WHO@ Newsletter - August 8, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Arrrrrrr

Boaters under 'pirate' flag charged in Smith's Cove robbery attempt



A Gloucester man and an Ipswich resident, operating a motor boat flying the

"skull-and-crossbones" of the pirate ships of old, are facing multiple charges

after being arrested in Smith's Cove late Thursday night following an apparent

botched robbery of a sailboat.

Gloucester Police Lt. Joseph Aiello said this morning that the robbery was

interrupted by the sailboat owner, who had been asleep onboard when Scott D.

Stanton of Gloucester and Steven Jette of Ipswich pulled alongside and then came

aboard the sailboat, which was at a transient mooring in the Inner Harbor.

Aiello said the sailboat owner, identified as a New Jersey man, chased away the

would-be robbers. He then called the U.S. Coast Guard, which, in turn, called

Gloucester police.

According to Aiello, the sailboat owner told police that the would-be robbers'

motor boat was flying the pirates' black-and-white flag, adding one of them

yelled words to the effect of "Don't come any closer, we have a gun, and we'll

use it."

Aiello said police located the motor boat with the use of one or more of the

city's homeland security cameras. The Coast Guard also responded and cornered

the motor boat in Smith's Cove.

Stanton and Jette were to be arraigned in Gloucester District Court on multiple

charges this morning.

They are charged with breaking and entering in the night time with the intent to

commit a felony, threatening to commit a crime and intimidating a witness.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written

or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Virtual Harassment Worse Than Face-to-Face - 08/08/11



Cyberstalking or online harassment is more stressful and traumatic than being

stalked or harassed in person, according to a presentation at the American

Psychological Association's Annual Convention.

Death threats to DJ for Facebook debate about gender issues - 08/08/11


A seemingly uncontroversial post on the Facebook profile of the club and concert

hall Slakthuset in Stockholm resulted in death threats against DJ Tova Wellton.

"Book more women, please" said Tova Wellton's Facebook post to Slakthuset that

ended in a heated debate with death threats and a discussion with more than 600


Traumatised by my stalker - 08/08/11



TWENTY-two-year-old Latoya J didn't think twice about exchanging her number with

Robert when they met at a social gathering three months ago. He seemed okay and

wanted her advice on a new venture which she felt she could assist him with.

Initially, Robert would just call to ask for her advice, but it wasn't long

before the nature of the calls began to take on a different spin. "He would call

me late in the evenings and started leaving some weird voicemails on my phone,"

she told All Woman.

Fired for Filming Boss Taking Nap on the Job -08/08/11



A SECURITY guard was fired for filming this clip of his boss allegedly asleep on

the job and posting it on Facebook.

Facebook: Breeding Ground for Teen Narcissists? - 08/08/11


Is Facebook turning your teenager into a narcissist? A new study finds that

daily overuse of Facebook can contribute to psychological and health problems in

young users, though the site has proven beneficial among those who are more


Govt wants to monitor Facebook, Twitter - 08/08/11



The Union home ministry has written to the department of telecom asking it to

"ensure effective monitoring of Twitter and Facebook". Milind Deora, minister

of state for communications and information technology, said in written reply to

a question on Friday in the Rajya Sabha that DoT has received a letter from MHA

to ensure monitoring of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter in

order to "strengthen cyber security paraphernalia".

Gotham Gossipist: Queens Woman Accused Of Stalking Actress Marion Cotillard

Faces Judge - 08/08/11



Hobbies are important, folks. Not only do they keep us busy, but they also

prevent us from stalking actors and sending them creepy things via the Internet.

And one New York City woman is in dire need of a hobby that isn't Academy Award

winning French actress Marion Cotillard.

Cancer scammer in trouble again - 08/07/11



A week after being released from prison for bilking sympathizers out of about

$1,000 in donations to help her pay for treatments for cancers she never had, an

Upper Moreland woman is back behind bars after allegedly calling two of her

victims and harassing them.

Davao cybersex den raided - 08/07/11



Just a couple days after the Philippine National Police (PNP) launched a

campaign to protect children against Internet fraud and cyberstalking, police

raided a cybersex den in Davao City. The cybersex den, owned by theCyber City

Teleservices was raided by police Saturday and owner/operators Mary Jane Bacani

and Ivory Abregana, were charged with violation of Article 201 of the Revised

Penal Code in relation to section 5 (i) of the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000.

Scam E-mail Targets Tax Payers at England - 08/06/11



In a recent scam, the owner of Riverhouse Inn, a restaurant in Weymouth (Dorset,

England) Lorraine D'Agostino, has been alerting the tax payers, mainly business

class people residing in England on a fake e-mail threat, reports

dorsetecho.co.uk on July 24, 2011.

Stalkers use online social networks to harass, torment victims - 08/06/11



Modern technology has changed the way stalkers harass their victims. Online

social media sources (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) allow former partners,

including the people in relationships with former partners, to electronically

torment their victims through threatening emails and instant messaging.

Judge sends man to jail on $100,000 bond after deputy receives threatening

emails - 08/05/11



A 38-year-old Superior Township man charged with possessing a taser was free on

bond when he appeared in court Thursday for a hearing on his case. But news that

Madison Tristan Mealing had spent his down time threatening the Washtenaw County

Sheriff's Department and Detective Kevin Parviz through recent emails and

YouTube movies didn't settle well with Trial Court Judge David Swartz.

Familiar Faces, But Do Not Know Names? You Could Still 'Friend' Them Online! -




The 'friend suggestion' feature of Facebook may change if Cambridge University

is able to influence Facebook with its recent research focus of suggesting

friends based on common places visited; this would require people to use the

'Places' tool, which allows them to check-in themselves and their friends to

locations such as restaurants, clubs, stores, and much more.

Cyber-stalking case heads to trial on Oct. 31 - 08/05/11



La Salle County's first cyber-stalking case could go to trial Oct. 31, a judge

ruled Friday. Jerome P. Kennedy, 48, of 1701 Water St., Peru pleaded innocent

Friday to cyber-stalking and harassment by electronic communication, both Class

4 felonies carrying 1-3 years in prison. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of

violating an order of protection.

Cyber stalking in New Hanover County - 08/05/11


Communication in the digital age is only a message, tweet or poke away, but that

ease of interaction is not problem-free. Cases of cyber stalking in Southeast

North Carolina are increasing in number, according to Assistant District

Attorney Alex Nicely.

Expansion of hotel review defamation action, Google added, FBI alerted -




Remember Kwikchex, the UK organisation which pledged to come down hard on

TripAdvisor for publishing alleged libellous reviews about hotels? Eleven months

since that initial flurry of coverage and many could be forgiven for thinking it

was just a publicity stunt to attract new members to the company's reputation

management consultancy.

Woman claims maintenance men violated her privacy - 08/04/11



A tenant accuses maintenance staff of playing dress-up in her west Houston

apartment, then posting pictures on Facebook. It was at the Crest Apartments on

Wilcrest where former tenant Stacy Knight says a couple of maintenance men

violated her privacy early this year. In a lawsuit, the woman claims those

workers went into her home unannounced, allegedly looking for a water leak, but

ended snooping through her closets.

Twitter Sends UT Dallas Prof Dean Terry a Letter Telling Him to Delete

Undetweetable - 08/03/11



Last week, our friends across the office at DC9 introduced us to a new way to

creep on people in the Twitterverse: Undetweetable, an invention by professor

Dr. Dean Terry and grad student Bradley Griffith, both of the Emerging Media +

Communication program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

More girls than boys cyber-bullied: study - 08/02/11


Around one-in-five UK kids victims of cyber-bullying, research suggests. A new

study by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University has revealed that more number

of girls are subject to cyber-bullying than boys. The Telegraph reported that

cyber-bullying caused loss of confidence and even a drop in school attendance

for most victims.

What Do They Say About The Lawyer Who Represents Himself? - 08/02/11



Not quite sure where to start on this one, but I will just say that while the

embedded (below) legal filing clocks in at 100 pages, it's worth taking the time

to read it, just to get a sense of the legal filing stylings of one Arthur Alan

Wolk, a lawyer who apparently has made quite a name for himself over the years

as a trial lawyer specializing in aviation accidents. In April of 2007, the blog

Overlawyered published a post with some speculation about some of Wolk's

activities in a particular case -- speculation that Wolk insists is false.

How To Responsibly Stalk Your Children Using Their Cellphones - 08/02/11



It's 11:56 a.m. Do you know where your children are? You would if you had a

Location Labs monitoring app installed on their smartphones with which you could

check their GPS coordinates. You could also see their photos and read their text


Data of Sun website users stolen - 08/02/11


Thousands of people who entered competitions on The Sun website have been warned

that their personal information may have been stolen. The paper's publisher,

News Group, said the data was taken when the site was hacked on 19 July.


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