apparent

botched robbery of a sailboat.

Gloucester Police Lt. Joseph Aiello said this morning that the robbery was

interrupted by the sailboat owner, who had been asleep onboard when Scott D.

Stanton of Gloucester and Steven Jette of Ipswich pulled alongside and then came

aboard the sailboat, which was at a transient mooring in the Inner Harbor.

Aiello said the sailboat owner, identified as a New Jersey man, chased away the

would-be robbers. He then called the U.S. Coast Guard, which, in turn, called

Gloucester police.

According to Aiello, the sailboat owner told police that the would-be robbers'

motor boat was flying the pirates' black-and-white flag, adding one of them

yelled words to the effect of "Don't come any closer, we have a gun, and we'll

use it."

Aiello said police located the motor boat with the use of one or more of the

city's homeland security cameras. The Coast Guard also responded and cornered

the motor boat in Smith's Cove.

Stanton and Jette were to be arraigned in Gloucester District Court on multiple

charges this morning.

They are charged with breaking and entering in the night time with the intent to

commit a felony, threatening to commit a crime and intimidating a witness.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written

or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Virtual Harassment Worse Than Face-to-Face - 08/08/11\


Cyberstalking or online harassment is more stressful and traumatic than being

stalked or harassed in person, according to a presentation at the American

Psychological Association's Annual Convention.

Death threats to DJ for Facebook debate about gender issues - 08/08/11

A seemingly uncontroversial post on the Facebook profile of the club and concert

hall Slakthuset in Stockholm resulted in death threats against DJ Tova Wellton.

"Book more women, please" said Tova Wellton's Facebook post to Slakthuset that

ended in a heated debate with death threats and a discussion with more than 600


Traumatised by my stalker - 08/08/11\


TWENTY-two-year-old Latoya J didn't think twice about exchanging her number with

Robert when they met at a social gathering three months ago. He seemed okay and

wanted her advice on a new venture which she felt she could assist him with.

Initially, Robert would just call to ask for her advice, but it wasn't long

before the nature of the calls began to take on a different spin. "He would call

me late in the evenings and started leaving some weird voicemails on my phone,"

she told All Woman.

Fired for Filming Boss Taking Nap on the Job -08/08/11\


A SECURITY guard was fired for filming this clip of his boss allegedly asleep on

the job and posting it on Facebook.

Facebook: Breeding Ground for Teen Narcissists? - 08/08/11,2817,2390598,00.asp

Is Facebook turning your teenager into a narcissist? A new study finds that

daily overuse of Facebook can contribute to psychological and health problems in

young users, though the site has proven beneficial among those who are more


Govt wants to monitor Facebook, Twitter - 08/08/11\


The Union home ministry has written to the department of telecom asking it to

"ensure effective monitoring of Twitter and Facebook". Milind Deora, minister

of state for communications and information technology, said in written reply to

a question on Friday in the Rajya Sabha that DoT has received a letter from MHA

to ensure monitoring of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter in

order to "strengthen cyber security paraphernalia".

Gotham Gossipist: Queens Woman Accused Of Stalking Actress Marion Cotillard

Faces Judge - 08/08/11\


Hobbies are important, folks. Not only do they keep us busy, but they also

prevent us from stalking actors and sending them creepy things via the Internet.

And one New York City woman is in dire need of a hobby that isn't Academy Award

winning French actress Marion Cotillard.

Cancer scammer in trouble again - 08/07/11\


A week after being released from prison for bilking sympathizers out of about

$1,000 in donations to help her pay for treatments for cancers she never had, an

Upper Moreland woman is back behind bars after allegedly calling two of her

victims and harassing them.

Davao cybersex den raided - 08/07/11\


Just a couple days after the Philippine National Police (PNP) launched a

campaign to protect children against Internet fraud and cyberstalking, police

raided a cybersex den in Davao City. The cybersex den, owned by theCyber City

Teleservices was raided by police Saturday and owner/operators Mary Jane Bacani

and Ivory Abregana, were charged with violation of Article 201 of the Revised

Penal Code in relation to section 5 (i) of the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000.

Scam E-mail Targets Tax Payers at England - 08/06/11\


In a recent scam, the owner of Riverhouse Inn, a restaurant in Weymouth (Dorset,

England) Lorraine D'Agostino, has been alerting the tax payers, mainly business

class people residing in England on a fake e-mail threat, reports on July 24, 2011.

Stalkers use online social networks to harass, torment victims - 08/06/11\


Modern technology has changed the way stalkers harass their victims. Online

social media sources (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) allow former partners,

including the people in relationships with former partners, to electronically

torment their victims through threatening emails and instant messaging.

Judge sends man to jail on $100,000 bond after deputy receives threatening

emails - 08/05/11\


A 38-year-old Superior Township man charged with possessing a taser was free on

bond when he appeared in court Thursday for a hearing on his case. But news that

Madison Tristan Mealing had spent his down time threatening the Washtenaw County

Sheriff's Department and Detective Kevin Parviz through recent emails and

YouTube movies didn't settle well with Trial Court Judge David Swartz.

Familiar Faces, But Do Not Know Names? You Could Still 'Friend' Them Online! -



The 'friend suggestion' feature of Facebook may change if Cambridge University

is able to influence Facebook with its recent research focus of suggesting

friends based on common places visited; this would require people to use the

'Places' tool, which allows them to check-in themselves and their friends to

locations such as restaurants, clubs, stores, and much more.

Cyber-stalking case heads to trial on Oct. 31 - 08/05/11\


La Salle County's first cyber-stalking case could go to trial Oct. 31, a judge

ruled Friday. Jerome P. Kennedy, 48, of 1701 Water St., Peru pleaded innocent

Friday to cyber-stalking and harassment by electronic communication, both Class

4 felonies carrying 1-3 years in prison. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of

violating an order of protection.

Cyber stalking in New Hanover County - 08/05/11

Communication in the digital age is only a message, tweet or poke away, but that

ease of interaction is not problem-free. Cases of cyber stalking in Southeast

North Carolina are increasing in number, according to Assistant District

Attorney Alex Nicely.

Expansion of hotel review defamation action, Google added, FBI alerted -



Remember Kwikchex, the UK organisation which pledged to come down hard on

TripAdvisor for publishing alleged libellous reviews about hotels? Eleven months

since that initial flurry of coverage and many could be forgiven for thinking it

was just a publicity stunt to attract new members to the company's reputation

management consultancy.

Woman claims maintenance men violated her privacy - 08/04/11\


A tenant accuses maintenance staff of playing dress-up in her west Houston

apartment, then posting pictures on Facebook. It was at the Crest Apartments on

Wilcrest where former tenant Stacy Knight says a couple of maintenance men

violated her privacy early this year. In a lawsuit, the woman claims those

workers went into her home unannounced, allegedly looking for a water leak, but

ended snooping through her closets.

Twitter Sends UT Dallas Prof Dean Terry a Letter Telling Him to Delete

Undetweetable - 08/03/11\


Last week, our friends across the office at DC9 introduced us to a new way to

creep on people in the Twitterverse: Undetweetable, an invention by professor

Dr. Dean Terry and grad student Bradley Griffith, both of the Emerging Media +

Communication program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

More girls than boys cyber-bullied: study - 08/02/11

Around one-in-five UK kids victims of cyber-bullying, research suggests. A new

study by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University has revealed that more number

of girls are subject to cyber-bullying than boys. The Telegraph reported that

cyber-bullying caused loss of confidence and even a drop in school attendance

for most victims.

What Do They Say About The Lawyer Who Represents Himself? - 08/02/11\


Not quite sure where to start on this one, but I will just say that while the

embedded (below) legal filing clocks in at 100 pages, it's worth taking the time

to read it, just to get a sense of the legal filing stylings of one Arthur Alan

Wolk, a lawyer who apparently has made quite a name for himself over the years

as a trial lawyer specializing in aviation accidents. In April of 2007, the blog

Overlawyered published a post with some speculation about some of Wolk's

activities in a particular case -- speculation that Wolk insists is false.

How To Responsibly Stalk Your Children Using Their Cellphones - 08/02/11\


It's 11:56 a.m. Do you know where your children are? You would if you had a

Location Labs monitoring app installed on their smartphones with which you could

check their GPS coordinates. You could also see their photos and read their text


Data of Sun website users stolen - 08/02/11

Thousands of people who entered competitions on The Sun website have been warned

that their personal information may have been stolen. The paper's publisher,

News Group, said the data was taken when the site was hacked on 19 July.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Taste of Home Dip Recipe

So, I was asked what my favorite homemade dip is by the folks at Frito-Lay. They're having a contest and heck, I love entering contests. They're also sending me some chips! This one was asking what my favorite dip recipe is and it didn't take me even a second to think of it.

I know it's kinda corny, because it's so simple, but it reminds me of growing up in California, when we didn't have a lot of money. Sometimes it's the simple pleasures that mean the most. My mom was divorced and with two little girls in the late 60's when we moved to California from Maine. Being a divorced mom was unheard of back then and she was not looked upon kindly when it came to finding work. She did what she could, but we still ended up on welfare. Our big treat was when she'd surprise us with a bag of Lays Barbecue chips (and sometimes Original) and the makings for onion dip:

16 ounces of sour cream or softened cream cheese

A packet of Lipton onion soup mix

Fresh chives chopped

Mix well in a bowl, then chill for at least one hour (although we usually couldn't wait that long, ha ha).

Enjoy with chips (or whatever you like to dip - these days, carrots, celery and other veggies are my fave in addition to the chips)

This brought back such memories, I went to the Lays web site and was surprised to see they have so many different flavors from the Original and Barbecue ones! Go to and see for yourself. I just may have to come up with some new dip recipes. I think I'm going to have to try the Lays Cajun Herb & Spice and Honey Mustard flavored chips!

Frito-Lay, I hate you...just kidding, but now I am craving my homemade onion dip and your chips!

Now, for my friends, fans and followers, let me know if you read this the whole way through and send me an email or reply to this post with the word: LAYS - one of you will win a package of Frito-Lays chips from me! Yes, really!!!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - August 1, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Mmmmmm turkey and cheese

Semis carrying turkey and cheese stolen

Thieves in Florida stole two semi-trailer trucks carrying $150,000 worth of frozen turkey and nacho cheese only to abandon the food in Texas, police say.

The two trucks where stolen from gas stations July 24-25 in Ridge Manor, Fla., the St. Petersburg Times reported.

Pasco County police found the rigs at a Flying J Travel Plaza in San Antonio, Texas, stripped of electronics, including a television, laptop and satellite radio. The turkey and the nacho cheese were left untouched.

Authorities say the thieves broke into the trucks by breaking out a small glass window at the bottom of the passenger door, then dislodged the ignition from the steering column.

Suspects had yet to be identified.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Man's divorce blog starts free speech dispute - 08/01/11
A bitter, divorced Pennsylvania man's blog has triggered a free-speech debate, officials say. Doylestown resident Anthony Morelli created his blog,, in 2007 as a way to blow off steam about his ex-wife, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Sunday.

LulzSec hacking: teenager ‘had cache of 750,000 passwords’ - 08/01/11
Teenager Jake Davis, alleged to be a leading member of the LulzSec hacking group, had 750,000 people’s personal details on his computer system when he was arrested, a court heard.

Judge Orders Soldier’s Ex-Mistress to Stay Away - 08/01/11
An extramarital affair that began on Craigslist has cost the former top enlisted Special Forces Command Soldier his position and is forcing him to retire early, he testified in Cumberland County court Friday.

EFF, Facebook argue over 'real name policies' - 08/01/11
Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director and sister of founder Mark Zuckerberg, is advocating real names to be used in the online world as a fix to the ongoing cyberbullying problem. Yet, the privacy group and online human rights watchdog, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), wants users to be able to use pseudonyms instead of their real names.

Conservative MP goes public after e-mail threat[] - 07/31/11
A Conservative MP who has questioned Rupert and James Murdoch about the extent of journalistic malpractice on Fleet Street suggests that she herself may have become a victim of a smear campaign. Louise Mensch revealed she had received an e-mail from a group called “David Jones Investigative Journalists” alleging she had taken drugs with violinist Nigel Kennedy in the 1990s, written a novel of a sexual nature while she was supposed to be working for the record label EMI and included derogatory references in the book to her line manager at the company.

Student, 22, ordered to pay back £125,000 he made from theft of 299 rare bird skins - 07/31/11
A student who stole 299 rare bird skins from the Natural History Museum to fund his studies has been ordered to pay back £125,000. Edwin Rist, 22, from the U.S. was given a suspended jail sentence in April after admitting the burglary at the museum in Tring, Hertfordshire, in June 2009.

Cyberstalking suspect in new territory for La Salle County - 07/30/11
A Peru man was charged Friday with cyber-stalking; it was believed to be the first such case in La Salle County history.
Jerome P. Kennedy, 48, of 1701 Water St. was ordered held on $150,000 bond and will next appear with the public defender Aug. 5 for arraignment.

Men build small flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi and cell data - 07/30/11
Built by Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins, the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (otherwise known as the WASP) is a flying drone that has a 6-foot wingspan, a 6-foot length and weighs in at 14 pounds. The small form factor of the unmanned aerial vehicle allows it to drop under radar and is often mistaken for a large bird.

Broward promotes supervisor disciplined for explicit emails - 07/30/11,0,872857.story
A Broward County employee nearly fired last year for participating in the regular sharing of sexually explicit joke emails and videos was promoted this week to a superintendent's job. Jeffrey L. Scott's promotion to transit superintendent takes effect Monday. He'll make $70,000.

Ex-cop pleads guilty to stalking - 07/30/11
A former Fair Oaks Ranch police officer convicted of arson pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal stalking charge and admitted he sent sexually explicit photos of a woman over the Internet to her and 29 of her co-workers.

House Judiciary Committee Passes Internet Snooping Bill - 07/29/11
The U.S. House Judiciary Committee has approved a measure that would force ISPs to save users’ IP address information for one year to aid in the fight against child porn. The bill, HR 1981 ­ The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 – was approved on a 19-10 vote and considered a victory for conservative Republicans despite opposition from digital rights groups and civil liberties advocates. An 11th hour rewrite of the controversial data retention mandate reportedly expands the information that commercial ISPs are required to store to include customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses.

Controversial phone app offering background checks is back - 07/29/11
Imagine being able to run an instant background check on a blind date, job applicant or new neighbor ­ all with a few taps on your smart phone. Sounds convenient, right? Not if you’re a victim of stalking or identity theft, share the same name as a registered sex offender, or just cherish a certain degree of privacy.

Stalking can escalate to violence - 07/28/11
People targeted by stalkers should act swiftly to protect themselves from potential harm, according to WA clinical psychologist Deborah Wilmoth. The behaviour - described as the wilful, malicious and repeated harassment of another person, putting them in fear of their safety - should be taken seriously because it was a red flag indicator that the situation could escalate and become dangerous, Dr Wilmoth warned.

Scary New Software Reveals What You’re Looking at Online - 07/28/11
A new browser plugin called WhoIsLive wants to take everything you find peaceful and private about web surfing and rip it up into a million little pieces and flush it down the toilet never to be seen again. Their mission? To add live chat rooms to all those websites that didn't previously have them -- including that certain someone's Facebook page you've been stalking and that God awful porn site. You were looking at what?

Your company needs a social media policy - 07/28/11
Recently, I published a post that struck a nerve with a reader who will remain anonymous. That reader lashed out at my idiocy in several ways, including via a popular social network. The wasted effort at insulting and haranguing me would have been quickly forgotten if not for an interesting observation: my cyberstalking critic executed his childish attacks through multiple accounts all associated with his employer, a small services-oriented business.

British Police Duped by LulzSec Into Arresting the Wrong Guy - 07/27/11
Earlier today the blogosphere lit up with news that "Topiary" a key hacker from Anonymous and LulzSec was arrested. Topiary, along with "Sabu", was viewed as a LulzSec "chief", instrumental in orchestrating the group's many sophisticated attacks.

Deputies search for suspect who sent topless photos to woman's work - 07/26/11
A woman who works at a Bonita Springs medical practice told Lee deputies she arrived to work Monday and found four facsimiles in the machine – of a picture she took of herself topless.

Murder hoax part of ongoing harassment - 07/26/11
An Aldergrove resident says Langley RCMP ignored her family’s complaints about Internet harassment until someone hacked their home phone and called the Mounties to report a nonexistent multiple murder and hostage-taking.

Calif. man gets 4 years for stalking on Facebook - 07/25/11
A California man who trolled women's Facebook pages searching for clues that allowed him to take over their email accounts was sentenced Friday to more than four years in state prison after a judge rejected a plea for a lighter sentence and likened the man to a peeping Tom.