WHO@ Newsletter - August 22, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Guess they won't be filming the next Sex and the City movie here
New Moscow sidewalks hard on heels
Progress comes at a price in Moscow, observers say, and the price of new sidewalks is fewer women wearing 5-inch heels.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has pledged to make the Russian capital "more European," and he is making good on his pledge by having tile sidewalks installed, The New York Times reported.

The problem is shoddy workmanship, observers said, with gaps between the tile bricks that seem designed to snare spike heels.

"The saddest thing of all is that spike heels, which Moscow women wore in any weather, will most likely disappear into history," Nikolai Uskov, editor of the Russian edition of GQ magazine, wrote in a blog.

Many of the city's current sidewalks are comprised of asphalt, which can melt in the hot sun. A poll released last week showed 62 percent of those asked favored the new sidewalks.

"Heels fall between the seams," said Nadezhda Kodol, 25, wearing wedges as she walked past a torn-up sidewalk. "Thank God they haven't put down tile in all of Moscow yet."

Contrary to popular belief, the new sidewalk plan wasn't foisted on Muscovites by the wife of Moscow's previous mayor, Yuri M. Luzhkov, the report said. There was speculation his wife, billionaire Yelena Baturina, ordered the new sidewalks.

A Moscow newspaper said it investigated the claim Baturina ordered the new sidewalks, but found it to be untrue.

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Teachers fight back against being 'YouTubed' - 08/22/11
In one video a student rails against his teacher, explaining how much he "hates her" due to her "boring lessons." In another the message is more ominous, with the teenage student venting about his 11th grade science teacher and saying "I don't even care if she sees this."

Wife left traumatised by husband's text terror - 08/21/11
FIREMAN Ben Walker began a campaign of harassment against his estranged wife just hours after being convicted of violently assaulting her.

Photographer refuses to take the pictures of high school Facebook bullies, telling them 'You're too ugly... on the inside' - 08/20/11
A photographer has refused to take pictures of a group of high school girls who were bullying other teens on Facebook. Pennsylvania photographer Jennifer McKendrick was scheduled to shoot the school girls for their senior photo.

East Naples man charged with cyber-stalking ex-girlfriend MUGSHOT - 08/20/11
An East Naples man is accused of cyber-stalking his ex-girlfriend via a fake email account with the name “Phil Collins.” Mitchell Phillip Naurath, 32, of the 2900 block of A Orange Street, was arrested Friday by Collier deputies at home.

Crank who targeted science writers lured into threatening police - 08/20/11
A strange case of online harassment, complete with the usual police who would do nothing, may finally be coming to a close. A Montreal citizen who went by the online handle of Dave Mabus has been targeting the atheist and skeptic communities with threats and harassment for years.

Wanted sex offender accused of cyberstalking - 08/20/11
A convicted sex offender who wasn’t living at his registered address has also been accused of cyberstalking his parents on a social networking site, Sheriff’s Maj. Ron Pullen said. Daniel Thomas Bayley posted several threatening comments to both of his parents on Facebook and was wanted for violating a sex-offender registration law, Pullen said.

Ill. man charged with cyberstalking on Facebook - 08/19/11
A 20-year-old Decatur man has been charged with cyberstalking after police say he sent a woman cruel messages about her dead father on Facebook. Cody Suka was freed from jail after posting 10 percent of his $5,000 bond, The (Decatur) Herald & Review reported on Friday. The unidentified woman told authorities she'd received 40 "vile and vulgar" Facebook messages over nearly two months about the death of her father, who was killed in a traffic accident.

The best way to censor your Facebook photos - 08/19/11
Yesterday I showed you how to disguise your Facebook as an excel spreadsheet for the purpose of discreet online stalking and other non-work-related distractions. I foresee myself lying in a ditch somewhere ten years from now mumbling about the benefits of binge drinking, but YOU may want to have a real future someday.

Everyone's Got to Be a Critic ... - 08/19/11
The morning crew of a Tulsa radio station claims they were poisoned by a managing cook of a Red Robin restaurant. The four-man crew says that as they held a lunchtime "business meeting" at the restaurant, the cook manager posted on a rival station's Facebook page that they were eating there and asked "what he should do to plaintiffs' food" - and they all came down with food poisoning by the next day.

Blind man sued for illegally downloading porn he can’t watch - 08/19/11
California porn studio Imperial Enterprises, Inc. is suing 3,500 people for illegally downloading the company’s pornographic content. However, one of the defendants claims there’s no way he would have downloaded the illegal snuff.

Man accused of stalking woman twice in two months -08/18/11
A Harrison Township man is charged for a second time with stalking a woman, Allegheny Township police allege. Sean Glenn Burkett, 36, of Meadow Street, Natrona Heights, is being held in the Westmoreland County jail without bond, pending a preliminary hearing.

The 26-year-old woman bullied the local business owners online, stole identities - 08/17/11
The end of a long nightmare approaches for Jamie Belzer and her family. It has been a roller coaster ride that led to Dakota County Judge Richard Spicer sentencing Kaley Hennessy, 26, of Lakeville, last week to a year in jail and 40 years of probation for a series of cyber crimes and identity theft perpetrated against Belzer. Online hijacking

Protection from harassment bill approved - 08/17/11
Cape Town - The National Assembly on Tuesday unanimously approved the long-awaited protection from harassment bill.

Manhunt On For Ex-Marine Oathkeeper Accused Of Rape - 08/17/11
Authorities in Oklahoma are on the hunt for a man who didn't show up for a court appearance Monday for his rape trial, and who has ties to the Oathkeeper movement and believes his arrest was part of a government conspiracy.

Insulting Restaurant Staff On Twitter While You're Still In The Restaurant Might Get You Kicked Out Of Restaurant - 08/17/11
Think of this as the counter-point to the earlier Twitter-related post. A diner at a Houston restaurant was given the boot after she decided to Tweet her opinion of the staff while she was still at the eatery.

Facebook Becomes Divisive in Bahrain - 08/17/11
It has been six months since anti-government protests inspired by the successful uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt first erupted in Bahrain. And as in Egypt, many Bahrainis used social media Internet sites such as Facebook to help organize the protests.

High-ranking Renton cops disciplined over cartoon - 08/15/11
High-ranking Renton police officers have been punished for their role in a cartoon controversy. The Renton Police Department just released the details of their disciplinary measures over the video a sergeant created and posted online. The 87-page report condemns the sergeant and the the officers, including a deputy chief, who knew about the video.


Anonymous said…
You posted "Identity misses court" in 2009 re "MACLEAN identity John Xavier Berlin".
As a follow up here's the latest:
"Fraudster put behind bars. THERE is no way John Xavier Berlin could have been a police officer, after being convicted of child-sex offences and spending two years in a Queensland jail."

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