WHO@ Newsletter - August 29, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Here you go, Irene!

Flasher intrudes on live hurricane report

A video of a man pulling down his pants behind a Weather Channel reporter covering Hurricane Irene in Virginia Beach, Va., has gone viral on the Internet.

The video, posted on YouTube and featured on Mediaite.com, shows several young men in board shorts dancing behind reporter Eric Fisher during his live report Saturday in the midst of Hurricane Irene, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported.

Fisher said it was somewhat "depressing" to see so many people out and about, creating a party-like atmosphere in such dangerous weather conditions.

"I'm pretty much speechless at what we've been seeing," Fisher said.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2011/08/28/Flasher-intrudes-on-live-hurricane-report/UPI-32891314553049/#ixzz1WQTqDrod

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Online revenge can now mean felony conviction - 08/27/11
Local officials stepping up enforcement of new Internet harassment law targeting those who harass, impersonate others online. Dallas police and the Dallas County District Attorney’s office have begin stepping up enforcement of a 2009 Internet harassment law that makes it a felony to impersonate, imitate or otherwise harass others in e-mails, instant messaging programs and commercial social networking sites.

Poison emailer’s lies cost woman her job - 08/27/11
Poison pen letters used to be a staple of crime fiction. Hand-written but unsigned, they would circulate around a closed community such as a small village, spreading poisonous lies about some innocent person until the writer was unmasked by a clever amateur detective.

Check your web policies: NLRB looks at employee Facebook posts - 08/26/11
Facebook and other popular social net­working web sites are signifi­cantly changing the way people com­mu­ni­cate­and that communication isn’t always merely personal. Em­ployees sometimes post comments criticizing their jobs and employers, and employers are starting to pay attention.

Nigerian spam email conmen who cheated pensioner out of £245,000 are jailed - 08/26/11
Two fraudsters who convinced a pensioner she had won a £5.7m lottery jackpot before conning her out of her life-savings were jailed for a total of 50 months today. Joshua Obasuyi, 49, and Julius Oweka, 48, were part of a Nigerian gang who tricked U.S. Professor Marie Lowery, 80, a retired lecturer at the University of Houston, Texas, into handing over £245,000.

Fired cemetery worker faces criminal charges after dancing on a grave and posting video on Facebook -08/26/11
A Clifton, Colorado, man has been fired from his job as a grave digger after he was filmed head-banging and playing a simulated guitar while standing on a burial vault. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office said 27-year-old Christopher Redd could face misdemeanour charges of desecration of venerated objects after his July 23 antics at Memorial Gardens.

Case of 8,000 Menacing Posts Tests Limits of Twitter Speech - 08/26/11
Even the Buddha of compassion might have been distressed to be on the receiving end of the diatribes that William Lawrence Cassidy is accused of posting on Twitter. They certainly rattled Alyce Zeoli, a Buddhist leader based in Maryland. Using an ever-changing series of pseudonyms, the authorities say, Mr. Cassidy published thousands of Twitter posts about Ms. Zeoli.

Cumberland County Man Charged with Stalking Ex-girlfriend - 08/25/11
Upper Allen Police charge an ex-boyfriend with online stalking. 37 year old Elwood Yohe II, is accused of logging in to his ex-girlfriend's Facebook and e-mail accounts on numerous occasions after she broke off their relationship.

Social Networks in Riot Summit - 08/25/11
HOME Secretary Theresa May was today holding crisis talks with social network chiefs to discuss ways of stopping sites being used to plot violence. Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry executives attended the summit amid concerns about the way social media and instant messaging were used during sickening riots across the country earlier this month.

Over a third of young people experience 'cyber shame' after posting embarrassing photos online while drunk - 08/24/11
More than a third of young people admit to feeling 'cyber shame' after posting embarrassing photos or posts online while drunk. Almost half of 18 to 24-year-olds have also 'untagged' drunk photos of themselves from Facebook and Twitter that they did not want others to see, according to a survey.

Boy, 16, who lost right to anonymity after attempting to incite riot on Facebook warned he faces jail - 08/24/11
A 16-year-old boy who tried to incite a riot on Facebook has been told he faces jail after his anonymity was taken away by a judge. Johnny Melfah posted messages on a group online called 'Letz start a riot'.

Tuscan beach custodians braced for Facebook rave - 08/24/11
Beachclub owners at Calambrone beach, between Pisa and Livorno, say they are still repairing damage from party earlier this month Custodians of a Tuscan beach are demanding that police roadblocks are set up around the dunes this weekend as they await the arrival of 4,000 partygoers for a rave publicised on the internet, part of a spate of impromptu events that have ravaged Italy's coastline this summer.

Back to blagger: We find gloating rat who hijacked Amy Winehouse web address - 08/23/11
A HEARTLESS internet "squatter" is sitting on a web address for a charity set up in memory of Amy Winehouse. Martin McCann bought the domain name Amywinehousefoundation.com ­ hours after her dad Mitch revealed plans to set up a foundation for drug addicts.

Email threats to kill MP’s children - 08/23/11
SICK computer hackers have threatened to kill the children of Tory MP Louise Mensch. Mum-of-three Mrs Mensch revealed on Twitter that she had contacted police after the death threats were emailed to her.

Judge spares mother jail after she plotted attack on internet 'troll' who posted horrific comments about disabled daughter - 08/23/11
A mother who joined a revenge attack on a man responsible for a vile campaign of internet abuse against her disabled daughter has been spared prison. Sylvia Hooper, 52, was described as a ‘decent and law-abiding’ woman who dedicated her life to her seriously ill daughter Kim Arnold.


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